Gearing up for 2007

December 28, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 6 comments

I had a mini epiphany a few months ago. I was at my SFA-RWA chapter meeting. I think I announced either the Cosmo gig or the historical sales, anyhoo afterward, I was standing there refilling my coffee cup when a member came up to me and said, “So many good things are happening to you. How do you do it?”

I sipped my coffee and thought; I could give her the long version and bore her senseless. Or… Instead I gave her the short version. “I keep moving forward.” I told her. And it really boils down to that.

So that is my resolution for this year, well actually it’s a life resolution. Keep moving forward. No backward steps. I’m allowed to stop once in a while, regroup and redirect but no regressing.

So here are a few things I have on the horizon here at The Write Life for 2007. The First Line Contest will commence some time in January, so spread the word. Probably around the week of the 15th, just in time for the new season of American Idol. (Sorry, I am hopelessly addicted, so y’all will have to bear with me until it’s over.) Kensington editor Hilary Sares will be the final judge, not of AI but the First Line Contest. I’m also going to have another First Line Contest commence some time in June, maybe July, depending on a few things. I will have either a top agent or editor as the final judge.

I plan on giving away lots of books this year. I have several friends with releases, and to support them I will be purchasing their books for the winners here. Probably one a month.

So, I’m addicted to the iTunes Store. I won’t tell you how much I’ve spent in the last 24 hours. But whoever came up with this idea is one smart rich cookie.

I’m blogging over at Murder She Writes tomorrow about the war of words between Rosie and The Donald. It seems to have flared up a bit this a.m.. Unexpectedly, I am amused among other things.

So, coming full circle here, what are your 2007 resolutions?



  1. Hubby

    Not only must you keep moving forward but you must continue to “pay it forward”. I’m a firm believer in what goes around, comes around. It’s Karma, baby. Good things happen to good people and yes, sometimes, bad things happen to good people too. However, you must continue down that righteous path and help others when presented with the opportunity. At the very least, it is the right thing to do. In time, it will come back to you…

  2. Karin

    now what is your resolution for 2007, dearest?

  3. Brittany

    My question is who actually keeps their new years resolution??haha i hope to keep mine. My new years resolution is any woman who wants to look good. Join a gym and get some abs!! But like i said who actually keeps their resolution i totally blew mine off this past summer and that was to have less sex and ummm yea that didnt’ happen! But good luck to you ladys!

  4. Karin

    Hey, Brittany, I try to keep my resolutions!

    😉 and good luck with yours!

  5. Edie Ramer

    For 2007, I want to lose 15 pounds and finish 3 books. 🙂

  6. Karin

    Edie, I have complete faith you will achieve both.
    Hmm maybe we should make a few inscentives for poundage lost.

    What say you?

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