So, were y’all as bored tonight as I was?

March 14, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 15 comments

Wow, I found myself wandering around the house and gasp, doing laundry, I was so not interested in most of the performances tonight.

When I sit down with pen and paper at the beginning of each show, I jot notes as each AI contestant gets up and does their thang. I always write my gut reaction first, then if I feel like it, I’ll mention what a judge has to say. The reason I’m telling y’all this is because I have, much to my surprise, developed quite and ear. I’m seeing and hearing the same things the judges are and am saying it out loud to my husband before the judges give commentary.

I think some of my ear has to do with the fact I’m a writer who is constantly evolving. I understand what the judges are saying. I understand what the contestants are feeling, how badly they want to succeed, to break out and standout. To be the next American Idol. I want to be a New York Times best selling author. To achieve that, I must have an ear for what works.

Now onto the show. I was really hoping Diva Diana would give these kids something really poignant to chew on. She didn’t. Oh, well.

Oh, oh, wait! How funny was it when Ryan and Simon were joking and Simon told Ryan to come out of the closet? LOL and Ryan took it like a trooper. Do you think he’s gay? I’m really not sure. I’m also sure I don’t care, but I find him rather fascinating in an odd way.

Ok, on to the show!

Brandon: Can’t Hurry Love. Hmm he needed to hurry up and make his voice heard! His voice seemed to get lost in the music. Forgetting his lines didn’t help. Oh yeah, and like Simon said, the dancing was horrible. I give him a thumbs down.

Melinda: I didn’t catch the title of her song, but all I can say is as I listened to her I wondered if there was a song she could screw up. I really liked her shoes. After the performance I could have sworn I saw Paula crying! OMG! She was!

Chris Sleigh: Endless Love. Could be his end. Let’s see, no glasses, coiffed curls and a shaky voice. The performance lacked passion to me. If he gets voted off the island I won’t be surprised. Thumbs down.

Gina: Love Child. Okay, if I haven’t mentioned it before, there is something about this girl that rubs me the wrong way. She gets on my nerves. So maybe I am a bit bias in my comments. However, tonight I made a point of just closing my eyes and listening to her song. I thought she did a good job. There were some pitchy screamy moments but over all I enjoyed her energy. I thought she did better than what Simon said. Thumbs up.

Sanjaya: Ewww! His hair! And his song? Ain’t No Mountain High Enough? He’s right, there ain’t no mountain high enough to squash his whimpy voice! Okay, that was mean. And you know what? I bet he is a really sweet guy. In fact I’ll lay money down he is, but I swear, if he is not voted off the island tomorrow night, I. WILL. NOT. watch another episode of AI this year! Thumbs and toes down!

Haley: Missing You. Frankly, it wasn’t very strong. BUT! I think it was her best performance yet—she really needs to project herself, throw herself out there, belt it out. She has the voice. Let loose for crying out loud. Um, and don’t forget the words. I loved what Simon said afterwards. We’ll all remember who Haley is now. I thought she was adorable afterwards. She totally redeemed herself in my eyes. I’m going to vote for her tonight.

Phil: I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. Okay, I don’t mind a guy who shaves his head, but, um Phil’s head looked kind of, well, pornographic to me tonight. As far as his performance tonight, I think it was his best yet. I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t think he had it in him. Good job and a thumbs up.

LaKisha: God Bless the Child. And she should thank God for the blessing of that voice. You know what it is I love about her? She is not afraid to use her voice.
I loved the dress, didn’t care for the color, and would have used a mike stand. 😉

Blake: You Keep Me Hanging On. I love this song. Hated what Phil did to it. I like the song moody and deep, less hip. I found Phil’s performance boring. He needs to stop messing with the arrangement and mess with his voice. That said, although I found his performance meh, his voice was clear and consistent. One thumb up the other down.

Stephanie: Sweetest Hangover. She has so much style. I thought she sang really well. The performance though was a little boring. Thumbs up.

Chris R: I forgot the song, and I thought his voice was weak and shaky. No bueno. Thumbs down. 🙁

Jordin: If We Hold on Together. She looked great and I thought she sang really well, except for a few of those screechy parts, but again, nothing spectacular. One up, one down.

So, how do you think everyone did? And While it’s a given Sanjaya should be voted off, who do you think actually will be voted off?



  1. J. Carson Black

    I haven’t watched American Idol. But yesterday I did. Because I’m interested in what separates the best from the good. Like you, Karin, I see that there are lessons to be learned here.

    One thing I learned: you can’t beat great talent. Melinda and LaKisha have it in spades. LaKisha’s voice is so earth-shatteringly rich and beautiful it’s hard to think beyond it. She is already a diva. But Melinda, who also has a fabulous voice, has “it”, in a different way. Passion. Pure belief in what she’s singing. Both of them gave me goosebumps, but Melinda gave me more of them.

    They are stars. That’s it. Game over. Whoever wins, these two have everything it takes to have a career.

    Now there’s one who is almost there. Stephanie. She has the voice. She’s close. She’s got all the tools to move up.

    The others—some are nice. I haven’t followed them so I don’t know who has improved and who is really catching on, because I can’t look beyond the Top Two and Stephanie. The men? Puleeze.

    I was amazed at the two men in particular who felt that they knew more than the songwriters. They wanted to “put their own stamp on it”. It was self-conscious (maybe they didn’t like being caught singing a woman’s song) and arrogant at the same time. The plump fuzzy-haired guy – what’s up with that? And the pretty boy with the hair who’s probably going to be knocked off tonight, the sweet guy—people don’t really know what they’re projecting.

    So many lessons for a writer here. We are all self-deluded at one point or another, but we have to shock ourselves out of that. We have to see what’s really going on, and how to use our particular instrument to the best of its ability.

    BTW – I’m learning so much from your contest. I can’t believe the incredible quality of these openings. You’re going to be responsible for the next wave of writers. Not just one or two, but, gosh, probably twenty or so.

    No delusions here!

  2. Jerri

    My 10-year-old loves Sanjaya, and votes for him like 20 times. I tried to explain to her it’s a singing competition..she doesn’t care. That’s why he’s still on the island–10-year-old girls.

    I thought Phil sounded great last night. My personal favorites are Chris R and Blake.

  3. Kristin

    Just found your blog and had to comment.

    Brandon – was terrible, boring, no emotion in his eyes, no connection to the words or song
    Melinda – Holy Cow! How can she make this boring song sound so fabulous? I love her…but I’m worried she dresses and sings to old for the main AI demographic to win. She needs to dress younger, pick younger-sounding songs to really make it. I would buy her album tomorrow, if she had one
    Chris S. – I actually liked his version of “Endless Love.” The original is too drippy and 80s adult contemporary schlock for my tastes. I was glad to hear him try to do something different with it. The glasses need to go back on. It gave some interest to his chubby face. Like his voice, not his look right now.
    Gina – I actually really liked her…except for the yelling stuff on the high notes.
    Sanjaya – put the boy out of his misery. hair looked better and more masculine this week with the tighter curls…but still…so quiet, meek, baby-faced. Dear me.
    Haley – much better this week, but still not good enough to win or go very far. Weird dress with strange band across the bottom. what was that about?
    Phil – grow some hair, my man! you are scaring me. singing was good, except for the tendency he has to shout the high stuff.
    LaKisha – needs to work on diction. she has a tendency to slide into an accent (however you want to call it) when she sings…cutting off the ends of words, not enunciating enough. But her voice is fab.
    Blake – he sounded like a mid-80s singer (dressed like one, too). what was with his funky arrangement? i didn’t get it.
    Stephanie – I hate to say this, but she was DULL. Bad song choice.
    Chris R. – he’s a doll, but his singing was weak this time around.
    Jordin – bad song choice, not all that great to me. not sure what Simon heard, b/c he seemed to like her performance. But she’s young, so she was pretty darn good for 17…unlike the OTHER 17-year-old in the competition!

  4. Jill Monroe

    I had to call my neighbor to laugh about that Simon/Ryan gay exchange.

    I think the judges seem more critical this year, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. I think they’re giving some good advice. There does seem to be a move toward shouting. And some of those arrangements last night were terrible, although I do love Chris Sleigh.

    I’ve thought Sanjaya has needed to go for a while now.

    I will never be able to look at Phil’s head the same way after this!

  5. Karin

    Jake, you nailed it! This competition to me is so much more about singing.

    Jerri, too funny about your daughter. sigh, I remember writing ten letters a day to Davey Jones.

    Kristin, glad you found us. And I see you are paying attention. 😉 I decided this am despite the general lackluster talent with the exception of a few shining stars, I can’t not watch. There is just so much to learn.

    Jill, as to the Simon/Ryan exchange, I was glad to see Ryan didn’t get all defensive. He was good. And the judges seemed in a really good mood last night. The energy was good.

  6. Cele

    I haven’t blogged about last night’s performances, but most of your insights and thoughts are much like mine. What I will write about is this. As a contestant each week they are urged to make a song their’s, put their stamp on it, to shine. While I didn’t like either Chris’ or Blake’s takes on their songs, I get them props for the effort and attempts.

    I had several thoughts about Diana Ross. When I was in my tweens and early teens I thought she rocked. And then I realised she had clay feet. Last night I thought she gave terrible advice. She basically made them fear making a song their own. To not drop any words, and enunciate each word doesn’t work for everyone.

    There wasn’t a guy that did there job last night. Melinda, Lakisha, Gina, and Jordin were very likeable although I will agree with the yelling comment about Gina.

    Something that most singers in this competition fail to get at the beginning of each cycle of American Idol is that 1) the judges do know what they are talking about, and 2) they don’t understand or feel their songs. Endless Love is a song that sucks, and Missing You? come on that is a heart felt song that should be sung with tears and emotion.

    God, people please vote out Sanjaya and put us out of his misery.

  7. J. Carson Black

    Cele – Or put him out of *our* misery! 😉

  8. Edie Ramer

    I agree with all the comments. This is the first time I watched AI all the way through this season, and it might be the last. Boring.

  9. Amanda

    I enjoyed when I voiced an opinion and two seconds later Simon backed me up. I must be developing an “ear” too. LOL Although I disagreed with the judges about Blake, I liked what he did with the song to give it his own flavor. Maybe he can give Brandon a shot of personality. LOL

  10. LaDonna

    I love Simon! I watch AI for his right-on comments. And, I think I’m developing an ear here myself. If Sanjaya stays, I’ll be so disappointed. It’s a talent competition. He shouldn’t be there. A female will win this year again, I think. The guys haven’t been consistent. I love Blake, and the buzz-cut guy, but last night they didn’t bring it IMO. I’m watching this year thinking I’m in an alternate reality or something. If it stays this bad, will Simon come back again? Is public voting going to ruin AI, ya think?

  11. Karin

    I almost don’t want to watch tonight!!

  12. Amie Stuart

    I hate to say this but I think Brandon is out–or Hailey. I felt really bad for her but damn, sit up straight woman! I was pleasantly surprised with Phil’s performance too and I still like Gina (I think she brings something different to the table for the women). I so don’t like Diana Ross so I’m taping tonight so I can fast forward through her singing.

    The Ryan/Simon/gay exchange was a RIOT!

    Something that bugged me (that someone commented on on another blog) was that the judges tell the contestants to put their own spin on things then diss them when they do! I don’t get it. Ok off to watch.

  13. LaDonna

    Good golly! Sanjaya is still standing!!! Karin, are you okay? lol. Did you fall off the sofa like I did? We’re being invaded by little girls who have cell phones!!!! How long can he last???

  14. Karin


  15. Donna Caubarreaux

    Sanjaya is there for the teeny-boppers…so he might last another few weeks. His hair did look better, and sort of out of his eyes.

    Gina is another one that needs a barrette.

    LaKisha and Melinda will be the top winners. Both deserve to win…they each have humility, which is refreshing.

    Phil sung his best, and the bald look on him does look rather grotesque.

    I like Blake, he’s different. His mouth moves strangely, as though he has no lips. But he can sing.

    What some of the contestants don’t get is it is AMERICAN IDOL…don’t be too weird, you’ll get voted off.

    And what’s with the ugly clothes. LaKisha’s dress was the wrong color, and as a ‘big’ girl, she shouldn’t be showing her arms. Melinda looked like she was ‘stuffed’ in her dress.

    Where’s the style?

    What really got me was that Diana Ross’s voice wasn’t that good when she sang on Thursday. It made me wonder more when I found out that she’s coming to our small town casino to perform…hello! Are times getting tough for her?

    That’s my quarter…and I will be watching Dancing With the Stars. I was a dancer, modern jazz, in my youth, so I like the dancing shows. Mario Lopez was robbed last year, but it might have been because he cheated on his fiance the night before his wedding…people don’t forget.

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