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February 14, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 25 comments

So, while I was asleep, (and I didn’t hit the sack until 4:30 this am, up writing like a mad woman) my cat decided to IM a few people (it’s not the first time he’s tried to sneak in a quickie with one of his kitty friends or worse my buddies!). He also decided to reconfigure my word docs. I must say if it weren’t for Kitty I wouldn’t be aware that I have the program that speaks text to you. I woke one morning to some weird ass voice reciting an old blog I had saved. That said, I’m tired of sharing my computer. He gets fur and kitty crumbs from his kitty snacks in my keyboard. He rubs up against my nose while I’m typing and gets his fur all in my face, and coffee! What is worse though is he likes to bathe on my keyboard.

Do you know how hard it is to type with an eleven pound bathing kitty sprawled out on your keyboard? If he isn’t snoozing, bathing or batting at the cursor he hogs my chair. While I am reducing my butt size, the seat of my chair is not big enough for the both of us! I love the little monster but I draw the line at buying him his own laptop. I believe that is just going too damn far. Besides being the complete feline he is, he’d probably want one with all the kitty porn and cat nip games, and that just ain’t gonna happen!

The life of a writer! I swear, it can get really difficult at times. How about you? What sidetracks your writing time? And please share a kitty or puppy tail .



  1. J. Carson Black

    My most embarrassing moments are always when I take the laptop in to be fixed (frequently). Always, some Geek in a blue knit shirt with the yellow logo on looks disdainfully down his pimpled nose at me and says, “CAT HAIR!” This always makes me feel as if I left a turd on the gray industrial carpet.

    My mother’s cat Daisy (now deceased – the cat, not my mom) used to wake her up by sitting on the answering machine. My mom’s in her eighties, so she gets a lot of voice messages from hucksters trying to sell her annuities and funeral homes. She was NOT amused.

  2. Tracey

    I have 2 cats. One likes to bath on my keyboard or just sit on the warm laptop in winter. The other steals my chair as soon as I get up to take a break.

    They really think their boss don’t they?

  3. Karin

    Funny, Jake. Luckily my cat doesn’t go near the answering machine. He would much rather try to snatch Simon my Siamese fighting fish out of his bowl. Funny as hell to wath that fish leap out of the water at the cat. That fish has some balls.

  4. Lynette Curtis

    My problem isn’t cats, it’s my daughter (she’ll be three March 4th). If I write while she’s awake, she’ll usually come and sit on my lap and bug me for the computer (for a 2 year old, she’s a virtual computer genius). I try to tell her that the computer is broke, but she must know me too well, because she never believes me. 🙂

    She’ll say “No it’s not Mommy,” then proceed push the laptop towards her, click on Internet Explorer, go to the favorites tab and click on Nick Jr. or Seaseme Street web-site and start to play her computer games!

    I can never figure out wheter to be annoyed that she interupted my writing or amazed at how well she can navigate the computer! It’s usually the latter.

  5. Karin

    Tracey, I just came in to my office and there is Kitty curled up in my chair. And what am I doing? Sitting on the freakin’ edge! My back is killing me!

  6. spyscribbler

    The past two days, my sweet, submissive, and dainty cat has been downright PISSED at our big lug of a cat. Never in four years has she ever been in a rage, or anything but sweet, but now she chases the big lug around the house, telling him off, mowling, and hissing up a storm.

    It’s like Jekyll and Hyde. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t seen her with my own eyes. You’d think he stole her first-born!

    Not much distracts me from writing, unless I write at home. When I try to write at home, I go crazy with the need to clean.

  7. Karin

    Lynette, methinks you need to buy the girl her own laptop!

    Spy that is too weird. Do you know what flipped gentle kitty into psycho kitty?

  8. Karin

    Lorie, my hat is off to you—the in-laws too?

  9. Edie Ramer

    Karin, my kitty jumps on my lap often and demands full body massages. She also stands in front of the monitor, making it impossible to see, and she tries to play with the mouse. And then there’s my dog … She barks at anything moving outside. Not just people, dogs or rabbits. She barks at schoolbuses, garbage trucks, UPS trucks and motorcycles. She has a high pitched, LOUD bark, and she won’t shut up until I come downstairs and put her out.

  10. Lorie Hartt

    My beautiful but kinda stupid feline furrball (sorry, mean I know, but true)likes to have my attention. Thankfully she usually just curls up beside me when I sit on the couch with the laptop. If I get up, or work on the desktop though, it’s a different matter.

    If I get up… I could put money on finding her either in my seat, or on the keyboard, depending on how lazy she’s feeling and how far she needs to move. If the laptop is close enough, she will take those extra two steps.

    If I’m on the desktop, she’s been known to launch herself at me, from off of the nearby cabinet, and more than once while I’ve had coffee in my hand.

    If I’m writing in bed with the laptop, and I sit with my back against the headboard and my knees up, she can’t cuddle or get into my lap, so she stands beside me and headbutts my wrist until I acknowledge her.

    As to the rest of my distractions…

    Well, I have to confess that I don’t always clean as much as I should, so I can’t use that as an excuse, but, I do work from home, (besides the writing), My (in this house)family consists of dh, three kids, and the inlaws(one of which is retired and nosy). There are days I’m amazed I get anything done.

  11. Cele

    I don’t have a cat, I have an allergic hubby instead. What I do have is an 83 pound basset who thinks he’s a lap dog. If I’m using my lap top, he feels half my lap should be his still. If I get up, yes, he steals my seat.

    My computer room has wood floors. If I am at my computer desk and he wants attention he just jumps up and pushes me all around the room. I need a chair with locks on it.

    Karin, maybe your cat is just searching for pictures of

  12. Poppy Southcott

    My two pups are actually an anti-procrastination aid. They weave their furry little selves around my desk chair. I don’t dare stand up, or I risk crushing some puppy part, so I stay put until they’ve decided they’ve napped long enough and head outside to chase small creatures. Waiting for dogs to finish their naps leaves me locked to the computer for a very long time.

  13. Karin

    Edie, your cat has *you* trained! Wait, so does mine.

    Cele, I remember when Nat posted that! I loved the bikini one then and it’s still my fav. And I do wonder about how she spends her time…

  14. Karin

    Poppy, I’m beginning to think we’re all controlled by our animals. My oldest son gave me a hard time earlier today when he came into my office and I was sitting on the edge of my chair so as not to disturb His Highness Kitty too much.
    “Mom,” my son said, “He’s a cat! Move his ass.”
    “Shhh,” I said, “You’ll disturb him.” At which point my son reached behind me and took His Highness out of my office. The grey furball was soon back. He knows a good thing when he sees it.

  15. Faith V. Smith

    Karin, I am laughing at your kitty’s antics and all the rest of the posts. My now crossed Rainbow Bridge Kitty use to jump on my desk. He never messed with the keyboard that I know of but hey, what he did when I wasn’t around is another story…lol.

  16. Cheryel Hutton

    I don’t have a cat, but I have two dachshunds. Like Edie’s dogs, they bark at every little noise, and their size bears no resemblance to the loudness of their barks. So, at any give moment you may find me hanging from my fingers and toes from the ceiling because I made the mistake of actually concentrating on my writing and a sudden loud barking episode startes the *** out of me. :0

    Sugar, a standard short-hair, isn’t too bad, but she likes to pretend she can’t climb the doggie steps to get on the couch by herself. And, being the sucker I am, I frequently stop what I’m doing to boost her bulk onto the furniture.

    Cujo, a small, long-hair, likes to lay beside me, and when he wants to be petted, he pokes at my right hand until I stop what I’m doing and scratch his head. Failing that, he makes like a cat and drapes his furry body across the keyboard to get my attention. Works too, LOL

  17. B.E. Sanderson

    Aren’t cats great? My cat has this obsession with paper. If I’m on the couch editing, she jumps up and sits on my loose papers. If I’m editing at my desk, I put the pages I’m finished with on the floor; she promptly lays on them. If I’m reading, she jumps up in my lap and snuggles in between me and the book. And if I’m not careful, she’ll happily put teeth marks into the edges of anything paper she can get her paws on. Sometimes she’ll even wedge her 12.5 lb body between my keyboard and the edge of my desk, just to lay on the papers there. =oD

  18. Karin

    Faith, I think we may all be a little surprised what our babies do while we’re not looking.

    Cheryel, My grandma raised dachshunds, the long haired ones. I was too little to remember, but my mom loved them. I have two shih-tzus, Coco and Zoe. It kills me to make them stay downstairs during the day, if I didn’t I would have them both in my lap and Kitty on my keyboard.

  19. Karin

    B.E. my cat loves lounging on my pages too! Especialy when I’m working at the kitchen table. He walks right over the newspaper as you’re reading it.

  20. Vonda Sinclair

    Karin, what a cute and funny story!! Love the kitty porn comment and the thing about your speaking program. Maybe Kitty wanted to talk to you. You’ve inspired me to blog about my kitty writing partner too.

  21. Kate

    Thanks for the laughs, Karin. I know all about the seat stealers. It took a week of intense combat for me to establish my dominance over my cat Max so that he learned the desk chair was MINE. I’m ashamed to say, I outweigh him by well over a hundred pounds, but nearly lost the battle.

  22. Karin

    Kate, what is up with that? Even my husband has a hard time removing our cat from his chair. Well, not *the* chair, but his recliner downstairs. Are we afraid the little buggers won’t like us anymore?

  23. Gaill

    Our home is over run with EFOs (Evil Feline Overlords). We have 4 who run the program, even though we still try to pretend we are in charge. My cat, who just recently left kittendom behind, thinks the alarm going off means it is lovey time, and that makes it hard to crawl out of bed, esp when I really need some kitty lovin’! He hates it when I’m reading, and if I’m on the computer he HAS to be in my lap, it is his right, nay his domain to control at his will. I so wish I had a great cat story to share, I’ve just got a lot of “damn cat” stories. I don’t think we could function as a family without a cat around. We have not been without a cat in our house for over 20 years, and I don’t think we could survive without one. My cat joined us at Christmas last year, when our son was a surly 15 yo, and having a kitten in the house so pleased everyone that even said son was like a compliant 9yo! I told my husband we need to get a new kitten every 6 months or so!

  24. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

    We have nine cats–Cataleena Cleocatra, Tangerine, PK (Princess Kiara), CB (Cry Baby), Natalia Rose, Lianess, Cheetoh, Tolouse and no-name-who-lives-in-the-shed!
    If one of them isn’t on top of the computer, the other is. They sleep on my feet when I’m typing, they get on the back of my chair. If I want to type, they want out. If I want to type, they want in. If I go to the fridge –ok, I got alot–they all come with me and stare inside it, too.
    I wouldn’t trade any of them for anything, but sometimes it’s crazy.
    Then there’s the wolf (yes, wolf), three grown Australian shepherds, a brand new Aussie pup . . . horses and ducks, who all take a bit of time!
    It’s a wonder I’ve ever finished a ms!

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