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January 17, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments

Ok, so, for those of you who followed the contest last year, you may remember that I limited it to the first 50 entries. But because it was such a hit I upped it this year to 75 entries with the first two rounds to be culled by 10, then once we were at 55 we’d go 5 per week. And as I promised last year, each round was judged by a published author. Same goes for this year, with one interesting development.

I had an epiphany whilst on my daily jaunt around the neighborhood (ok not daily, but maybe 4 days out of the week). A published author judge wasn’t going to cut it for me this time around. Not for the first round, which is so crucial. You see last year the judges were so polarized in their tastes it drove me crazy! I don’t want to have the first 10 entries culled by a judge who has very specific personal tastes. So, I asked myself, “Karin, how would you solve this dilemma?” Light bulb moment! Who better to judge what would hook an agent or editor but an agent or editor? So, since I already have an editor as my final judge I thought I’d ask my agent to cull the first 10 entries. But then I thought, nah, I want all judges to remain anonymous, not that I would say it was Kim but someone might ask and then well, I don’t want to fib, so I asked another agent. This agent is in my opinion on the A list. I asked, (ok begged, pleaded and groveled a little bit) and she very graciously said, yes, and added she thought it would be fun. I then encouraged her to keep an eye on the rounds every week. She might see something she likes. So, this week the first round will be judged by a very capable literary agent.

Now on a scarier note. My youngest child managed to get his driver’s license today. He doesn’t have it more than a half hour and asks if he can take his Bronco (it’s a tank) to get gas just down the street and fill up. I about lost my lunch. Fear paralyzed me. This is my baby, the last one, the one who thinks he freaking knows everything (ok all my kids do) the one who has always lived life as if he were bullet proof. So what is a freaked out mother to do?
I had him call when he got to the gas station, then when he was ready to pull out. (I of course forbid him to talk on his cell phone while he was driving.) He just called and wanted to know if he could go to his friend’s house and hang out. When I hesitated, my mommy instinct screaming, no! come home, his father yelled to me to cut the damn apron string for good. I flipped him off, and then grudgingly told my son to call me when he got to his friend’s house.

I’m too old for this shit.


PS, no Cop Talk for the duration of the contest and American Idol. I’ll let Officer Friendly come back in a couple of months. It’s all about us right now.




  1. LaDonna

    Karin, thanks for the light bulb moment on your walk. More like a divine lighting bolt! This is great news! And I had to smile at your youngest. So glad it’s you, not me…been there, done that. Twice. My youngest scared me so much, hubby was the only one allowed to drive with her. He has nerves of steel. I left imprints on the dashboard and floorboard!

  2. Theresa


    You are da bomb. This news makes a great contest even better. Can’t wait to see what this agent does next week!!

  3. Michelle

    Great twist on the old competition, Karin. Thanks for giving it so much thought.

  4. Karin

    I’m really happy to have an agent judge the first round. I wish everyone could go on to the second round.

    Raine, my drug of choice is Xanex.

  5. Gaill

    Karin, trust me, you aren’t alone. My son got his driver’s license last September, and after returning home with his dad, wanted to drive himself to school. We had no reason to refuse, and my hisband and I stood on the front porch and watched our little boy drive away. I wanted pictures, my husband stood there and cried. My mother angst about him driving has been lessened by the fact that he has been so grounded since October that he rarely gets to take the car and go anywhere. A first girl friend and testoserone stupidity has resulted in him being in more trouble in a few months than he has ever been in his life! So cheer up on this driving thing. When he gets suspended from school because he has suddenly become an idiot, you can take the keys away from him. And the cell. And the computer.
    Being a parent is a tough job and not for wusses. How come I feel like a wuss all the time?

  6. Gaill

    OH! I am so remiss! I meant to thank you- I’m #83! AND I’m so excited that I almost choked when I saw it. Thanks for the opportunities you afford so many of us pre-pubbed.

  7. raine

    Oksy, I’ve got aspirin left over from last year…
    Who’s bringing the valium?

  8. raine

    Okay, that ‘oksy’ should’ve been ‘okay’…

    And I meant to add, Karin, that cutting those strings is VERY hard. You done good. 🙂

  9. J. Carson Black

    I think that’s a great idea, Karin. Agents in particular are used to looking at the bottom line—they have to make a living at this–and not necessarily what type of story appeals to them. They have to have a sharp eye.

  10. Mary


    As u know my baby has had his licsence for a year now and his second day of having it he wrecked his dad’s “03 Mustang. I still can not go to sleep till he is in the door and my heart drops every time the phone rings when he is out.

    I’m sorry but the apron strings will be there for a long time. As u said these are our babies our last ones. I just tell my timmer to deal with it cause even when he is grown and gone I am still his mommy!!!!

    Love ya,

    p.s.; Zanax is way coooooooooooooooooool!!!!!

  11. Karin

    🙂 Gaill. The first thing hubby told the kid was, ‘now we really have you. Screw up and the Bronco is mine’. The little bugger (son not hubby) left at 7:28 this am for school. He’s never even up by 7:30! And I agree, parenting is *not* for wusses. And congrats for making it in under the wire.

    Hey, May. I was finally able to post over at your place last night. Not sure what the problem was. And I meant what I said about the novella proposition. Yes, Xanex is nirvana. Problem, is I don’t have any. I only get them for when I fly. 🙁

    Jake, agree 100%, and it looks like we were both right. I have a great email for said agent. I’ll post the info in a blog post today. I have other very exciting news to share as well!

    Mar, I remember when my son by another mother crashed. I am refraining from calling Will to make sure he got to school ok. Guess since it’s been almost an hour, he’s okay…

  12. May

    Oh hmm, you’ve been unable to post? O.O I didn’t know.

    But what are we going to do about the novella thing?

    Also, if you want to say something in Japanese, Jordan Summers’s your girl. She’s doing Japanese lessons.

  13. Karin

    May wasn’t it typepad? Or maybe it was a different blog link of yours I was following? I’d never had a problem posting. then when I followed the link from say Magical Musings the blog looked different. I thought you had changed it. Either way, glad I can post.

    as far as the novella goes email me and we’ll come up with a plan. Thanks for the heads up with Jordan. I’ll actually need help in that department for JADED.

    I love the internet.

  14. Karin

    Anne-Marie, you are braver than I! While I do not have grandchildren yet (but hopefully optimistic they are on the horizon) I’m not sure I’d have the nerves. But then again, aren’t grandparents supposed to be calmer with grnadchildren? Let me know how that works out for you. 😉

  15. Anne-Marie

    Karin, God Bless for this contest and hanging tight while your baby got his license. My oldest grandson (15 who thinks he’s 25) got his restricted yesterday. He called me from the DLB and asked me to go driving with him. My butt clenched tight and nothing was going to happen. lol Shoot, isn’t that why I have a son and a DIL, to go driving with my grandson. Karin, great job on the contest. I can’t wait to see all the awesome entries that final. And I’m still sticken firm, I’m driven driving with my darlin’ Ryan.

    ONTH, I’ve been watching AI since it came out, last night was a hoot, but not as much as previous tryouts. Better those terrible singers than me with my ***** (oops 2 letters short from tonsils) hitting the floor. lol

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