I should be writing,

February 8, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

and well I am but, um, I’m supposed to be working on JADED. I’m behind, but what’s new?
I spent most of my day today working on a killer blurb for my Pocket antho WHAT YOU CAN”T SEE. The title of my story is REDEMPTION a prequel to a series I’m developing. Think Sin City meets Constantine. I’m very excited.
The antho is a para with New York Times (yes she hit #14 today!!) bestselling author Allison Brennan and Rocki St. Claire. I couldn’t have asked for better company. Anyhoo, I wrote the most sucky blurb. I was truly at a loss. I sat there staring at the blinking cursor for hours. I only had a general idea of this story, which I hope will launch a series. But well, I’ve started writing the book and don’t really know what it’s about. So tackling the blurb today with a little help from my good friends Poppy and Tawny was a very good thing. I have to say, it’s very strong and I’m very proud of it. Poppy was amazing with her slicing and dicing, and Tawny kept asking those hard questions, like, but why does she agree to help him? Argh! Between the three of us we nailed it. Muchas gracias, chicas. By writing the blurb I was able to write a detailed pitch for the series. But best of all, I was able to get a good solid feel of the characters, including the bad guys and an all around tone. It’s going to be dark, modern gothic suspense, and of course tortured hero cops will abound.

Here’s the weird thing about today and this blurb that evolved into a really great pitch.

When I woke up this a.m. I seriously didn’t have an energized bone in my body. Then I remembered I promised to cook dinner for a neighbor who had a difficult surgery. That got me out of bed coz I had to start my sauce. But first I checked my email, and right there amongst the 150 or so of the little suckers was the request for the blurb. I’m like Shit shit shit!
I ran downstairs, fired up the coffee pot, slapped the ground beef and ground pork into the frying pan and put the tomato sauce in another pot, spiced it up, put the browned meat into the sauce, spiced it up some more, covered it and set it on simmer. Grabbed a huge cup of coffee and hurried back to my office. But nothing happened. So, I called my friend Josie and bitched, then another friend called and asked me about single chapter arcs, I bitched to her, then I think I bitched to Allison who was on pins and needles seeing where she debuted. Can you see what is happening here? I was avoiding the keyboard at all costs. Finally I set me ass in the chair and forced my fingers onto the keyboard, then went blog hopping, then came back to the matter at hand. Time was a-wastin’. Oh, then I im’d Natalie and we chatted.
Okay fine, so I did it. I started to work.
Until I actually began to type the blurb I didn’t know who my hero was, or my heroine. I had loosely plotted the story a couple of weeks ago, but forgot what we had come up with, so I just wrote and wrote, and after several attempts something clicked, then I rewrote, then did it again until I finally knew these people! Yay, now to clean up the mess. After that chore, Voila! A perfect blurb!!!
So, while that isn’t the best of processes, it certainly worked for me today.
Sometimes you just have to push through the cobwebs and write.
What do you do when push comes to shove and you have to produce?





  1. May

    With coffee, cake and purple ink, one can write to save the world.

    Well, I wish anyway. LOL.

  2. Edie Ramer

    OMG, that’s how I’m working. Maybe I caught it from you, Karin! I used to start writing each morning, now I tiptoe into it. Like today, reading blogs instead of writing. At least I don’t play Spide Solitaire.:grin:

  3. Loretta

    I think I’ve worked on something every way imaginable…(haven’t tried purple ink yet, I’ll add that to my list!) If I’m really stuck, I write it, then write it again, then – you get the drift, eventually it has that ‘flow’ to it. One thing I have discovered, I like Rowling’s style, I do tend to do better with outlining and doing the basics, sitting in a restaurant or outdoor cafe’. I’m not an introvert, and I think sitting in the house or on the verandah working day after day, gives me cabin fever. But, when it’s crunch time and I’m ‘in’ the story, I have to isolate – to let the characters talk to me, and of course, none of us want to let anyone know they actually ‘talk’ to us do we? BG

  4. Karin

    May, I like your style! And now I can finally jam on the challenge!

    Edie, sigh, it’s supposed to get easier the more we do it! Yanno a flow should be established. In many ways I have a system. I finally took the dana after I posted the blog last night, slapped on the iPod and knocked out almost 11 pages. Took me till 2:30 this morning. But t was done.

    Loretta, I do work form a very loose outline. My yellow legal pad goes wherever my dana and ipod go.

  5. Poppy Southcott

    My office was designed distraction-free: no cable, no music, and painfully slow net. My computer is only for work, and my desk faces a blank wall and is pretty much bare, so I can go in shut the door and pound out the pages. Works for me.

  6. Karin

    Poppy, my office is the complete opposite. I have all kinds of distractions, but I do most of my writing on the dana downstairs in the evening where the guys are. I can very easily tune them out, and often do. Which annoys them, but if I go up into my office to write in the evening they complain I’m hiding from them (which i sometimes do). What really gets me going is when I have my iPod cranked. It’s just me the music and my keyboard.

  7. spyscribbler

    I hate blurbs. Oh man, I can’t begin to tell you how very much I hate writing blurbs. *shudder*

    When it’s push come to shove time, I harness my fear (I know that sounds so negative, but it works for me). If I’m just stuck, then it’s almost always because I’m not “in character.” Once I force myself into character, then things start flowing again. Coffee and chocolate help, too. 🙂

  8. Karin

    spy, I hate the edict to write one, but once it’s done? Luv it!

  9. LaDonna

    Hey, Karin, do you like your dana? I wanna buy something like that this summer to take on the boat. Also, as painful as it is I do the tippy-toe thing too. I’ve noticed during this last year…I feel guilty when I’m not writing and should be. Where did that little pizzer come from? I should be happy, I guess, it’s enough to push me to the office. I’m not always happy, but I do it. Scary bit of a imaginary drill sergeant.

  10. Karin

    I love it, LaDonna!

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