AI and the British invasion!

March 21, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 29 comments

I thoroughly enjoyed this evening’s performances (well except for two) Lulu was a doll. She really took her mentoring job seriously. Peter was a treat as well. Loved their energy. I also give props to that band. The music tonight was pure music to my ears. 🙂

So let us begin with Haley: She looked outstanding—what a pair of legs! I am sooo jealous. I still think she needs to break out more—but wow—her best performance to date. Randy was right on. Perfect song choice and he agreed with me, this was her best performance. I love Simon and the way he says naughty. I want him to call me naughty. Hmm, maybe if he reads one of my books…

Chris R: Before he sang I had a feeling he was going to come off lame. For the first time since the competition began, I think we actually got to hear the real Chris’ voice. I loved the guitar and the backup music. Of all of Chris’ performances this was the best. I was happy to see Randy and Simon both agreed.

Stephanie: Loved the song choice; You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me—the band rocked. Steph seemed nervous to me when she began to sing. I kept waiting for her vocals to pick up. Hmmm, not the performance I had hoped for. The audience seemed to give lackluster applause. Randy was spot on, Paula was a ding dong, and Simon was spot on as well. Steph needs to go back to what she is passionate about.

Blake: Okay, as I watched Blake with Peter I kept thinking, knock off the damn beat boxing and just sing the song! I almost got up to pee, because I was sure he would ruin the song. But the music stopped me. Then his voice sat me back down. I thought the song choice was perfect. I really really really enjoyed the song and his performance. Total Yo factor!

LaKisha: Diamonds are Forever. The way she sang it made me think of a James Bond movie. Oh, wait a minute…:) There is no question, LaKisha has a set of pipes and can sing anything and sing it well. But, I didn’t connect this song with her. She should have listened to Lulu and sang the other song. I was glad to see Randy agreed with me. Paula is a dope and Simon was also right on. I guess sometimes newbies should listen to the pros?

Phil: Ugh. I was not looking forward to his performance and I was not disappointed. As I was listening and watching I kept thinking, the judges are gonna tear him up. So I was surprised Randy and even Paula liked it. Of course Simon, a judge after my own heart, nailed it. Phil needs more grit. But here’s the thing. It’s not in him. It isn’t who he is. If he goes this week instead of Sanjaya (who I have not seen as of writing these notes), I will not be upset.

Jordin: Loved how Lulu worked with her. Loved the song. Loved how she looked. Loved the band and loved Jordin’s performance. Best yet!

Sanjaya: O. M.G.!!!!!! I take it back. This kid has gotta go! I couldn’t bear to watch him. Would someone please put him out of his misery? Please!! No please put US out of our misery. When the camera panned to that little girl in the audience crying, I cried. We have not seen the last of Sanjaya. Ok, taking a big cleansing breath here. That was the most horrible performance I have seen in all the years I have watched AI.

Gina: Paint it Black. I wasn’t buying what she was selling. Then Paula’s digs to Simon just make it worse. She really looks dumb when she does that crap. The digs are so childish. If she’s gonna dig, make it grown up play. Sheesh.

Chris S: She’s Not There. Love the song. I enjoyed his performance. He did a good job.

Melinda: The torch song kind of threw a wringer into the energy of the night. I’m not saying it was bad—I don’t think Melinda is capable of a bad performance. I mean Melinda is an old soul with oodles of talent. That said, I don’t disagree with the judges.

So, my two fave performance tonight were Jordin and Blake. I predict Phil, Stephanie and please, god please, Sanjaya will be in the bottom three. I also predict Sanjya will not get voted off. Grrrrrrr.

Oh, oh, and I did catch the last 30 minutes of Dancing with the Stars last night. Apollo Ono is a doll. Heater Mills has the personality of an old maid. And even though I cannot stand her, I did not want to see her screw up. Frankly, I was amazed she did as well as she did, considering the extent of her disability. I had no idea it was so difficult to maneuver even the simplest of actions, like walking. She sure does set the example of what you can do if you put your mind to it. So kudos Heather. Now, please next week put your mind to finding a dress less horrible then the one you wore this week.

So thoughts on AI and DWS? Who are your bottom three? Who did you love? I won’t ask who y’all didn’t love. I think we are all on the same page there. Rolling eyes…



  1. Edie Ramer

    I absolutely LOVED Melinda. Otherwise my comments were pretty much in line with yours. Oh, and I thought Sanjaya actually did a good job on this one, a combination of singing and talking. Even though I admired LaKisha, I was bored when she sang that song. And I thought Lulu was great and Peter was almost as good as she was. Those two had a lot of good energy.

  2. J. Carson Black

    I’m not used to watching AI so I turned it on just as they were talking to Blake. I caught a little bit of what he’d done and was impressed.

    Since I came in halfway through, I only heard a little of Jordin as they replayed it, but what I heard was CHOICE. And she sold it. I didn’t see her last time so I didn’t know how good she is. I’m a newbie at this!

    The star is Melinda. She has the whole package.

    LaKisha, jeeze, what a voice! She could be an operatic soprano or mezzo (depending). I was bothered though by the drop in register into her chest voice; it sounded like she was fashioning it too much, manufacturing the sexiness, holding on to the consonants. It just shook me out of the moment, when nothing shook me out of Melinda’s performance–I was there every step of the way.

    I’m sorry I missed Blake.

    I, too, think the bald guy has a good voice but it doesn’t come through all the way, and he couldn’t sell it.

    Don’t kick me, but I actually agreed with the judges regarding Sanjaya. I think the English guy (can’t remember who he was) really inspired S. and gave him the enthusiasm and confidence to sell that song. He had a whole look and it all seemed integrated, but this was an instance of a person performing better than he actually is.

    Chris did a great job. One of my favorite performances. His looks are going to hurt him, though. Re. career.

    Stephanie did sound scared. Having had stage fright, I know it when I see it. She was off pitch and off-center. I only saw the replay of her, but what I saw was disconcerting.

    Gina – I love the girl’s look, but her instrument doesn’t come out. She doesn’t have the set of pipes, and she was also off. It’s funny, sometimes when a singer screams, you can’t hear them as well.

    The night once again belonged to Melinda. She cannot put a foot wrong. LaKisha’s instrument is gorgeous and big, but you are right, Karin, she has stylistic problems. She may be just a wee bit too in love with her own voice.

    Jordin’s my second choice. I wish I could have seen Blake.

    Shoot, I never thought I’d get into this, but you’re right, Karin, it’s important for us creative types to look for excellence. To see when good is not good enough. To see how someone can put it all together.

    Talent isn’t everything. And a large part of your instrument is your own good self. It’s all bundled up together.

  3. Amie Stuart

    Hey Karin no review of JOrdin….Jake I have to disagree, Jordin gets the prize from me for last night–she totally SOLD IT 😀 Melinda was great but not GREAT, she didn’t sell it to me, neither did Lakisha.

    Blake and Chris R were my guys. I think we’ve seen the last of Phil (or Gina 🙁 ).

    I nearly wet myself laughing at the comment Simon made after Sanjaya sang about the little girl’s face saying it all. 😀

  4. Amanda

    I think for once Sanjaya pulled it off. There was something different in his voice last night, like it cracked this week and he found his big boy voice. 🙂 Jordin rocks. I can not believe she is only 17. Phil and Gina should be in the bottom, but not sure who should join them, hoping Chris R.

  5. Karin

    Amie it was late when I posted. I looked back over my notes and posted Jordin.

  6. Karin

    I am amazed at those who actually enjoyed Sanjaya. Just goes to show, different strokes for different folks.

  7. Liz Lipperman

    Hands down, Jordin wins my vote for the best of the night. It didn’t hurt that she sang one of my favorite Tom Jones’ songs. She did have one slip though, when she sang “You buy her diamonds”. It should have been “She buys you diamonds”. Melinda also slipped up when she sang the first line “As long as She needs me.” I need a life!

    Anyway, last night was my favorite Idol ever because of the 1960’s songs. Jordin and Melissa were my two favorites along with Blake. I agree with most eveything that’s already been said. Lakeisha needs to start singing better songs or she’ll end up like Tamayra from Season 1. This is a singing contest but it also is a big personality contest.

    I predict Phil, Sanjaya, and Gina as the bottom three with Gina taking the fall.

  8. Hubby

    Personally, I thought Haley had the breast performance so far…

  9. Karin

    Liz, how interesting you noticed the wrong lyrics. I wonder if any of the judges did? I have to agree with you, this was my fave Idol night. Everyone has really stepped up, and even while some failed to hit the marker their efforts (cringe, even Sanjaya’s) were so noted.

  10. Karin

    And, dear, I thought you were upstairs watching The Unit or whatever it is you watch on Tuesday nights?

  11. Cele

    My favorite performances of the night…
    ♫ Jordin
    ♫ Melinda
    ♫ Beat Box Blake

    The bottom three
    Sanjaya (oh please lord let it be so)
    Chris R

    Jordin became the song, that is the difference this week between Jordin and Lakisha. Jordin was the song, Lakisha was Shirley Bassey.

    While people liked Chris R I found his song choice poor and would have been better suited to a BeeGee’s song. His voice has limited – boy band – range. Instead of powering through the song Phil yelled, I didn’t buy it. And Gawd, I’ll say it again, put Sanjaya out of our misery.

  12. J. Carson Black

    Cele, that crack about Shirley Bassey gave me my laugh for the day! 🙂

  13. Karin

    Cele said, “And Gawd, I’ll say it again, put Sanjaya out of our misery.”

    Thank you

  14. Karin

    Yo,Jake! Wassup with you not blogging over at your place?

  15. Mommie

    Hey Cutie,

    I don’t think you want to hear this, BUT..Sanjaya was a treat for me..Oh..Please forgive me.

    Your Mommie

  16. Cele

    I double Karin’s “yo yo” and up you with a Hey Dudette! Jake, wassup with yo blog?

    You do know she’s going to give us some writing excuse, right?

  17. Karin

    Mother!! I–I–

  18. Karin

    I know, I can hear it now, Cele. 😉

    Jake: I have this book see…

  19. Gaill

    I agree with Cele, the best 3 of the night were Melissa, Blake and Jordin, and I think they will be the top 3, I think the judges were and have been too hard on Stephanie, probably because they expect more from her, and I could not believe she got the boot over Chris R and Sanjaya. This is not gonna get any prettier before it is over! Love the commentary from all ya’ll!

  20. Karin

    ACKKKKK!! Spoiler alert!!! ACK ACK ACK, Gaill spilled the beans for us west coasters!!!

    ACK running in circles pulling my hair out!

    PLEASE PLEASE, Everyone, no info on cut night until after 9:30 pm pacific time!

  21. J. Carson Black

    Hey, at least I’m watching AI! I have to do that and blog, too? Yo Dawg, cut me some slack. I only got some much junk in my trunk!

    Ah, man! They booted Stephanie? That’s just not right. We are all sacrifices on the altar of Howard Stern’s ambition!

  22. Cele

    I didn’t know about the Howard Stern / Sanjaya think until tonight. Sheesh how can you fight Vote for the Worst and Howard Stern? It’s a cruel world. And seeing that smiling face of Taylor Hicks holding a Vote For The Worst T-Shirt just gauls my soul.

  23. Karin

    Taylor did that? Oh, he just lost serious points with me.
    I heard about Howard Stern yesterday. Whay to go, Howie!


  24. Amie Stuart

    Howard Stern and VFTW was on one of those late night entertainment shows on Tuesday.
    Yo Jake….yeah you gots ta blog and watch AI 😀

  25. Cele

    It’s right there, a picture of Taylor Hicks smiling while holding their t-shirt on their front page. Down below they crow about their poster boy Malarky making the tour.

  26. Cele

    Hey Dudette, Jake blogged, come see come see

  27. Karin

    Yay! Jake blogged. Going…

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