The King is rolling over in his grave.

January 24, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 14 comments

What an insult to Elvis. And speaking of Elvis, the kid who said he was Elvis? I admit, I was entertained, but, c’mon, did he really think he came close to sounding like the King?
Um, no.

Okay, so I really liked the cheerleader captain. But it went down hill after that, until we came to Sundance. Fab voice.
Then a fast slide even lower.
What did Travis think he was doing? He had me sold that I would be in tears because if his emotional performance. And then? He did what he did, which I am not sure how to classify. I sat there with my mouth open.

When Tofer (Christopher) the one who had the hots for Paula opened his mouth to sing I had to leave the room.
The gal who said she didn’t dress over the top, the one with her breasts (and very lovely breasts I might add) popping out as she gyrated in front of the judges, oh my, I was pulling for her, but alas, once again when she opened her mouth it was not to be.

For me the bright spot of the evening was Melinda, the backup singer. The one who blew the socks off all three judges. I thought she was perfectly adorable and look forward to seeing her in the finals.

Ok, I am convinced most of these people are told, just like the guests on Jerry Springer that they are going to be made fun of. And while they agree, I do believe they have some secret hope of making it to Hollywood. How the seriously talent-challenged have the audacity to get angry when they are told they stink up the house is beyond me. Give me a break. They know what they are in for, take it like a man or a woman and have some class. After the performances tonight, and I use that term lightly, I am officially not feeling sorry for anyone who steps in front of Paula, Randy and Simon. They know exactly what they are up against.

Sigh, for the first time since I began watching this series, I am anxious to just get to Hollywood.

Okay now that I have that off my chest, we have entrants who haven’t posted their second line. Reminder: you have until midnight this Friday. Be sure to post your lines in the comment section of the Second round is on post, dated Monday 22.

If you post in the comment section to this blog post, you will be disqualified. And speaking of second lines, isn’t it amazing to see some of the first lines shore up with the second line? And yes, a few go the opposite way. Either way, it makes us realize, how very important it is to make every word count.

I’m off to plot with my challenge girls today. So I won’t be around for much chatter, but feel free to talk amongst yourselves. 🙂

Oh, which brings me to my question. What type of first line grabs you? Dialogue, introspection or narration? And, off the top of your head what is a favorite first line of yours? Mine is, “Which one of you bitches is my mother?” Love it!



  1. May

    “I’d kill him, but where’s the fun in that?”

    If it’s first person, is it introspection or narration? Or is it just internal dialogue?

    PS I forgot about your email. Sorry about that. Replying now.

  2. Liz Lipperman

    I love that first line about the bitches too. If I remember correctly, weren’t the women at the funeral of one of their friends when this young woman comes up and asks that question? I read the entire book without a clue who really was her mother. For all those who are confused, the book is “Lace”. Thanks for making me smile, Karin. I loved that book.

  3. Cele

    I missed last night’s auditions, which is no big problem for me, I am so uncomfortable with the Worst of episodes. I’m with you, come on Hollywood.

    I have been enjoying your contest. Of course not as a contestant but just a reader. The first round, read in succession, was like reading some humerous book, very entertaining. Some of the openers just totally stand out and grab you. Thanks for the awesome reading.

  4. Elisabeth

    “She woke in the body of a dead friend.”

    It’s one of Nora’s first lines. I don’t even remember the name of the book (Carolina Moon, maybe?) but that first line stuck with me. The second line was description of the girl, and it confused me so much, I had to keep reading to figure out just what the heck was going on.

    Missed IA tonight because of my RWA meeting. Sounds like I didn’t miss too much though. 😉

  5. Donna Kowalczyk

    WOW, thanks for the stroll down memory lane! I’d completely forgotten about Lace, although it’s Phoebe Cates who sticks in my mind (never read the book). Who wrote it, I think I’ll have to read it. 🙂

  6. LaDonna

    Yep, watched AI last eve. Amazed as always. My favorites were back-up singer, Sundance, and the guy with long hair and beard. Who shocked everyone when he could actually sing. Travis is not well, bless his heart. I bought the story too, Karin. I was thinking along the lines of maybe Al Green music coming up. What I heard, I still haven’t figured it out. Scared me silly! The boob lady was fun, and Randy’s head bopping had me laughing. Seriously, I thought she was going to knock herself out once or twice in the upswing!

  7. Gaill

    Ya’ll, I’m cringing over what we might see tonight on AI, but I might go into hiding when they show next Tuesday’s show- I live in Birmingham, but, NO! I did not go audition. I don’t even sing in the shower. I’m really that bad! You know how you sound singing in your head. Most people are okay with that. I cringe! Which is why I feed my muse with writing! And reading.

  8. Liz Lipperman

    Shirley Conran wrote Lace. It was one of my favorite books. The sequel never held a candle to the first one. My friend let me read the Prologue of a book she was reading (for the life of me, I can’t remember the name). Anyway it started out kinda boring but the last line blew me away. It was something about killing his child. Freaked me out. Your contest really makes us aware how very important it is to grab a reader right out of the bullpen. Thanks again, Karin.

  9. Judy Soifer

    Are you watching AI right now? I was really touched by Sarah. How she told her father she was at her friends. Then when she made it, she called home and told her father and he was happy for her.

  10. Donna Caubarreaux

    Geez, I missed the first ten minutes, and there was a girl in a red dress crying…

    Sundance. Oh yeah. He could sing. The back up singer, she’ll make it to the finals if she can get the confidence, and she should.

    The beard and hair guy. Shave it off! The long hair is okay, Bo Bice made it cool, but the beard has to go, or at least a foot of it!

    Boob lady was offensive.

    IT finally dawned on me that this is in effect a ‘reality’ show. You get the good, the bad and the ugly.

    A man I know, had his untalented daughter try out for kicks, and they egged her on to get people from a mall to listen to her sing. So, a lot of it is hype. They want the ratings up.

    It’s all about money. And they are raking it in.

    One nice thing is the girl who got booted off of AI two years ago and is now up for an Oscar in Dreamgirls. How cool is that!

    First lines…I’m still quaking in my stilettos. (LOL, like I own a pair, but boots would be a cliche).

  11. Edie Ramer

    I’ll wait to watch AI when they go to Hollywood too. I watched the first one and that was enough for me.

    There’s one first line I remember that I really liked. It was dialogue, just one word: “Strip.” 😀

  12. Karin

    😉 Thanks, Edie I kind of like that one too.

    Judy, I thought Sarah was an inspiration. I’m cheering for her.

  13. Mel

    We haven’t had the latest AI over her in Aust. but I not long ago finished watching ‘so you think you can dance.’ Wow. To be that fit…. sigh. at least my fingers are active

  14. Karin

    I didn’t watch that one, Mel but I was dragged into watching the last half of dancing with the stars. wow.

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