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January 16, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 12 comments

To find out if your entry made it, go to the GAME ON post and click on comments. If your entry is comment #1-40, 44-49, 51,52, 54-64, 66-76, 78-81, or 83 you are in! This week my judge (a published author) will cull 10 first lines. The 65 who make it to round two will be posted some time Monday January 22nd under the blog post titled Second Round. The 65 entrants will then have until midnight Friday January 26th to post their second line. (post your fist line then second line, you will post 2 lines) Same one line rules apply. DO NOT POST YOUR SECOND LINE HERE! Wait until the Second Round blog post is posted Monday to find out if you made the cut, then post in the comments section there.

Feel free to chatter here and throughout the week. AI begins tonight, so those of you watching feel free to share.

OK, good luck everyone!!!





  1. Heather W

    Donna Allen, I’m sorry yours was outside the 75. I like the image! 🙂


  2. Tracey

    Wooooo hooooo – it’s on – now I can get addicted again – I love reading the lines as they go up.

  3. Amanda

    Karin, you are the talk of the blogosphere. I can’t believe it filled up so quickly. I went on, went to cut and paste my entry, and came back to four more entries in like…20 seconds. Wow!!

  4. Karin

    I was really happy to see so many entries. I’ll be happier seeing a sale as a result.

  5. Mary

    Enjoying reading all the first line entries – Gee Whiz girlfriend when do you find time to sleep!!!

    Okay I as you know am a HUGE AI fan and personally I thought last nights show SUCKED!

    The only bright spot that for once a celebrity judge didn’t try to sugar coat their opinion. Jewel was like a female simon (way cool).

    Share your thoughts.


  6. Karin

    Mary, by the previews of the Seattle search I think we are going to be even more disappointed. I also thought the talent last night sucked the big one. For me the only standout was the brunette at the end there. she had a beautiful voice.
    randy was getting on my nerves, he nees to stick with his dawg schtick, he was trying too hard to be a hard ass like simon and it fell flat.

  7. raine

    Thanks for doing this again, Karin!

  8. Mary

    Your right about Randy. But it did make me laugh to hear Simon get on him about being a hard ass.

  9. LaDonna

    I watched the show last night too. Love it. The talent was pretty pitiful, but then again they pick the worst for those pre-nights. Also, did anyone else like the little Columbian gal? She was great. I think she’ll go far, if not idol maybe actress. Also how wrong is it to lie to someone about their talent? Shessh, that poor guy who bawled, and his mama patting him on the back telling he will be famous. I wanted to slap her silly! LOL

  10. Hubby

    Oh yeah, me liked the Columbian gal. Shades of “gootchie-gootchie”. What honey? Ouch! Stop!

  11. Mommie

    Well I do gotta say, that after watching AI, which my very sweet daughter and daughter-in-law got me hooked on..I must agree with favorite SIL, that the little gal from “COLUMBIA”,even though she is living out of her “CAR”, is my go for the night..could be wrong, but what the heck. I’m just learning.

    Love yah,

    Your Mommie

  12. Karin

    Mah, I can see diva writing all over the place once ‘gootchie-gootchie’ hits Hollywood.
    It was hialrious though to watch Simon’s reaction to her when she strut into that room.
    Talk about male reacting to female. Love it!

    LaDonna, I felt so bad for that guy, and pissed at his parents. I told both my sons last night (one who loves to sing at the top of his lungs to anyone who will listen)that if they ever hinted they were going to go on the road with their ‘talent’ I would do everything in my power to save them from embarrassing themselves. Then I told them to stick to sports.

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