Oh. My. God!!!!!

March 9, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 31 comments

First of all, I want to congratulate LaDonna. Why you ask? Apparently we have lurkers amongst us, agent type lurkers, and LaDonna’s most awesome lines have intrigued an agent. Not any ol’ agent but an agent who is with an established, very reputable agency, and who is making sales!

LaDonna, as I told you earlier today, I am raising my very yummy glass of cab in toast to your good news. Here’s to the requesting agent loving your work, signing you, and selling you, all before national!!!! Cheers!!

Now, for the other oh my gods tonight. Can you effing believe Sanjaya is still standing? And Haley? Who are these people who are voting for those two? I cannot believe Sundance and Sabrina are gone!

Here’s the thing. If those two are back for another week after Diana Ross gets a hold of them (well Sanjaya just might be) I’m done with AI. Why? Because it’s obvious the votes are somehow being fixed. Not on AI’s part but out there, by someones, somewhere. I refuse to watch a fixed bout.

Okay, now that I have that off my chest have I mentioned how excited I am for LaDonna? I think I’m as excited as she is. This is what the contest is about. Opening doors. Yay!

Okay, I must go write. REDEMPTION is coming along quite nicely.

Nite all, and congrats again, LaDonna!!!

Sweet dreams…


Oh, and ps, just incase any of you haven’t heard, Anna Genoese will no longer be editing over at Tor. She’s stepping down but keeping the door open on a consulting basis. She has a fab new job lined up. I hope it works out for her.
Good luck, Anna!


  1. Cele

    first off, LaDonna congrats, isn’t nice what a contest can do for you…even if it’s off the cuff.

    Now I am totally blown away. Haley over Sabrina? Yawni over Sundance? Those guys over at Vote for the Worst http://www.votefortheworst.com/ suck.

  2. Patricia Detta

    That’s absolutely fantastic. Congratulations LaDonna.

    Re AI the voting was dismal although I don’t know if I can stop watching because of it. I think I’m hooked, bad votes and all.

  3. LaDonna

    Thanks everyone! I’ve very excited about this news. And thanks, Karin, for posting this cool congrats too.

    Tonight on A1, let’s just say it doesn’t look good. I’m not crazy about watching a fixed show either. There’s no way those mentioned made it on voice. Do you think they felt bad and were shocked? Or am I dreaming?

  4. Karin

    Cele I went to the site, and it pisses me off. It apparently is having an impact on the weekly numbers. How unfortunate.

    Patricia, not sure how much more I can take of the crappy singers staying on. I had to leave the room tonight when Antonella sang her farewell song. I was prepared to do the same when Haley got booted off. I was ripped off! Not even going near the Sanjaya thing.

    LaDonna, once again congrats. And please keep us all informed of your progress with the agent.

  5. Sharon

    LaDonna, HUGE congrats. Please keep us posted!

    As for AI, well I had to work last night so I had my husband call me with the results. He grumbles every time he has to watch it, but even HE was astounded Sundance was kicked off. Say it isn’t so!!!!!!!

  6. Edie Ramer

    I’m rally excited about LaDonna. Go, LaDonna, go!

    I’m not watching AI, but I did catch Sundance singing once and thought he was good. As Jennifer Hudson and some others have proved, there’s life after AI for people with talent. So there’s hope we’ll hear Sundance on the radio yet. 🙂

  7. Cheryel Hutton

    Congrats, LaDonna, and good luck! That really is a great beginning you have there.

  8. Amanda

    LaDonna, congratulations. All the best of luck to you!! Enjoy the excitement.

    AI: What is America thinking? Take those cell phones away from 14 y.o. girls, Sanjaya is not cute enough to skate by and take Sundance’s chance away from him. 🙁

  9. LaDonna

    Thanks again for all the well wishes! Going through Karin’s contest really pulls everyone together. We’re in this together!!!! Man, the competition is tough. 🙂 I’m lucky to be in such grand company!

  10. D'Ann Linscott-Dunham

    Way to go, LaDonna!
    Yahoo for you!

  11. J. Carson Black

    Congratulations, LaDonna! Looks like AI doesn’t have an exclusive on talent scouts. Soak it up and enjoy it for all it’s worth.

  12. Sandra Barkevich

    OMG! LaDonna! That is fantastic news. Congratulartions. And well deserved, too. I’m doin’ a little dance for you. *bg*

    Sandy 🙂
    Sandra Barkevich – Romance Author
    *March 31, 2007 at Sandra’s Goings On – Guest Blogger, Anna Campbell – Claiming the Courtesan

  13. Lorie Hartt

    Excellent news LaDonna, I’m very pleased for you. I also really liked your entry, you were one of the writers who worried me most. 😉

  14. Lynne

    When I first read this particular story of LaDonna’s nearly three years ago, I knew it was something special. She’d posted the first few chapters to an RWA chapter’s online crit group, and it was so engaging and so different from anything else I’d read on the loop that I emailed her off-list to squee about it to keep from pissing off the other members. 🙂

    Thanks for running this contest, Karin, and congratulations, LaDonna!

  15. Elisabeth

    Wooohooooo!!! Way to go, LaDonna! I’m so super psyched for you!

    You’re doing a great thing with the contest, Karin. I hear people talking about it(reading people writing about it?) all over the web. Very cool stuff. 🙂

  16. Theresa


    LaDonna, this is so cool.

    Wow, huge congratulations. Keeping my fingers crossed that this partial requests leads to an offer of representation followed by a quick first sale. Couldn’t happen to a kinder, more talented blogger buddy. 😀

  17. Mommie

    Hey sweetie,

    I want to thank you and our sweet Mary, for getting me hooked on AI. Now just for the fun of it, what the HELL is going on with the viewing public?? Am I just to far out of it as an old timer??, or does something “stink” in where in the world are these callers coming from??

    On to something really neat.

    I received an email from my friend Rhoda today and I would like to share with you a very pleasant thing that “Barnes & Nobles” did.

    They contacted Rhoda to let her know that “SKIN”, will be available in April. She say’s, that since she purchased your book there, they must have her on thier list. YOu must be very proud of her. She is becomung very famous! (Rhoda said)

    I’m out of here for now, will catch up with you later.


    Your Mommie

  18. raine

    Just HAD to pop in to say congratulations to LaDonna!
    Way to go! Wooooo!!! 🙂

  19. Judy Soifer


    I just heard. I’m so happy for you. This is what Karin’s contest was is all about. Kudus to you. Let us know what happens.

    I wish the best. Here to a publishing contract coming soon!


  20. LaDonna

    Wow, everyone is so great! I check in regularly, and am so delighted everyone is pulling for me. This is a tough, competitive business, and having wonderful friends cheering me on…well, it’s amazing. Big hugs to all of you. And I’m sending positive vibes your way as well. Good luck to all of you! I’ll keep you posted.

  21. LaDonna

    This is to Karin, you know how I feel! You’ve inspired me, and when my times come I’m giving back too!

  22. LaDonna

    Ah, I meant when my time comes! LOL. Glad that wasn’t a line in the contest.

  23. Stacey Netzel

    Awesome news, LaDonna! Best of luck with the request.

  24. Amie Stuart

    LaDonna congrats!!!

    Karin RE AI I’m still shaking my head! 🙁
    I mean the guys were such a crapshoot but HALEY? WTH?

  25. Rachel

    LaDonna – that is so fabulous!! Fingers and toes crossed for you.


  26. Marion Gillespie

    LaDonna, I just read your news! OMG!! You must be over the moon. I’m so excited to see something good happen to someone so talented! Way to go and please keep us posted. Marion

  27. Tracey

    OMG – WOW. LaDonna, you go Girl. So very pleased to hear it. I’m sorry I didn’t congratulate sooner – but have been away from the computer. Fingers crossed

  28. Vonda Sinclair

    CONGRATULATIONS, LaDonna!!!! How fantastic is that!!! Best wishes!!

  29. Mary Marvella

    A winner already and the contest is still going. Super news, LaDonna.

  30. LaDonna

    Just wanted to keep y’all posted. I got the partial out pronto…can we say, same weekend as request? lol. I’ll let ya know as I go!

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