Karin has a new obsession and Happy Birthday to my baby!

December 29, 2006 | Karin's Blog | 21 comments

Okay first things first, my youngest child was born 17 years ago this morning. Out of all the kids his was the easiest (birth). By the time he came around I was a veteran. I had a caesarean and was up and walking that afternoon. The cry-baby in the bed next to me was screaming about her freaking episiotomy. I can’t tell you how much I just wanted to smack the crap out of her. To get some sleep I left the hospital the next day against my doctor’s orders. It was either that or go to jail for murder.

It is true that the baby gets, well, babied. What can I say? William is the light of my life, right next to his brother and sisters. I couldn’t imagine life without any of them, but I do fantasize about them living out on their own. Two down and two to go. 🙂

As far as my latest obsession it is my iPod. I can walk for miles with Def Leppard thundering in my ears. It’s amazing. I finally had to force myself to leave the iTunes store last night. My friend Josie has been upset I haven’t read her latest book IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE TIED (hey, it got stashed with all the other stuff in my house during the holidays, I dug it out yesterday), so I cracked that baby open at about ten last night and stayed up until almost 4:30 this a.m. reading it. Good stuff people. Josie is such a fab wordsmith. Her flair for pop-culture-lit amazes me. Go buy her book.

I now must hasten my butt to the store. Birthday boy wants rack of lamb for dinner. 🙂 Yum, no hardship there.

Okay just had to share. Write on chicas!! 2007 is the year!

Oh just incase you were wondering what is playing on my iPod right now, it’s SAY IT, by yummilicious Enrique Iglesias. Did I mention Ricoo Mazza, a mucho caliente Latino cop in my current wip? Spicy hot hot hot, ladies.



  1. Lee

    Happy Birthday to the youngest. My youngest is my baby, no doubt. And I loved Josie’s last book. But True Hollywood Lies is still my fav. She knows that…Happy New Year and all that…

  2. Karin

    just in case anyone is interested in what is currently playing on Karin’s iPod it’s POUR SOME SUGAR ON ME Def Leppard

    …take a bottle, shake it up, break it up…pour some surgar on me, all in the name of love…can’t get enough…squeeze a little tease a little more…sugar me sweet…pour some sugar on me, all in the name of love…

  3. LaDonna

    Karin, I wanna an iPod! My oldest got one for Christmas this year…she’s thirty. She’s been busy downloading songs too. My grandkiddies have the kiddie version if you can believe. Time for Mimi to get one. Also, happy birthday to your youngest. The story about your hospital stay is Hilari-ass! I would’ve smacked her too. Good thing you left. Talk to ya later, gator!

  4. Karin

    LaDonna, you must get one!!
    I swear my family is about to shoot me. Too bad.
    Currently playing on Karin’s iPod, DESIRE U2.
    Lurve Bono.

  5. Poppy Southcott

    Oh! I loved Impos T-Tied so much that I set it free (bookcrossing) and had to go buy a new copy for Josie to sign.

  6. Hubby

    Karin, you’vr gotten totally gay about the iPod thing. I said, you’ve gotten totally gay about the iPod thing! Okay, pull the damn earphones out so you can hear me.

  7. Karin

    Poppy, Josie did good with ITT. I’ve read some of her stuff that is making the rounds and can’t wait for someone to snatch it up.

    Hubby? Did you say something?

  8. Michelle Diener

    LOL, Karin. I’m so boring, I use my iPod mostly to listen to RWA conference workshops while I’m at the gym (the music they play there is TERRIBLE). Happy birthday to Will, hope you had a lovely evening.

  9. Amie

    I don’t know who’s funnier, you or the hubby! Happy birthday to your baby! Mine turns 11 today. Where did the time go?

  10. Karin

    Michelle go to iTunes and spice up your listening life!!

    Amie, never a dull moment here at the Tabke house!
    and happy birthday to your baby!!

    SWEET CHILD O MINE by Sheryl Crow is currently playing on Karin’s iPod

  11. Josie Brown, author, IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED


    U livin’ doll U. Much thanks for taking the time to read my book. U know it means THE MOST to me. Sorta like the groundhog finally gettin’ his day: No book of mine is REALLY launched until K-Tab reads it first…So now it’s official. YEA!!!!

    Leah, it’s okay that you liked TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES a bit better than IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED. It’s been interesting to me to see who sez what about the one that is their fave, and why. The men in my life seem to lean toward ITT (I think they love the male POV that is shown there), but the women who like it more mention how it builds to its conclusion. Those that love TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES love that Hannah seems to be a stronger, more savvy heroine…but then again, not strong enough to fall for Louis’s lies, eh? Poppy, thanks for putting the word out there! It proves that you really loved it….

    Gary, quit bellyachin’. It ain’t “gay” to love an iPod. It’s in. With it. Happenin’. So get that ghettoblaster off your broad, ripplin’ shoulders and go get yourself an iPod. Sometimes great things come in small packages, too… (I meant that in an, um, GOOD way…)

    Will, happy b-day. You got 2 great parents who love and dote on you. Who could ask for anything more?… Oh yea, forgot: a DRIVER’S LICENSE…

    2 funnee,

  12. LaDonna

    Hey, Josie! You and Karin crack me up, big time. I’m LMA here about Gary’s gettoblaster line. Seriously, I can’t breathe. Ah, since I don’t have an iPod, I can hear Ran’s war movie in the background. Does that count?

  13. LaDonna

    Ah, impossible to LMA. I meant LMAO. 😈

  14. Karin

    Josie said, “Oh yea, forgot: a DRIVER’S LICENSE…”

    One would have to not flunk the driving test to get one.

    I have never seen a DMV employee look so scared when she came back. I truly thought Will had crashed. Instead he just blew a stop sign into oncoming traffic. bwahahahahahaa

    LaDonna, I knew what you meant. 🙂

  15. Amanda

    Happy Birthday to Will. I’m so jealous. I would love an IPod. Holding off. That is my reward for actually sending Tempting Adam and Dangerous Shift out into the world this January and February.

  16. Edie Ramer

    Happy birthday to your baby boy.:grin: I just learned how to upload (download?) photos from my digital camera to the ‘puter. I’m so slow with the high techie thingies, but I’ll check out the ipods.

  17. Karin

    Amanda hurry and send it!

    Edie, I uploaded photos,once, by mistake.

    LOVIN TOUCHIN SQUEEZIN Journey is currently playing on Karin’s iPod.

  18. yfurehuvq

    It was so foreign. They strangle fetish said here barbie. Then turned my best qualified to.

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