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December 5, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments

yep, next Tuesday in her blogging debut, Kensington editor Hilary Sares will join us here at The Write Life. She’s going to divulge the super secret goings-ons of New York publishing during the harried holiday season. Be sure to stop by, she will be commenting.

With that as my segue I can add my own tidbit of limited knowledge on this front. The holidays anywhere are crazy. We’ve talked about it here, how it affects our personal lives. Why should it be any different for business? Throw in the heightened stress levels, end of year meetings, number crunching, and the Norvo virus and you have a recipe for misery. My advice is, don’t stress the small stuff. If you can’t make the time, or lack the funds to purchase gifts for loved ones, tell them, they will understand. If they don’t? Shame shame shame on them. It’s simple really. We load ourselves up with the weight of stress. Who said you had to go out and run up the national debt? Who said you had to buy your kids every video game to go with the X Box they have to have to keep up with the other kids? I have been there and done that and stopped many years ago. I survived, and strangely enough, so did my kids.

Hubby asked me last night, “What do you want for Christmas?”
My standard reply ensued. “For it to be over.”
“No, seriously,” he said “What do you want?”
“Seriously, nothing.”
“You mean to tell me you won’t be upset Christmas morning with nothing to open while everyone else is opening gifts?”
“Nope, coz, I’m not buying them anything either.” Bwhahahahahah.

He thought I was kidding. I wasn’t. He is laid up, I have a book to write and a holiday schedule that is ridiculous. I have two days set aside for shopping. If it doesn’t happen then it won’t happen. Period. And I’m okay with it. And in the end, so too will everyone else.

So, there it is. Take what you get and be happy or go cry in your milk, and make sure I can’t hear you.

On a lighter note, I will be giving away a copy of Jasmine Haynes latest release, OPEN INVITATION next week! All you have to do is comment!

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow and chat with Officer Friendly!



  1. Tracey

    Your post is so very very timely. I have major deadlines at work and am still trying to finish off Night’s Cold Kiss to send to Megan. I have absolutley NO time at all ATM.

    I asked my kids if they would mind money for christmas – and the both agreed eagerly. Sounds impersonal but they’ll get what they want and I’ll get more time to write.

    So I am taking a deep breath and going to go order takeaway for dinner so I can write some more.

    Can’t wait to see Hilary’s post this week too.

  2. Hubby

    Ba humbug!

  3. Poppy

    I made a deal with my SIL to skip gifts for the grown-ups this year and just do presents for the kids and pups. But now I’m feeling totally bad and think I should send something besides homemade candies and cookie. But then she’ll feel bad because she didn’t send something…Sigh. But, assuming I don’t cave on that, other than a few things I have to make for friends, I’m done shopping and the kid’s gifts are in the mail. (Thank god the Elmo lives at my brother’s house now. The thing wouldn’t sit quietly in its box. It would giggle and snicker at me in the middle of the night. Very creepy.)

  4. Karin

    Tracey, New York will wait, a bit longer…
    Raine, I told my youngest daughter tonight, I see gift cards in your future.
    Poppy, DO. NOT. GIVE. IN. TO. THE. GUILT!!!

    Hubby, I love you, but not to worry, next year will be better. You will be able to go out and shop for everyone!!! You know I’m alergic to crowds. Well, the shopping crowds, not the party crowds.

  5. raine

    I’m with you, Karin.

    I’ve been putting it off, but I’m going to officially notify all of my usual gift-recipients that this year it just ain’t happenin’. It’s been a rough year, and I just can’t swing it financially. Cards and love, yes, but that’s the best I can do.
    And yeah, I do feel badly about it.
    But I’ll get over it. 😉

  6. Mary

    Gary – you are ABSOLUTELY correct!!!!!!

    BaHambug Kars – I love giving as much as I can to all my loved ones – I don’t put myself in too much debt doing this and I always start with a fresh (paid off) pocket book each holiday season.

    And with the ease of internet and ebay everything can be done from the office with no MALLS or mall people to deal with.

    Love Ya both,

  7. Amie

    Raine…your love and eyes are all I need 😉

    Karin every year my cousin goes over the top for her son and she’s doing him such a disservice that she’ll never see *sigh*

    This year I went a little overboard for the boys but bec. I wanted to. It’s been a good year and they’ve put up with a lot with my writing and work schedule and as much as I gripe they definitely do pull their weight. I’m actually glad that I can do this but I’m also doing 90% of my shopping online and only buying for the family kids.

  8. Karin

    Mar, want another job as my Christmas shopper? Grrr, usually Rhianna does it for me, but she’s working like a fiend this season.

    Amie, years ago I had a friend who did that. Then to compound it, her mother went ape shit with gift overload. It was ridiculous Christmas morning. Consequently the kids don’t appriciate anything and they expect grandma to cough up all of the time. I thought it was funny when the grandma indignantly said to her daughter, “They only see me as a toy store.” Well, duh.

    That said, I think it’s wonderful that you share the benefit of your hard work with the boys.

    I will take my Christmas elf sil’s advice and do some online shopping.

  9. Amie

    Karin her parents did it for her too and still do and she’s over 40 *sigh* I remember as a kid I hated going to their house for Christmas and watching them open presents.

    Online shopping RULES! 😀

  10. Karin

    Amie, growing up, my Christmas mornings were always modest. Although I fondly remember one Christmas when I got all kinds of fabulous riding gear. I was the best dressed student at the riding academy. 🙂 In general though my parents weren’t ones to overkill on anything, and I’m a better person for it. Of course my husband grew up the complete opposite. Birthdays were and still are a huge cause for celebration as well as the holidays.

    I must admit, because of my modest Christmas’ and because of hubby’s family’s exhuberance during the holidays I have over indulged my children on more than one ocassion. Weaning them has been difficult. I finally decided with the adult kids a couple of years ago to really cut back. They still try to sneak in mile long wish lists. But I’ve stood firm.

  11. Stephe

    Karin, several years ago a close cousin of mine decided that she’d had enough. The stress of holiday shopping, financial crap, long work days, and several bad illnesses in our family finally gave her an epiphany or something, and she declared she would never buy holiday gifts again. Instead she throws a big holiday party for the whole family and cooks all the food–that is her gift to us, plus hugs and love, the stuff that really counts.

    Two years ago, I decided to go by her example. I’m a crafter, and knitted everyone socks (the men too!). Last year I crochetted afghans. It’s really gone over well. I start in the spring and just take my time, so it’s calming and fun. Since I adopted my “if I don’t make it with my own hands, I won’t give anything” stance, I’ve been less-stressed and more content. Not to mention saved a heap of dough LOL!

    Have a great (and safe) holiday. Hubby too :o)

  12. Edie Ramer

    Stephe, I’d love to get an afghan from a relative instead of a gift. Great idea!

    I’m just about done with my Christmas shopping, although it took too long and I have things I need to return already. My husband didn’t like the squeaky toy I bought for our dog.:roll:

  13. Karin

    Stephe, my mil is knitting, (or something like that)some beautiful scarves. They are fuzzy and light and colorful. She has also done the afghans for her grandchildren. My kids love them.
    I much prefer a gift like this. Well, I will always love the carat type gift, but I can’t wait to get my scarf from my mil!

    Edie, I had number one son go out and do some shopping for me yesterday. He has to return most of it. Sigh.

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