This city does not sleep.

Times Square is a living entity. The energy is amazing. The sites invigorating and the crowds pulsing. The scents, the textures, the sounds of it are incomparable. I will never forget Tuesday night when we turned the corner from our hotel and experienced the wow of Times Square in full neon living color. Pictures, video, paintings, nothing can adequately describe it. The food is as unique as the people. I thought I knew what authentic Italian was. Turns out I can learn a lot. Last night we went the Hilton Theater (lovely intimate setting) and saw THE PIRATE QUEEN a… Read more »

New York rocks!

I love this town. Love the people, the food, the sites, everything. Boy oh boy, do I have a few stories to tell. But before I do, an FYI flash. Ladies, FDNY, is well, let me just say they are a tourist attraction all to themselves. I told hubby, they are the glory boys in this town. The cops? meh. They get no respect from the ladies. My daughter actually stopped a fire engine yesterday on Broadway. Not that she waved them down, we were in Soho, and she looked so damn cute with her big smile, an engine stopped… Read more »

American Idol Week 6 – Top of the Pop or not, with Gwen Stefani

My guest hostess today is Cele, with the AI update!!! Thank you, Cele. So many possibilities and yet each year when they have pop week I’m surprised by the choices. This year was no different, but I guess I have to start my comments on rant. Good Lord what is it Sanjaya Malakar? The poster child of Vote For The Worst is a total clown, they chose their mark well, and for it we will continue to suffer. Singers far superior will be out of the competition while he continues on. He is a farce. A crappy singer who has… Read more »

I’m off to New York!

But before I go, I wanted to say, I watched Dancing with the Stars last night, and I have to admit, while I don’t care for Heather Mills on a personal level she did a fab job dancing the mambo. Even Billy Ray Cyrus was better. Joey Fatone and Apollo Ono are my two fave guys, and did Laila Ali not dance or what? Wow! Cele will be doing the AI recap tonight or tomorrow morning. Seeing as my daughter, mother-in-law, aunt, and I will be painting New York City red when the show airs, I won’t be able to… Read more »

The Fabulous Fifteen of Round Eleven are up!

1. Death comes to all of us in many ways. It doesn’t consider how it leaves us to the mercy of others who must view our remains. This time, death had come suddenly and without warning. The young man had been in his prime and died with a look of surprise on his face. There were still poker chips and cards set out for two other players on his table; beer bottles and ash trays covered the scarred laminate, and a bowl of potato chips were left uneaten. He sat in his chair with a .22 slug in his forehead,… Read more »
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