There is a God!

December 20, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

As many of you know, my house has been infected with one of the most virulent strains of the stomach flu I have had the misfortune to encounter. All my guys have been sick. Nasty-fever-vomiting-sick. I had to dig out the foul weather gear. As I type at my keyboard all hunkered down up in my office away from the puking, the germs and the moans of the wounded, all I can think of as I hear another retch erupt is, “Incoming!!”

It is after such an episode that I take my trusty can of Lysol, the linen scent is my fav, and do a spray-by. The lord has for some reason deemed me unworthy of the germs. As of this tying, I am unaffected. It’s a good thing. I mean who would have taken care of the guys? Not that they needed much caring. They couldn’t eat anything, they didn’t want anything to drink, and they couldn’t take meds. They basically wanted to be alone in their miserableness, which suited me just fine.

This morning there is finally life after stomach flu.

Number 2 son went to school, number one son was up early and fixed himself the ugliest double egg and sausage sandwich I have ever seen, chased it with a carton of OJ and said he was going out, and hubby got himself showered and dressed. He’s waiting downstairs right now for me to fix him something to eat. I can feel his stare. Like the dogs when I have something really good I’m eating, they just stare at me, willing me to feed them. Sigh. I could say my stomach hurts and crawl into bed. But alas, I have the family and friends coming over for the big Christmas Eve party, and I do have some Christmas shopping left, and oh yeah, I have a book to write!

How about you? Any germs thrown a wrench in your holiday plans?





  1. Tracey

    Glad to hear your boys are all on the mend. Christmas is on hold at our house – haven’t even started shopping yet. If germs attacked – I’ll be very miffed – so they better not dare. hope everyone has a lovely christmas

  2. Rebecca

    Ugh. I’m so sorry it’s been that bad and hope you are able to stay germ-free. My daughter has been sick the past two days, and I feel like it’s trying to get me, too, but not as bad as your family has had it (knocking on wood here). Such bad timing, isn’t it? Hope you all are well and chipper for the rest of the season! 🙂

  3. Amanda

    Karin, your guys have my sympathy. I’ve spent two days just as sick, with the hubby making dinner, baking cookies, taking care of grandson, folding laundry, all at the same time. See!!!! They can survive without me. You told me so. LOL

  4. Lee

    It is nasty…How do I know, because I have it too. I haven’t been this sick in years…Merry Christmas.

  5. Mary

    Kars, I am glad they guys are better and knock on wood no illness out here. But I have heard plenty of people that have been attacked with this.

    Loved your Christmas gifts, THANK YOU!!!!

    I do have to comment on Jeff’s sandwich cause Tim creates the same kind but with bacon, ranch dressing & hot sauce (he can’t eat anything without his ranch & hot sauce) it grosses me out!

    Give everyone big HUGS & KISSES from their aunt and uncle. God do I miss you guys at the holidays.

    Love and all the best!!!
    Mar & Steve

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