AI Southern style

I have a confession to make, while I did have AI on last night, I was so preoccupied with so many other things I didn’t give it my usual scrutinous attention. I did see the lady in yellow. The one that started as a 26 year-old and ended up a 50 year-old. I missed Paula’s presence. The two guys just don’t cut it. Talk about a tough sell. So, feel free to fill me in. I do want to mention what I did this past Saturday. I went down to the Silicon Valley RWA chapter’s meeting. Great ladies there btw.… Read more »

Everyone Take a Big Deep Breath

I know this contest is a bit nerve wracking, but the rules are simple. Original lines posted must stay that way as you move up in the rounds. One new line per round. If it’s a dialogue sentence, you can have a dialogue tag after it, be sure to put the dialogue part in quotes. Post your subsequent line by midnight Friday. I try to keep a sharp eye on the lines as they come in and to let anyone know if they made a mistake and need to repost, but I miss things. There are a couple of hawk… Read more »

Third Round Lines Are Up!!

From the judge: “This was MUCH harder than last time!… The point here, I guess, is that it is a first line(s) contest, and the most intriguing pull you in.” She also said in a later email she felt the lines this year were much stronger than last year. I also want to add, I think the competition is much stronger this year. I am sad though to report that several contestants either didn’t post their second line or posted after the deadline. YOU HAVE ALL WEEK! DO NOT WAIT. She who hesitates… Now, remember, in the comment section of… Read more »

AI in New York

So, I didn’t even bother jotting down notes last night. Like I said yesterday, I’m not feeling sorry for anyone any more. But, I lied. I forget the names of the two gals but the first one who begged to go to Hollywood, after she was given unanimous thumbs down, broke my heart. I felt bad for her desperation. I felt more terrible for her when she said she was tired of hearing no. And the other gal? The one who had made it before but got knocked out at the group rounds? Her desperate begging made me uncomfortable, and… Read more »

The King is rolling over in his grave.

What an insult to Elvis. And speaking of Elvis, the kid who said he was Elvis? I admit, I was entertained, but, c’mon, did he really think he came close to sounding like the King? Um, no. Okay, so I really liked the cheerleader captain. But it went down hill after that, until we came to Sundance. Fab voice. Then a fast slide even lower. What did Travis think he was doing? He had me sold that I would be in tears because if his emotional performance. And then? He did what he did, which I am not sure how… Read more »
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