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January 31, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments

I have a confession to make, while I did have AI on last night, I was so preoccupied with so many other things I didn’t give it my usual scrutinous attention. I did see the lady in yellow. The one that started as a 26 year-old and ended up a 50 year-old. I missed Paula’s presence. The two guys just don’t cut it. Talk about a tough sell.

So, feel free to fill me in. I do want to mention what I did this past Saturday. I went down to the Silicon Valley RWA chapter’s meeting. Great ladies there btw. They hosted an all day workshop put on by the very smart and very personable Margie Lawson. Empowering Character’s Emotions. I had so many epiphany moments Saturday my head was twitching. It’s still twitching! I cannot tell you how much I wish I had taken Margie’s workshop years ago. It made me pay more attention to my words. I told my friends Poppy and Tawny it was like taking off smudgy glasses. I can see clearly now. I can feel now. My writing is stronger, more vivid, more emotional. The effects of the workshop were immediate. I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to take Margie’s workshop in person to do it. She also does online workshops. She has one coming up in April. Follow the link to her web site and sign up, it will be the best money you’ve spent in a long time.

Have any of you out there taken her workshop? And what workshops have you taken that have given you the light bulb moments?



  1. Lee

    I didn’t watch AI. I was on the road trying to get home after two busy days with grandkids, and can’t comment. But I was at Margie’s workshop, sitting right next to Karin. And let me tell you, if you haven’t taken one of her workshops do so on-line in April. Like Karin, I too had at least a dozen, Ah ah moments. The fuzz in my brain, the clouds in front of my eyes has cleared. I couldn’t wait to get home and dig in. Her method has and will make me a better writer. So again, if you haven’t taken her class, do so on-line or in person if possible. You will get so much from, and such positive energy to boot.

  2. Amy

    I took Margie’s Defeating Self-Defeating Behaviors class online and yeah, another great one. Not a writing class so much as get your freaking act together class. Loved it. And I’ve been wanting to take the character emotions one. Will go sign up. Thanks for the heads up!! And better yet, the timing will work well for me!

    I watched AI last night (and tonight) and yeah, the Big Bird chick…ai yi yi. Honestly, I can’t remember much else, even though I watched the whole thing. I really don’t like the auditions and am so glad next week is the last stop. Then we can get to the good stuff!

  3. Karin

    Lee, I have been on a writing roll since Saturday (well except for the day of the shot), I’m still amazed at how differently I see words.

    Amy, a friend of mine took Margie’s defeating self defeating behaviors workshop, she said it was great. I’ll have to look into that one.
    AI is on at 9 tonight, I can’t wait to be underwhelmed.

  4. Cele

    I missed tonight’s AI but caught last night’s episode. Interestingly there was one girl whose mother had said she couldn’t sing, but when she started doing pagaents her talent was singing. Maybe it’s me, I thought she had a great voice, but she didn’t make it to Hollywood.

    This year.

  5. Edie Ramer

    I’m not watching AI. The first one was enough for me. I’ll probably watch later on in the season when the truly awful are culled.

    I’ve taken both Margie’s workshops, the showing emotion one and defeating self-defeating behavior. They both rocked!

  6. Debbie Dunn

    Okay, now you’ve got me pumped. Not so much for AI, which I watch when there’s nothing else on — but for these workshops. I live in the middle of nowhere, Maine (not the end of world, but you can see it from the second floor windows) so would be interested in taking one or both of Margie’s workshops online. Who will offer the workshop in April?

  7. Karin

    not sure which one you mean, Cele, but there are a few I think the judges should’ve sent on to Hollywood, and quite few I scratched my head over wondering what the judges were thinking. Looking forward to Hollywood.

  8. Karin

    I agree, Edie, Margie is awesome.
    Debbie go to Margie’s website
    and see where her online april class is. i want to say writer’s universe.

  9. Debbie Dunn

    Thanks, Karin. Bookmarked her website. Always nice to find additional resources.

  10. Amie Stuart

    I watched Tuesday and was disappointed–they barely showed any worth sending on–though I did cry at the old man who’d just lost his wife.

    So glad to hear the review about Margie’s workshop–I think she’s going to be at DARA in March and I’ve been kinda debating if I wanted to go or not.

  11. Meretta ~ American Title Finalist

    I’ve taken all of Margie’s workshops. Some of them more than once. I can tell you that when I sell, she’s going to be in my dedication she’s changed my writing that much.

    Margie rocks!

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