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Here’s the thing. Brandon deserved to get booted off the island early. But before Hairdo-boy? No way. And Sundance got ripped off last week. Sigh. I am at a loss. I think I’ll start Watching Dancing with the Stars Monday night. Who’s with me? I’ll make a prediction. Paul McCarthney’s ex will get the boot first. I think most Americans dislike her as much as her British counterparts. I actually would like see to Apollo Ono take to the floor. Okay, I just talked myself into Dancing with the Stars. Hubby is gonna have a cow.



  1. Mary

    So does this mean we have lost you on A.I.?

    I love reading your critics. Although I do think Brian sucked more than hairdo boy (he forgot the words) cardinal sin!!


  2. Amie Stuart

    At least Sanjaya was in the bottom two!!!!! 😀 I totally think Hailey got the pitty vote. Overall I’m just disgusted with tv–what’s up with all the repeats?

  3. Cele

    I had read before the show started on the west coast that it was Brandon and became a little bummed. Well then not, when I realized Brandon did deserve it, and at least Sanjaya was in the bottom three, we can hope for next week. I agree Sundance was ripped off.

  4. Cele

    Ooooo, oooh, oh And didn’t Diana Ross suck?

  5. Karin

    Mar, I do agree, Brandon needed to hit the road. I’m still stinging though over the fact He-who-has-more-hairs-styles-than-a-woman made it to the top twelve. *IF* I don’t have plans on Tuesday night and *IF* the television just happens to be on the Fox Channel, and *IF* I’m not say, writing, I *MIGHT* catch part of the show.

  6. Karin

    Amie, Haley did get the pity vote, and I had planned on giving her mine but forgot to vote!
    Which brings me to that topic. How many of you have actually voted this year?
    I haven’t not once. I guess maybe because there is such distinction between them that have true talent and those who don’t.

    Now, if there was a number to call to vote mop top off, I woudl call that number.

    Okay okay, I’m being too hard on the kid. I just want him out asap so he doesn’t rip someone more deserving off of an extra week.

  7. Karin

    Cele, I was frankly surprised at her lucidity. Why did I have this feeling she was going to be all Anna Nicole and slur her words?
    As soon as she stepped out, I said to hubby, “Looks like vintage Bob Mackey.” Now does that date me or what?

  8. Amie Stuart

    I fast forwarded through her but chatter has it she was a bit Anna Nicole…..
    Karin I hear you and I”m thinking there’s some big conspiracy forcing us to watch by not having anything but repeats on 🙁

  9. Karin

    Amie, I vote we start our own network.

  10. Mommie

    Soo, Mommie is looking at the next “Michael Jackson”, as some of the little girls may think, the young voice, the big smile and the huge hair of yesterday. Problem: No movements, no charisma (sp) and no dancing and lower extrimities that is giving the young babies a thrill..Can we now hope that all is well with the teenyboppers??, I must say..that I am soo glad that I and my better half is now in the golden years of our life and not raising another one of todays future “what ever” to led us into our forever after.. My baby cake, Karin would never let this happen. Right “Kars”.

    Love yah baby,

    your mommie

  11. Edie Ramer

    I watched last night because I’m in between writing books right now and like you all said, there was nothing else on. I felt embarrassed for Diana Ross. It’s sad when they sing so bad.

  12. Dulcie Sorenson

    Wait wait wait! I’ve never watched any of these shows (yeah, I live a sheltered life) but did you just say Paul McCartney’s ex is doing Dancing with the Stars? Doesn’t she have fake legs? That’s just…weird.

  13. Karin

    Dulcie, Heather Mills (is that her name?) was hit by a car several years ago and had part of one of her legs amputated. Competing will be a definite challenge, but I think it will be the public’s general dislike for her that will get her booted off. Not her dancing. Quite frankyl I think she is very brave, but…I still don’t care for her.

  14. Amie Stuart

    Karin I’m in! No repeats EVAH! 😀

  15. Cele

    I’m late again. Karin aren’t you glad it was vintage Carol Burnett Bob Mackey and not vintage Cher Bob Mackey?

  16. Karin

    Cele, YES!

  17. Amie Stuart

    I definitely think i’m going to have to skip this week’s british invasion 🙁

  18. Karin

    Amie, too funny. Even though I have a book I have to finish up before I leave for NY next week, I think I will have to at least have the show on…
    I have a feeling some of those performances are gonna be complete train wrecks. And shame on me, but I wanna rubber neck.

  19. Judy Soifer

    I can’t help myself. I going watch both shows. And any woman that would leave Paul McCartney is an idiot.

  20. LaDonna

    Karin, your mommie is a hoot! I bet your holidays could be televised. hehe

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