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February 21, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments

The First Lines are now six lines and taking shape into stories. Idol had its first On Stage show last night, of which I was only able to watch part of. Reason being I was on the phone with Gf’s all afternoon and into the night. Yesterday there were a flurry of emails between myself and my agent (all very exiting). I worked on deepening the world I’m building for my Legends series. In general, my adrenaline level yesterday shot up with one email in the morning and didn’t begin to settle until around 10:30 last night. I could barely eat dinner. I finally had to take the dog for a walk to burn off some of the adrenaline.

Today promises to be busy as well. I have promo stuff to finalize with my printer. I’m getting together with my plotting partners for some serious plotting, it’s Ash Wednesday and when I get home I have some fabo soft shell crabs my mom sent overnight to cook up for everyone, and oh, yeah, I have a book to write.

Have you ever stressed over something and then realized when all is said and done you wasted some serious energy on it? That’s how I feel with the novella I have to turn in shortly. I’m using it as a prequel to my Legends series. I’ve been hell bent on presenting my World in this story, and it suddenly occurred to me yesterday, I don’t need to lay it all out. I only need to strongly hint at it, give it some form but not completely shape it. A huge load off my mind.

Okay, that was my babble for today. So, tell me, what I did miss last night on Idol? Who looks like a front runner, and who crashed and burned?



  1. LaDonna

    Hey, Karin, best of luck with the new book and novella. You inspire me! I watched Idol last night, and well got pissed. It was this thing between Ryan and Simon. It got out of hand IMO. Simon was trying to explain a remark, Ryan jumped in making an awkward moment even more so. In fact Simon told him he was feeling very uncomfortable. I think Ryan takes it too far sometimes. I love Simon’s input, actually look forward to hearing what he has to say. When Ryan jumps in, tries to be funny, I wanna smack him. LOL. My take on talent–I’m terrible at names–the backup singer, the Justin lookalike will go far. There were two that struggled with the stage presence thing. The 17 year old was one.

  2. LaDonna

    Oh forgot to say, I like the contemporary guy who also does hiphop stuff. He’s a natural. The guy with an accent. LOL. Shessh, my commentary is shy of clarity here. I know you know what I mean!

  3. Amanda

    I feel for Chris Sligh, man he has a voice! If he were buff and cute he would have already won. We are so looks conscious in this country, sometimes me included, especially with guys. I’m only human, I like to look at cute guys. LOL

  4. Cele

    Beat Box Boy rocks, he had the best preformance last night. Second was the bald Navy Guy. The rest were blasie. Simon once again was right on in his critiques, Randy was close to hitting it a few times, but Paula (god what an embarassment to womanhood.)

    I will be happy when I get the names down.

  5. Lorie Hartt

    I think the banter is a game with Ryan and Simon. I think they do it because the audience waits for it and it generates interest for the show, smart marketing ploy if you ask me.

    I’ve a contestant link saved, becuase I too suck at names.

    Last night I liked Phil, Blake, AJ and Sundance the best, performance wise, and in that order.

    I like both Chris’ and thought they did well too.

    I was disappointed in Rudy’s performance, because he has such a nice voice and he didn’t showcase it at all.

    I think Brandon, Jared and SanJaya can all sing and they played to their strengths, but if they don’t step it up they’ll only stay in because they’re cute.

    SanJaya has such potential. I think he’s shy which is effecting him, but if he stays in long enough to grow more comfy, he’ll surprise people.

    Paul bugs me. I want him to put his shoes on.

  6. spyscribbler

    Good luck with the novella! I’m glad it’s going easier!

  7. Edie Ramer

    I was at a booksigning last night, so I didn’t see AI. But I always stress over doing my taxes, and when it’s done I wonder what was the big deal. I just don’t like doing left-brained things.

  8. Gaill

    I have to say that I was really disappointed in the guys last night, but the last guy, Phil, really got to me. Oh he started shaky, and I was really expecting it to not get better, but he shocked me. Not only was he singing my most favorite ever Sarah Evans song, but when he hit the chorus it brought tears to my eyes. Right now, I’d be willing to say that if a guy wins it again this year it will be Phil. But then again, I’m looking forward to the ladies. I’m hoping they rock the world with their talent tonight.

  9. Lynette Curtis

    I agree with Simon 98% of the time. I thought the guys sucked except for the guy who usually beat boxes. What an amazing voice he had. He was the only one who stood out for me.

    Also good was the Navy guy and the guy who was the background singer.

    The rest weren’t really good.

    The girls are much better, but I haven’t been able to give it my full attention.

    I also hate the way Ryan and Randy always dis Simon, I want to smack them in the head. 🙂

  10. LaDonna

    Heh, just had to check in again tonight. The gals blew the guys outta the water tonight! LOL.

  11. Karin

    been gone all day, but it was productive. I saw the girls tonight. WOW! Lakisha has my vote in every department. What a sweetheart. Simon was grinning ear to ear.
    But some of those girls were sooo weak! Gawd I was cringing for them.

  12. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

    Didn’t watch all of AI, sorry!
    I only caught the Sundance guy, and in the auditions I thought he rocked, but I’m tone deaf! Last night I thought he was off. That’s what the judges said, too. I was shocked because I really can’t hear when someone’s bad, unless they’re dreadful enough to make the wolf (our pet) and dogs howl! hehehehe

    Wish I had words of wisdom to deal with stress, but I’m the world’s worst at managing it. I lose all focus when I’m upset. And, yeah, it usually wasn’t worth all the hoop-dee-doo I made out of it, but I can’t see that at the time.

  13. Cele

    There is a definate demarcation line in the first week of the sing offs. You are either talented and a star, or you are singing in the choir but haven’t figured it out.

    I agree Lakisha totally astounded me with her performance. She needs to learn to move on stage, but damn the girl was hot. Five or six girls really stood out, the others were choir wallpaper.

    Going this week? I think those out will be
    Girls: somebody white for certain, probably Amy Kreb and Leslie Hunt (althought Haley and Alaina were pretty bad too.)

    Guys: Sanjay Malakar and Rudy Cardenas

    It’s kind of hard to pick out of the bad.

  14. Amie

    Good luck wiht the novella!!

    The girls brought their A games–esp the black girls. and Lakisha just made me cry she was so awesome!!!!

    The guys I love the heavy guy–Chris? and Beat Box Boy 😀 but overall they didn’t wow like the ladies.

  15. Karin

    Cele, the separation was clear to me last night, and you are so right, some of those girls had no business being on that stage. Makes me wonder about the process. Out of all of the gazillions of people who showed up to audition, was what the talent pool boiled down to?
    . I can’t see the ones with true talent screwing up that much down the road.

    Thanks, Amie, getting ready to tackle the old Dana and pound out some stuff.
    I like Beat Box Boy too.

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