American Idol Week 6 – Top of the Pop or not, with Gwen Stefani

March 28, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 18 comments

My guest hostess today is Cele, with the AI update!!!
Thank you, Cele.

So many possibilities and yet each year when they have pop week I’m surprised by the choices. This year was no different, but I guess I have to start my comments on rant. Good Lord what is it Sanjaya Malakar? The poster child of Vote For The Worst is a total clown, they chose their mark well, and for it we will continue to suffer. Singers far superior will be out of the competition while he continues on. He is a farce. A crappy singer who has to make his mark by being a joke, I want so much for him to respect the competition and his opponents – I know it won’t happen.

What is it with the judges? Wow, usually it’s just the audience that doesn’t let Simon finish his critiques. This year not only does Paula pooh – pooh his insights, but now Randy is too. And they are both sooo wrong, in my humble opinion. Or I’m just getting bitchy. Hmmm. No, they’re just wrong.

Now to the performances….

Lakisha kicked off the evening with a cover of Donna Summer’s The Last Dance. My immediate response, I thought this was Pop night – er I’m not a disco person. She has far too much voice for the song. I just didn’t like the performance, although she was good.

Chris Sligh – Performed the Police’s Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic. Good song choice, when he started singing I thought of Christopher Cross for some reason. I didn’t think he was bad. But the darn echo effect was terrible, it kept pulling my attention away from the performance, but not enough to miss the flat spots.

Gina – I love Gina. Boy she picked a perfect song for her, The Pretender’s I’ll Stand By You. A great song choice, she performed it well, put her own mark on the song and sang her heart out. Kudos. She was the best female performance until Melinda sang. But I didn’t like the top she was wearing.

Sanjaya – Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!! So many thoughts, none are positive and ranting won’t make me feel better about this guy. First off, what a suck up, last week, this week, next week, and the week after he will suck up. What’s with the hair? A Faux Hawk for a Faux Singer. Dude, No Doubt is a Ska band, they sing Ska songs, get a clue. No amount of Bath Water will help you.

Haley – Looked pretty, she chose a pretty song, changed up the arrangement, and sang a pretty cover of True Colors it wasn’t Cyndi Lauper and definitely not Phil Collins. It just fell flat for me.

Phil – chose Every Breath She Takes by the Police. I was impressed. I remember several weeks back he did a song, I can’t remember which, but he impressed me. In the weeks since I’d wondered why. Tonight I remember why, he was very good, wonderful, his ability shown through, and he under played the song perfectly. But the echo, sigh.

Melinda – wow, she too chose Donna Summers, but it was night in day for me from Lakisha’s performance. I don’t even like Heaven Knows but OH.MY.GOSH when Melinda sings it doesn’t make a difference if you don’t like the song, she is so wow factor.

Blake didn’t beat box tonight – and for me it was down hill from there. I love his beat box, it gives everything a Blake touch, tonight’s song was bland, but it wasn’t terrible, it was just bland. Oh, Blake sang a love song by The Cure.

Jordin – I can’t believe this girl is only 17 years old. She is so incredibly talented. Covering No Doubt’s Hey, Baby she remembered it was Ska, she gave it her own personality, she made it her own and she had a good time doing it. I loved it.

Chris R – Sang No Doubt’s Don’t Speak and all I can say is Boy Band. He just doesn’t cut it for me.

My Favorites for the week…

♫ Melinda

♫ Jordin

♪ Gina

Malakar was by far the worst, and he has to go, but I know he will survive because the Dark Force is with him.

But I have faith. Vote for the Worst can’t keep the cream from rising to the top. They may have supported and consider Taylor Hicks their victory, but this is week number seventeen for Chris Daughtry and band in the Billboard 200. Their album is now double platinum. While sitting at number 4 on the album charts this week, their first hit, It’s Not Over is number one on the Hot Adult Contemporary and CHR Charts, for five weeks, solid gold. Just proving you can’t keep a good man down.


  1. Judy Soifer

    My take on tonight. Disappointed with Lakisha for two weeks in a row. And I really like her.

    I’m embarrassed for Sanjaya every time he performs. Someone put us out of our misery and vote him off already.

    Favorites of the night, and I wrote through most of the show only stopping for a choice few.

    * Best: Jordin: She gets better every week. And she’s so young.

    * Second: Gina: She was awesome tonight.

    * Third: Melinda: She can’t really ruin anything. And I agree with you, Karin, bad top.

    * Last but not least: Blake: I really like him, even though this wasn’t his best.

    Judy 🙂

  2. Amie

    I really think–I left my notes at home–Blake is the guy to beat. I think Jordin is the dark horse that may surprise everyone. I hart GINA and I’m sorry Cele but I love Chris.

    I think the bigger question is, who’s going home 😀

  3. Edie Ramer

    I agree with your top picks. I didn’t care for Melinda’s song pick either, but she’s so great, she makes the song sound good.

    I’d love Sanjaya to go home, but doubt if it will happen. Not this week.

  4. Cele

    Judy, I’m with you, Lakisha has disappointed me for the last two weeks. It’s not that she’s sung bad, its just that she hasn’t been an American Idol.

    Amie, I agree Jordin is a dark horse and I hope she hangs in their until at least the top three or four. And I have to agree I ♥ Gina too.

  5. Cele

    Edie you are so right, Gawd! It won’t be this week. Maybe we need to appeal to a higher power… the FCC, just saying?

  6. J. Carson Black

    Cele, you were right on in your choices. I’m glad Gina did a lot better this week—I really like her. But then at least four of the women are strong. LaKisha has such a powerful voice, I wonder if she’s studied opera.

    Melinda—I don’t know who said it. Randy? She’s a pro, she’s there, and in my opinion she should take the whole thing. She’s got it all. But I love Jordin. I can see five or six good careers coming out of this competition.

    Maybe there should be an underground group devoted soley to knocking Sanjaya off. A counter-espionage group. Maybe we should start it, put up a website. Getting closer to the end, I’d hate to see Blake, Jordin, Gina, LaKisha etc. get kicked off while Sanjaya stays.

    I guess this is why we have a House of Representatives. 🙂

    Hey, just thought this would make a good mystery novel. Some underground group keeps voting this really bad singer in, and somebody’s so mad he decides to take the singer out…

  7. Godfather

    J., I could arrange jus such a ting.

  8. J. Carson Black

    Godfather, first make sure you place a bet. When, and if, Sanjaya goes (however that may be), it’s going to help one of the other entries.

    Perhaps there’s big money to be made on betting American Idol! It won’t be the first time somebody put in a rabbit to wear the favorite down. (Horse parlance, sorry!)

  9. Cele

    Great premise for a book. Dump the body in the Arizona desert and it is a Laura Cardinal murder mystery. Ohhhhh, she could have a fling with the acerbic Simon Cowell.

    Who said it last week? Wanting Simon to call them a naughty minx. Oh, wait maybe it was just naughty 😳

    The book comes out when?

  10. Godfather

    You know what? I don’t think the idiots voting for Sanjaya will vote for another contestant as they are only voting to make fun of the process. Sanjaya gets to stay for another week while more talented contestants have to leave.
    P.S. When Karin returns I’ll have to go back to being Hubby.

  11. Cele

    So does that mean we should call you Don Hubby and kiss your…..ring?

    It would be nice if Fox posted the results, I mean actual tally per performer online so we could see how far off the voting is. Maybe we should do like gymnastics and ice skating and throw out the highest and lowest votes, while determining the person going home.

  12. Godfather

    Use could do dat if use wanted.

  13. Karin

    Yo, da godfatha is not to be takin’ litley. Wassamatter wit dis country? Not even in the bottom tree? Ay, Mama mia.



  14. J. Carson Black

    Godfaddah, I thought dat was you. You gotta figure out which side of the law you wanna be on!

  15. Cele

    Hey Gawdafadder, can you do something about lousing singin and bad hair? I mean on eidda side of da law? Oh, and knock the cockiness outta him too. I mean please Gawdafadder.

  16. Godfather

    Woa, hey, ladies, such hostilities. How’s about I tie dat mop to da bumper of ma Cadi and drag his hula dancin’ ass ova da Brooklyn Bridge? I gots to check but I jus might have a Louisville Slugger wit his name on it. Bada-boom, bada-bing. Yo, Cele, pucker up…

  17. Gaill

    Sorry, ya’ll for last week’s spoiler, and then didn’t even know it until yesterday, please forgive me, I won’t let it happen again! I just never think in terms of time zones, but I will now! I think we will keep being disappointed until Sanjaya is gone.
    Good luck to the top 15! There are some great lines.

  18. Cele

    Hey Gawdafadda, just don’t kiss me on the lips.

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