The guys just suck.

March 7, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

Wow, what an abysmal night.

Blake looked goofy to me tonight. But, he is versatile and I enjoyed his performance. Hubby didn’t want it to stop.
Sanjaya?- Is it me or does he look more like his sister than she does? Why am I getting flashes of Latoya/Michael? I was not impressed by his performance, which was better than last week, but in my opinion Sanjaya was the weakest of them all tonight.
Sundance? -What was up with him? Where is that voice? I did not care for his song choice at all. I liked him better last week.
Chris R-um no. He was too pitchy for me, and I didn’t care for is falsetto tonight.
Jared– he’s adorable, but he needed to break out of that song. Actually I don’t think he has the range for it.
Brandon-not enough juice, but I like this guy!
Phil?- not that good, and I didn’t care for the song choice
Chris S– last but certainly not least, by far the best performance all night but even still it wasn’t that great.

The guys suck the big one. And if I hear one more of them say they will do better next week I think it should be instant grounds for getting kicked off. What don’t they get about there is only this week?
I’m not going to bother to vote tonight, none of them deserve to be in the top 12.
How do you think the guys did tonight?



  1. Cele

    Oh mi gosh – that is exactly what I thought. Oh wait, not quite.

    I liked Blake, but God guy quit dancing – what the heck was that?
    Sanjaye was totally blah
    Sundance – well I just don’t get what everyone likes about this guy
    Chris was out of tune and dull
    Jared destroyed my favorite Stevie Wonder song. It’s all about harmony, ugh.
    Brandon, not reason to celebrate tonight
    Phil – flat and yelling
    Chris Sleigh, I didn’t like his song but I loved his strong vocals.

    I thought the judges saying 4 deserved to be in the top 12 was very generous, I’d say three if they are lucky.

  2. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

    As I mentioned before, I’m tone deaf, and they still all sucked. I’m going to find something else to do on AI nights.

  3. Karin

    D’Ann, I’m with you. Thank god though for the girls!
    Cele, i suppose with the remoal of Antonella and a couple of the other gals there is room for a few guys in the top ten, but who? Blake? Chris S and maybe Sundance?

  4. Amie Stuart

    I Missed Blake’s performance!!!!! *sob*
    I really like Brandon and Chris Sligh–Chris gets best of the night I think, and Brandon has so much potential (he can do better).
    The other Chris I actually liked but only because he DIDN’T try to sound like Keith Urban.
    I don’t get Sundance….and Jarod just doesn’t stand out for me.

  5. LaDonna

    Karin, you should be sitting next to Simon! Right on! Sanjaya, and this is no lie, looks exactly like my cousin, Holly. I swear, if he had sandy brown hair, it’d be her. LOL. She’s cute as a bug, but not a guy. And I about fell outta my chair at the hula clip. All I could see was my cousin. hehe.

    I feel as if I’m in the Twilight Zone on AI night. I mean, none of the sparkling talent we saw survived. The judges will either hit the bottle, or zone out for the rest of the season. Thank God for gal-power, though!

  6. Karin

    Amie, I cannot wait for the ladies tonight! They will wash that bad taste of last night out of my mouth. 🙂

    LaDonna, I wasn’t going to mention the hula hoop…

  7. Karin

    D’Ann I love Sundance. lol I almost wrote I love Sunshine. He just hasn’t imho hit his potential. I really enjoyed him last week. This week? meh

  8. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

    How come none of you like Sundance?
    Of the pitiful guys, he’s my fave.

  9. Karin

    I hear you, D’Ann. I want to see him hit his stride and then run with it. He’s a good guy.

  10. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

    I loved him in the tryouts.
    He really rocked, but I haven’t seen him live up to his potential.
    I hope he hits his stride soon…before it’s too late.
    I want to scream at the screen, “c’mon, dudes, this is IT!”

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