The Day After!

December 26, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

I hope you all had a great day yesterday. I woke up cranky. The family was over Christmas Eve, and I was up late cleaning so my kitchen would be usable for Christmas morning breakfast. With the help of my in-laws and kids we managed to make it respectable. I just wanted to sleep in Christmas morning, but my youngest, who will be 17 this week, was up and attem’. Grrrr. And it wasn’t like he didn’t know what he was getting. Hop Along Cassidy took him out last week and bought him the sound system of all sound systems for his truck. Of course there were a few surprises but still, I was grumpy grumpy grumpy. Until I had some corn pancakes. By the time we opened gifts I was sociable. My fav gift was an iPod nano and docking station from hubby. A pink iPod. Now I’m not normally such a girl about these things but I love the pink!

Number two son is going to set up my iTunes account and away I will go!
Today on my list of things to do is walk, (I have been a bad bad girl in that department) then gut and rework my office. Tomorrow, I will take care of all of the other straggly things around here, then Thursday it’s balls to the walls writing. I had to send my Dana back to the manufacturer for repairs last week. It won’t hold a charge. I love writing on my Dana. Officer Friendly will be back next week to take questions.

My agent will be back next week as well, and I’m hoping to announce a few things here in January.

Now, for those of you who are still in food and present induced comas, take a minute and share what Santa left under your tree.



  1. Amie

    My son won a pottery vase (thrown by his art teacher) from school for my Christmas pressie! And my other son got me a new alarm clock (and I can hook my MP3 player to it!). His cat broke mine 😀

    Glad you’re all recovered!

  2. raine

    My favorite gift was a book by Peter Falk entitled, “Just One More Thing”. (I LOVE Peter Falk, lol!).

    The other interesting one was a teddy bear with a spiffy leather jacket and hat.
    Hell–I don’t own a leather jacket MYSELF!

  3. Karin

    How sweet of your boys, Amie. My youngest son gave me a jewelry box.
    Love it!

    Raine is that Peter Falk of Columbo fame? or an author? I love leather clad teddy bears. I gave hubby a Harley teddy bear one year. That bad boy was weighted down with black leather and chains.

  4. Edie Ramer

    My husband and I decided not to exchange presents. Two days before Christmas I saw a wrapped present in the back of the Christmas tree and had to run out and buy something for him.

    My favorite present was a T-shirt from Michelle with MAGICAL MUSINGS written across it. She sent one to all of us at MM. We’ll have to wear them at National. 🙂

  5. Karin

    Leave it to Michelle to come up with something so unique!

    I wish hubby and I agreed not to exchange, especially this year, but he insists in opening presents. It’s not such a bad thing I suppose…

  6. Hubby

    No, it’s not such a bad thing! “My fav gift was an iPod nano and docking station from hubby.” And it gave me great joy to watch you open it. So there, :~

  7. Karin


  8. raine

    It IS Peter Falk of Columbo fame!
    My favorite detective! 😀

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