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March 8, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 8 comments

Wow what a difference a night makes. While the gals rocked, most of them have had better performances.

Before I go any further I have to say, Paula really got on my nerves tonight. Some of the stuff she says…

Ok, so let us begin with Jordin– Pat Benatar is tough to top. I thought Jordin’s voice held up fairly decently, and she is too cute.

Sabrina-at first she was shrieky, and she lost the high notes. I wasn’t thrilled with the song choice. She’ll be back but it wasn’t her best performance.

Unfortunately Antonella will be back next week! Argh. She was the worst tonight but that was her best performance to date. Gawd, I hope the public dumps her. She does not get it! She refuses to listen to the judges. I had a crit partner like this once. She would not listen to anything any of her CP’s had to say. She kept writing the same exact stuff every single story. Not sure what happened to her…

Haley– she’s so pretty and sweet and so…well, pretty and sweet. Her performance wasn’t great. She doesn’t appear to have a very wide range. And Simon was 100% correct. He didn’t know her name because she doesn’t stand out. As Randy said, “No, yo.”

Stephanie– I totally disagree with Randy. I thought Steph did a wonderful job tonight.

LaKisha– Whitney who? Boy did LaKisha nail that song. Simon is seeing $ signs.

Gina-Again, I disagree with all of the judges. I did not care for the performance. I really liked the outfit though. And her hair. And her energy. And her smile. But if she were voted off this week I wouldn’t care. How weird is that?

Melinda-well her backup days are history. Wow! And I loved Simon’s comments. 🙂

All in all I think we are all agreed, the girls outsang the guys. Predictions on the four who go?



  1. Cele

    The Girls so out sing the boys each and every week. I think the equal ratio is so unfair this year. At least two guys that stink will make the final twelve.

    Whitney who? Karin so very true a statement.

    Going this week….
    Guys … Sanjaye & Jared (I will never forgive him for destroying that song.)

    Girls … Haley & Antonella (I hear Girls Gone Wild is looking for her as a celebrity spokesperson.)

    And a comment to Jennifer Hudson. Girlfriend I loved you from day one, you were robbed on Idol, that is what happens when Simon pisses off the whole state of Hawaii twice. But get over it and thank Idol for what you have today. Damn that girl is talented and should have been Idol over Fantasia – highway robbery.

  2. Amie

    I think Haley and Antonella are going too. Their time has come.

  3. Karin

    Cele, are you serious about Girls Gone Wild? The year Jennifer Hudson was on AI was the one year I didn’t watch. I was never impressed by Fantasia though. However, when she performed a few weeks ago, I thought she sounded great.

    Amie, Cele, I hope you are right about Antonella. I don’t think I can take another week of her.

  4. Amie Stuart

    Karin I think Simon’s right–Haley is just unmemorable! And Antonella–I’d fall out if she made it bec. again Simon’s right–she’s so outclassed!

  5. Liz Lipperman

    I thought Melinda rocked the house. And I also loved Simon’s response calling her a little tiger. She’s so unassuming. Remember the little mynx from last season? The little mynx who couldn’t say salmon right and now has double “D”s?

    I read somewhere there is a website that picks the weakest voices and then encourages everyone to vote for those people. That would explain last week’s results.

    My predictions to go this week are Sanje (sp?) and Jared
    and Gina and Hailey. I think Antoinella will skate again this week. Can LaKeisha get any better?

  6. Karin

    you talkin’ about sweet lil’ Kelli Pickler? Loved her last year and still love her, double D’s an’ all. I heard about that web site too, Liz, very disconcerting.

    and in answer to your last question, no, I don’t think it’s possible. Although Melinda sure gave her a run for her money last night. Her’s was my fave performance.

  7. Cele

    I have to say Karin you have really gotten me into the spirit of this and I began blogging about AI each week, with some thoughts on AI past.

    For those ruminating where they are today and how bad or good America did consider this. Daughtry released their self titled debut in November and was this week certified double platinum by the RIAA (2 million copies shipped.) The Album is a top the Billboard 200 (album charts) for the second time. Their song It’s Not Over is in it’s third week at number one on the Hot Adult Contemporary Charts. (I watch four charts in my job)

    Kellie Pickler’s debut effort has recieved gold certification (500,000 copies shipped.)

    Can we now ask… Taylor Hicks, who? Katherine McPhee, who?

    2006 Idolers sitting in the first 100 of Billboard’s Album Charts
    #1 Chris Daughtry’s Daughtry
    #66 Kellie Pickler
    (last week Katherine McPhee had been number 99)

    at #15 is Carrie Underwood from 2005

    Carrie Underwood’s debut effort, released in late November 2005, Some Hearts has been on the Billboard 200 for sixty two weeks, and has been certified multi platinum FIVE TIMES OVER. The girl is unbelievable (although I’ve heard comment that she needs an attitude check, I’ve not seen that.)

  8. Karin

    Wow, Cele thems is some stats!

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