Hopeless in Seattle alert, exciting news, and contest update;

January 18, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 46 comments

First my exciting news: I heard from my agent this morning. I have my first foreign sale! GOOD GIRL is going Japanese! I cannot wait to see the cover. I will of course show y’all the minute I get it. I’d say something really smart in Japanese here, but, um, I don’t know any Japanese. Except, sake, and bonsai! Does sushi count?

Now contest update. I heard from my agent judge this am. She is quick! I have the 65 who make it to the second round (don’t ask! I haven’t even looked to see who they belong to and I’m not until I get ready to post the lines that made it to round two). I will post those lines Monday. But what was equally interesting to me in the email I received from this agent was she said, she would request 20-25 of the entries based on the first line alone! Wow, and she said she would follow the contest and most likely make requests. So best lines forward ladies!

Ok, I have something cute to share. I’m at Starbucks the other day having a latte with my mother in law, and she says, “I should read your blob.” I spewed. What made it so funny (other than the obvious, God love her, my mil is totally without one computer clue) is the other day I received an email from my mom with a reference in her post to my ‘blob.’ lol, I love you Mom and Marlene! It’s why I dedicated SKIN to you both.

Now, on to the ugly.

Okay, I am going to try really, really hard not to be too snarky. I will just casually jot down a few of my observations on this evening’s American Idol.

So, is it me or is Randy just being a prick on purpose? Or is that his true nature? He started out bad but actually chilled as the show wore on, probably because he was so exhausted from holding his hands over his ears.
And what’s with Rosie trashing Paula? I didn’t think either night Paula looked freaky.

Now the first chick, the one throwing her hair around and chewing the gum? What was she thinking? Oh, my gawd then she sang! Oh, double gawd, she argued and made an ass of herself. Geez La-weez. And then to have a police escort out the door. Clueless in Seattle.

The next girl? What don’t these contestants get about, no? I felt really bad for her, but c’mon, no means no. And then there was Darwin/Misha…and her mom. Why on earth would she go braless? I’m not touching the outfit. And you know what? I’m going to shut up right now. Okay, I have one more thing to say. Misha and her mom were very gracious there in the end. There, now I am not going to say another word. I’m going to sit here and enjoy the show and bite my tongue.

Ack! I can’t keep quiet! Nicolas from Utah is singing Unchained Melody. I felt so bad for him when Simon asked, “What the bloody hell was that?” My prediction is, Nicolas will get cast as Dwight’s brother on the Office.

And then there was day two: I have a question. What the hell is in the water up there in the great North West? I don’t think I have ever seen such a group of unique people. Kenneth, the kid who came in, the one Simon said looked like a monkey (I believe he actually meant a lemur) and his friend, Jonathan afterward were too adorable. Even though Kenneth got a bit uppity there in the end, but then so would I if Simon told me I looked like one of those big-eyed creatures in the jungle.

Okay and the guy in the red? OMG he thinks he’s Freddie Mercury. Zipping mouth shut.





  1. Donna Caubarreaux

    I love American Idol…

    What got me, was at one point Simon (and let’s not forget that he is responsible for forming Il Divo) was trying to explain to the contestant his reasons for saying no, when both Randy and Paula made fun of him. He promptly shut up and put his hands behind his head and wouldn’t vote.

    Where’s the professionalism?

    Yes, I feel Monkey Boy and Tubby will probably be on a sit-com soon. And the poor computer geek with the Hugh Grant mouth…what was he thinking?

    Don’t any of these people check out their singing with a cassette player?

    And how do they whittle down nine to ten thousand people into two days? Apparently, each contestant has two minutes. That’s thirty an hour, more or less, so how do they choose who goes on?

    Besides Bones and The Closer, American Idol is the only other television show I have to watch…or tape if I’m doing something else.

  2. Amanda

    I love American Idol. I love to hear people sing. Last night was agony from beginning to end. It can only get better from here. Pleeeeeze.

  3. Karin

    Donna, I HATE IT when Randy and Paula jump all over Simon for his opinion. Argh!! Let the man speak. lol, I guess if it really bugged him he’d tell them to zip it, it is after all his show. I love Il Divo.

    Amanda, it can’t get any worse then it did last night. We can only climb out of that black hole of utter despair.

  4. Cele

    I always have a hard time watching the first episodes, it is so painful and embarassing. I hurt for them. I really look forward to the competition portion of American Idol.

    The other day I heard an interview with Carmen Rasmussen from AI II who said you go through about ten auditions before you get to Simon, Randy, and Paula. It tells you a lot about the process and the intent of the process.

    Karin, usually our water up here is good, but most of those people last night, made my ears bleed. Such pain.

    For Donna, the tone deaf people who watched themselves last night (while making my ears bleed) heard themselves sing in perfect pitch last night.

  5. Karin

    Cele, when I first started watching AI I enjoyed the first episodes. I guess I was shocked at first. Now, and last night solidified it, I feel really really bad for some of those people. Sigh, it’s really hard to get snarky about most of them, well except the first chick. But I’m telling, ya, the kid from Utah broke my heart.
    I’ll be happy when we get to Hollywood.

  6. Mary

    Rosie gives lesbians a bad name so is nothing but a fat unhappy person. I can’t believe they haven’t kicked her fat a** off of the view!

    AI all I can say is what the Hell!!!! Could be the last year they rank high in the ratings.


  7. Mary

    Sorry SIS a big Japenese congrats to you!!

  8. Elisabeth

    Trust me, Seattle’s no worse than San Francisco in the weird department. And actually, being from the PNW, I don’t have a problem with the media making it look a little strange. Keeps all of you Californians (said in that unique Arnold accent) from from moving up here and overcrowding us. 🙂

    Since I’m new the whole AI thing, I was wondering if last night was normal or extremely awful. Seemed pretty bad to me. I thought Randy was particularly rude a few times, but I have nothing to compare him to. I do find it interesting thought that so much of this is based on looks. If a pretty girl walks in the room, Simon and Randy both sit up and their tones change. If a rather unattractive person walks in the room, Paula rolls her eyes and makes faces before she even hears them sing. It’s kind of sad and makes me feel sorry for the contestants. And I find it particularly rude when someone’s singing and Randy and Paula are rolling on the floor laughing. I keep thinking how I would feel if I took in my first page and started reading it and the girls from MSW were sitting at a table listening and then all started laughing. (And I don’t write comedy!) I think I’d be horrified.

    That said – sigh – these people HAVE to know they’re there because they’re so awful. It amazes me some of them really think they have a chance. I mean, when we’re talking about 10K people to start and only 200 or so get to go in front of the panel, it’s more than obvious that they’re letting through some of the worst simply for entertainment purposes.

    I really should stop watching. But it’s like a train wreck I just can’t stop staring at. (Thanks, btw, Karin. I blame you for this new obsession.)

    Oh, and the other stuff…great news on your overseas sale! I’m no help on the Japanese, sorry. And that’s also really cool about the first round agent.

  9. Karin

    Elisabeth, said, “(Thanks, btw, Karin. I blame you for this new obsession.)” Why, you are quite welcome, ma’dear.

    Yanno, if we over at MSW did do a competition…

    Mar, yes, methinks Rosie is a bit too vocal these days. It really is a detractor. While The View’s ratings may be up, I skip the show now. I don’t want to listen to rants and bickering over my coffee. Also, any show with The Donald? I skip that one too. Again, tired of the mudslinging.

  10. Amanda

    Karin-san, forgot the congrats for the Japanese foreign rights. Gotta laugh, Jennifer said, “I didn’t know Karin knew Japanese to rewrite her whole story that way.” LOL

  11. Karin

    ROFLMAO! Tell, Jen I didn’t know either. ROFLMAO! Oh that one is priceless, that beats *my* Jenisms.

  12. Donna Labbe


    Congats on Good Girl in Japan. I read it the other night and loved it.

    I missed AI last night, but you guys make it sound like I should’ve watched. I’ll keep tuned now.

    Great news on the agent doing the first round. It’s really great of you to do this contest. I’m psyched about it.

  13. Karin

    Thanks, Donna. My mom missed AI last night too, and she is very upset about.

  14. Christine

    WTG on GOOD GIRL going to Japan. How awesome!


  15. Theresa


    Woohoo on GGGB. That must be so exciting, now you just need to run out and learn to read Japanese. lol

    As for the agent judge news. Holy Crap– how mindblowing and nerve-racking and both at the same time.

    I couldn’t stand to watch AI last night. I cringed so much I ended up turning to something else. I hate these first few shows– it makes me feel so uncomfortable watching people make complete asses of themselves. And that includes Randy and Paula. I actually have alot more respect for Simon than either of the other two.

    I am looking forward to the next stage of the comptetion.

  16. Edie Ramer

    I watched the mother/daughter bit on TV while I waited for my tea to nuke last night, but that was it. I thought they both took it well, but someone should tell the daughter to wear a bra.

    Exciting about the agent looking at the lines. It will be fabulous if any sales come out of the contest. 😀

  17. Karin

    thnx,Christine, I’m really excited.

    Theresa, it was pretty hard watching last night. I hid behind my hands a few times. Hubby just cringed and asked if he could change the channel to What About Jim. It is the only time on record in the Tabke household where I ruled over the remote. Ok he stillgot to hold it but couldn’t surf, not even during commercials. That was a show in itself.
    I too have more respect for Simon than the other two.

    Edie, the braless thing was weird. Very very weird.
    I’m excited about our agent judge and her following the contest. I would love to see her sell someone here!

  18. Gaill

    The scariest part for me is that I live in Birmingham, and I’m pretty sure someone I know will be one of the tone deaf that gets to be on air and humiliated. My question is this: has anyone who is so awful who thinks they are good listened to themselves and then gone back and slapped into next year the people who told them they could sing? That’s why when I let someone read what I’ve written I tell them to be honest with me because I do not want to be an AI loser, thinking what I write is good when it sucks! Trust me, I know that I write shit sometimes, but every once in a while I write something good. But even a blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion!

  19. Gaill

    And congrats to you, Karin for going international on us. Do you have to go on tour and sign books in Japan? I know someone really fun to be with that is fluent in Japanese, if you need a cohort, or consort, or whatever- just a thought. (Note to self- get that quick learn Japanese tutorial)

  20. Karin

    Gaill, the people who tell their loved ones they can sing when they can’t are doing them a huge disservice. Shame on them. And I hear you with your writing. Contests are a good way to get feedback, and don’t be afraid to ask a couple of writers who you trust not to hurt your feelings, but be constructive to take a read. Might as well start growing the rhino hide you’ll need in this biz.

    As far as a Japanese tour? I wish!

  21. Carol Davis Luce

    Karin, congrats on the foreign sale! I’m sure it’s the first of many.

  22. Meretta ~ American Title Finalist

    I usually like American Idol, but really dislike it when they set people up like they did with Darwin and her mom or continuing to let the Unchained Melody engineer guy keep singing. To me, that’s just cruel and uncalled for!

    Congratulations on the foreign rights deal! 😀

    And thanks for the First Line competition opportunity.

  23. raine

    Congrats on the foreign sale, Karin!!

    As for AI—I simply can’t bear to watch it. I feel so sorry for those people, it’s physically painful.

  24. Karin

    Raine, it *was* painful to watch. There were a few times I had to leave the room. But I came back. I guess I’m just a gutton for punishment. Much like some of the contestants.

    Okay what I want to know is, after they humilitate the contestans, how do they get them back to sing the other songs they show in those snippets? It makes me wonder just how bad they really feel. The contestants that is. I mean they know they aren’t going on to Hollywood.
    Look what happened for Willian Hong ? He made some money by singing terrible. If I were a casting director I’d be haunting that show for personalities.

    Thnx Carol, Raine and Meretta, I’m really happy with the Japanese deal.

  25. Mommie

    No “BLOBING” for me tonight,

    Love yah,

    Your Mommie..

    Hey Marlene, how yah doing…We got a great gal there, don’t we? Dam it, not having spell-check

  26. Vivi Anna

    Congrats on the foreign sale Karin! You so deserve all the success you are receiving!!

  27. Karin

    Hey, Vivi, glad you stopped by.

    Mah, spell check doesn’t recognise blog

  28. LaDonna

    Karin, congrats on the international success! Your mom and MIL sound so cute. Also, great news on the Agent/judge. Sounds like an incredible beginning to me. Good luck everyone! And you’re so right, Kenneth and Jonathan were too sweet the other night on AI. It’s amazing how people “find” one another on that show. Can’t wait for the competition to take off there as well.

  29. Loretta Wheeler

    Congratulations on the rights in Japan!:) I’m sure they’re gonna love it. There is a strong Asian base here in Australia and from what I hear (and can understand every once in awhile;)they seem to really embrace this genre and things from America:) And I’m sure “sushi” counts as word…I used Taco Bell in my reperotoire(sp??no spell check here for me either!) all the time when I lived in Houston;)It seemed to fill in the uncomfortable gaps when the conversation had regressed to gestures and hand waving:)

  30. Mommie

    I lve (that would be love) yah baby. Me thinks I got it. I promise to make you proud!!

    Your Mommie

  31. Karin

    Thanks, Loretta. I’m glad sushi counts! Are you still living in the states?

    LaDonna, my mom and mil are bookends! Looking forward to posting the second round tomorrow.

    Mom, I love you too. 🙂

  32. Karin

    supashi-bo, Judy!

  33. Judy Soifer

    Thank you in Japanese is supashi-bo.

    I cringed when I saw Darwin that was braless. If you are going to go braless you can’t have pendulous bosoms. Yuck! And I agree I wish they would just let Simon speak. This time he wasn’t even the bad guy, Randy was. But I think Simon knows what he’s talking about.

    Anyway I love watching American Ideal, too. Oh, when you posted the other day about your son getting his drivers license, I could relate. My youngest is 15 and can’t wait to drive. My husband lets him drive sometimes, even though he doesn’t have his permit. We live on a private road. But I still don’t think it’s a good idea. I don’t want my baby growing up so fast.


  34. Tracey

    Hey – we have to wait to get AI and we do have an our own Australian Version – so I can’t comment.

    BUT I have all the girls at work following the First line contest and we are having a tipping pool. So we’re all geared up for the excitement.

  35. Karin

    Wow,Tracey, I feel so special! A tipping pool.

  36. Hubby

    Ahh, it’s “According to Jim”, dear, and it’s funny without hurting anyone’s feelings.

  37. Loretta Wheeler

    Hi Karin, I finally dug my way out of a packing box and crawled back in here:) We’re seventeen hours ahead and so posting (and especially meeting that first deadline was a riot, stopped mid way to Sydney (U.S. embassy) and literally had to borrowed a stranger’s computer to meet the time frame:)(no internet cafe’s ANYWHERE!:) No, I’m still in Oz at the moment, but we’re packing for the U.S. My Aussie man cleared immigration the other day and was stamped “good to go!”:) We’ll be in Louisiana no later than May. BTW,I’m loving the contest..first time to try this:) there’s some fantastic talent on here!

  38. Loretta Wheeler

    …Scuuuuze the borrowed typo…! Gawd…where’s an editor when you need one?;)

  39. Mary Marvella

    Bad singers

    My ex-husband and daughter are wedding photographers and I’m the trusty assistant. Even when my daughter was 6 and sometimes went with us to weddings as our tiny assistant, she knew bad singing. We assumed the brides chose singers/musicians they considered good singers/musicians. I had to remind my kid not to make faces when the singers were really bad, off key, or just nervous. I told her we were allowed to cringe inside, but we’d insult the bride who was paying us to be at the wedding if we made faces anyone else could see.

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