New York rocks!

March 29, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

I love this town. Love the people, the food, the sites, everything. Boy oh boy, do I have a few stories to tell.

But before I do, an FYI flash. Ladies, FDNY, is well, let me just say they are a tourist attraction all to themselves. I told hubby, they are the glory boys in this town. The cops? meh. They get no respect from the ladies.

My daughter actually stopped a fire engine yesterday on Broadway. Not that she waved them down, we were in Soho, and she looked so damn cute with her big smile, an engine stopped in the middle of the street to admire her cuteness. The guys waved and hooted, she stopped, smiled and waved back. They tooted that big horn and resumed their driving.
The construction workers do the same thing. They aren’t vulgar, they are admiring. And my kid has a great smile. Her grandmother and aunt just grin ear-to-ear every time someone stops to appreciate the site. I’m so happy they took this trip with me. We are having such a wonderful time.

We took a limo tour of the entire island yesterday. Our driver dropped us off in Little Italy, we had pizza at Lombari’s. Then stopped at Ferrara’s, a to-die-for bakery. OMG the cannoli. Yum. Then we shopped until we dropped.

When we headed back out for dinner, the ‘Steakhouse’ we had reservations at turned out to be a very high class gentlemen’s club. OMG! Nekkid women grinding on guys. But it was done in very good taste. My mil and aunt were too funny! They wanted to stay!! I was the one with the teensy weensy problem. I of course had to let the bouncers and doorman and the ladies know I wrote a book titled GOOD GIRL GONE BAD set in a club just like this! We traded email addies. We opted to have Mario our driver come back and get us (although in hindsight we should have stayed. We would have had a blast). We had a huge laugh. Mario took us down to Cipriani’s, got us in and we had fab Italian food.

Mom, Aunt Carol and the kid are at this moment buying out Macy’s, then they are off to see Chicago. I’m getting ready for an industry reception. Looking forward to seeing my agent and editor and other fellow writers. A few of us closed the bar last night. I did not want to get up this am. Oh, I didn’t. 🙂
Gotta run, will keep you posted.





  1. LaDonna

    Karin, wow are you having fun or what? I love when people smile at my baby girls too. lol. You know they get their charisma from us mamas! Well, breathe it all in, and get ready to share all. Have you seen anyone famous, except yourself that is. hehe.

  2. Cele

    Oh mi gosh it sounds like you are having a fabulous time. Now you will have to write a book called How To Eat Your Way Through Manhattan.

  3. Edie Ramer

    Glad you’re having just a fab time, Karin. You know how to enjoy yourself!

  4. Lee

    Enjoy every moment of the big apple…Ya got love the FDNY…

  5. Karin

    Ladies, one does not need an excuse to come to this town. I feel safe, and the energy is indescribable. So is the food. If I ate my way though Manhattan I would be the size of the Statue of Liberty!

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