I’m baaaack…

And very tired. RT was a lot of things, but boiled down, it was fun, and I would go again. I met up with long time internet friends, and made lots of new friends. It was wonderful to put faces to names. I also saw some things that would have put some people straight into therapy. Yowza! I know Sharon aka Maya Banks has a pic I must share. Sharon? Where is it? or did your camera melt? Some of the costumes were true artistic creations. Others? Cringe. Maybe it wasn’t so much the outfit but the body stuffed into… Read more »

Hello from RT

It’s Thursday afternoon and I’m already exhausted! It’s been a kick so far. Last night was the Ellora’s Cave party. They did a good job, and I must say the scenery? Well, all of the ‘Cave Men’ were there. And there were many a costumed lady in attendance. It was quite entertaining. The DJ was fab, the guys on stage dancing were fun to watch and it was fun to watch the women react to them. By all accounts a good time was had by all. The male models are everywhere and good sports. I rode up in the elevator… Read more »

AI, RT and Dancing

First off, am I the only one who thought Heather Mills was a bit bitchy in her departure? She practically blamed the chick judge Karianne (spelling). Give me a break. I tried, I really, really tried to warm up to her, and every time she opened her mouth I asked myself, “What the hell was Sir Paul thinking?” I’m glad she’s gone. Now the hard part: I like everyone left, even Billy Ray. I think either Apolo or Laila will dance away with the title. That Laila is something else. And Apolo and Julianne? I just love watching them. Now… Read more »

mi vida loca part deux

hah! I’m trilingual. My belated thanks to Rocki St Claire for her wonderful day here at The Write Life, and also to everyone who stopped by and made her feel right at home! Y’all are the best. Michelle? Lucky girl, you won the copy of TAKE ME TONIGHT!! I’m reading it and it’s fab. Email Rocki and give her the necessary info. Another dear friend of mine, Margie Lawson, is guest blogging today over at Magical Musings. Her post is about taking control of your moods. Good stuff, but then that is status quo with ML. I am off to… Read more »

Roxanne is in the House!

I’m very happy as well as excited to introduce a friend of mine, Roxanne St. Claire as my guest today. Rocki is busy busy busy, but she graciously (hah, you should have seen me twist her arm) said, “Of course!” when I asked her to stop by and chat. Aside from being a great gal, Rocki is a national best selling author of sixteen novels of romance and suspense. She’s a three-time RITA nominee (two this year!) and is currently writing a series for Pocket Books called The Bullet Catchers, featuring a cadre of unspeakably hot bodyguards and security specialists… Read more »
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