Karin has a new obsession and Happy Birthday to my baby!

Okay first things first, my youngest child was born 17 years ago this morning. Out of all the kids his was the easiest (birth). By the time he came around I was a veteran. I had a caesarean and was up and walking that afternoon. The cry-baby in the bed next to me was screaming about her freaking episiotomy. I can’t tell you how much I just wanted to smack the crap out of her. To get some sleep I left the hospital the next day against my doctor’s orders. It was either that or go to jail for murder.… Read more »

Gearing up for 2007

I had a mini epiphany a few months ago. I was at my SFA-RWA chapter meeting. I think I announced either the Cosmo gig or the historical sales, anyhoo afterward, I was standing there refilling my coffee cup when a member came up to me and said, “So many good things are happening to you. How do you do it?” I sipped my coffee and thought; I could give her the long version and bore her senseless. Or… Instead I gave her the short version. “I keep moving forward.” I told her. And it really boils down to that. So… Read more »

The Day After!

I hope you all had a great day yesterday. I woke up cranky. The family was over Christmas Eve, and I was up late cleaning so my kitchen would be usable for Christmas morning breakfast. With the help of my in-laws and kids we managed to make it respectable. I just wanted to sleep in Christmas morning, but my youngest, who will be 17 this week, was up and attem’. Grrrr. And it wasn’t like he didn’t know what he was getting. Hop Along Cassidy took him out last week and bought him the sound system of all sound systems… Read more »

And so it is Christmas…

And I am finally psyched! I just picked up the cutest Santas for my girls, shipped off the books to the winners here at The Write Life (sorry I got a bit tied up with projectile vomiting and other stuff), went grocery shopping for the Christmas Eve hordes. My housekeeper is on her way to clean up from the last party, and my laundry is nearly caught up. And the really good part about all of this is, I actually have a few bucks left over. Louis Vuitton here I come! I have also confirmed with the outrageous Hilary Sares… Read more »

There is a God!

As many of you know, my house has been infected with one of the most virulent strains of the stomach flu I have had the misfortune to encounter. All my guys have been sick. Nasty-fever-vomiting-sick. I had to dig out the foul weather gear. As I type at my keyboard all hunkered down up in my office away from the puking, the germs and the moans of the wounded, all I can think of as I hear another retch erupt is, “Incoming!!” It is after such an episode that I take my trusty can of Lysol, the linen scent is… Read more »
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