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January 8, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 13 comments

I’m very excited about the First Line Contest.

I’ll post the Game On post Monday January 15th at 6 p.m. Pacific time. Once posted go ahead and post your first line in the comments section of that post.
One entry per person. The first 75 to post their first line are in.
(I know I’m being redundant but, well, humor me.)

Now onto other things. Two of my writer chickies and I have realized we are woefully behind in our writing, to make it all better we spent the weekend coming up with a challenge. We determined how many pages a day we would each have to write over the next 4 weeks to achieve our goal. For me? 10 pages a day every day to complete the first draft of JADED. We have an excel spread sheet, we have penalties, and we have weekly prezzies for the person who writes the most pages over her mandatory pages, and we have a big fat self-indulgent group prize for when the three of hit our mark in four weeks. A decadent lunch involving rolling nekkid in warm creamy Godiva dark chocolate. 🙂 just kidding, but the grand prize does involve a chocolate soufflé, and champagne.

So we have two check-in times a day and we encourage each other throughout the day. Now yesterday was a football day and I love football. Had I not committed to this challenge I would not have written one word, hell I wouldn’t have opened the file! But despite football, errands, making crab cakes and socializing with my family, I wrote ten pages.

Once I am done with this post and have my walk behind me, it’s butt in the chair to churn out 10 more pages. I’m going for 15 pages though. My prize this week is a bottle of nice cab if I win. I want that wine.

So, what do you do to light a fire under your ass to produce pages?





  1. Tawny

    Hmmm… I think I like the nekkid in Godiva idea.

    To light the fire under my ass, I imagine being called a non-writing maggod *beg* That, and the concept of losing, are enough to keep my butt in the chair until I hit page count.

  2. Karin

    Well, my pretty, get on it! My butt is getting into the chair late tonight, but it’s here now.

  3. Amanda

    naked in chocolate seems a nice incentive to write. LOL I try every trick in the book to get butt in chair, sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t, still working on that.

  4. Hubby

    “A decadent lunch involving rolling nekkid in warm creamy Godiva dark chocolate.”
    I am reminded of a scene in “Young Frankenstein”…”Would you like a nice roll in the hay? Rolling, rolling, rolling…”
    So, we’re going to use the dark this time instead of the milk, babe?

  5. Amie Stuart

    A healthy fear of failure is huge motivation for me LOL

    Crab cakes…YUM! Will you share your recipe?

  6. Karin

    Babe, you know how I feel about milk chocolate!

  7. Karin

    Amie I typed the last word of my 10 page requirement at 1:30 this am. I struggled so badly, I felt like I was running a damn marathon with no end in sight. But there was no way I wasn’t going to complete it. I refuse to be the first one to choke!
    and yes, I’ll be happy to share the recipe. It’s my mom’s and it is fabo. But you have to use Maryland Blue Crab.

  8. Lisa Chaplin

    Dang – I did want to enter again but will be away in the mountains at that time and no net access…all the very best to those of you who can enter!


  9. Amanda

    Karin, don’t forget the Old Bay. Yum!!!!!!

  10. Karin

    they just aren’t crabcakes without the Old Bay, Amanda.

    Lisa, have fun in the mountains but come by and spectate and cheer everyone on when you get back.

  11. Tracey

    Hubby – I remember that scene, but my favorite will be Frau Blooker — Neeeeyyyyyy.

    My motivation is — I don’t know what – but what ever it is I’m gonna keep on doing it because it’s working big time.

    Good luck to the entrants.

  12. Hubby

    “Nice knockers”

  13. Carol Burnside

    I’m a lurker and rare poster on your blog, but couldn’t resist on this one. A couple friends and I want and need to do this challenge, but we have questions.
    How did your penalties work? Do you impose them on yourself, or do you have to do something/buy something for one of the other participants?
    Do you reward yourselves just for meeting your weekly goal, or is it only for the person who most exceeds their goal?

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