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April 4, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 18 comments

You must go back to my home page and click on the SKIN trailer link.
Do it now before you read further. Go on…I’ll wait.

🙂 Now tell me, whatcha’ think? Justin my web guy is awesome, yes?

Hubby had to record the show for me tonight. I spent the better part of the day and evening down at my other office. By the time I got home it was long over. So because I am crazy and it’s after 4 a.m. Wednesday morning, here we go.

First of all, are any of you boo-hooing over Miss America or whoever the beauty queen was getting booted from Stars? I’m not, but did anyone see how boring Leeza Gibbons was? I really didn’t think Paulina deserved to get booted last week. Again, did anyone see how boring Leeza Gibbons was? Or how cute Apolo was? Just my thoughts on that.

Now on to AI.
I love Tony Bennett, but um, he was about as useful as the dust bunny in my office.

Blake: I only caught the very end of his performance. The ‘er um person in charge of recording wasn’t quite Johnny-on-the-spot. What I saw of Blake’s rendition of Mack the Knife was good. But Bobbie Darin does it best.

Phil: Needs hair. BUT! He has great blue eyes and a killer smile. I enjoyed his performance. I thought he really hung on to that last note. I didn’t agree with Simon at all.

Melinda: Seriously, the woman can just sing. There was absolutely no comparison between her and the two guys before her. Like frozen Sara Lee cheesecake versus Junior’s cheesecake. No comparison. Now, my only critique with Melinda is to stop acting all gooey-eyed surprised when she is praised. It’s time she stood up straight and proud and let a smattering of diva shine through-she’s earned it for God’s sake.

Chris: After Melinda, does Chris’ performance even matter? Okay, for those who do care. For me his performance was—meh. I was surprised by the judge’s comments. Maybe I just didn’t get it.

Jordin: I think her voice is really clear, and energetic. She has control of it. She has improved every week. Not in little steps but by leaps and bounds. I think she will make it to the final 3. Hubby loved her performance.

Gina: Okay, as you all know, I am not a big Gina fan. But I do try to be objective. So, I will say I thought she looked great, but her performance for me was meh. I agree with Simon. And I hate it when the contestants argue. Shut up already and get off the stage.

Sanjaya: Dares to be different. True. Now go home. Here is a newsflash: If you are going to set yourself apart by being different, talent is crucial to success. That said, while I personally found his performance a 3 on a scale of 1-10, I was happy it wasn’t his usual -2. and the hair? No comment. In fact, like the judges, I am beyond comment. And unfortunately, we’ll see the boy and his hair back next week. When do you suppose America will tire of the kid?

Haley: She looked gorgeous and her voice has gotten stronger—but she doesn’t have the range she needs to win or even make it to the top 3. Although for her, I thought she sounded great tonight. Hubby just got all giddy during her performance. Men.

LaKisha: Hubby didn’t like it. I thought it was a strong performance—the woman can sing—but right now if we were to down to LaKisha and Melinda, M would get my vote.

My prediction: the worst performance was you-know-who. I mean he doesn’t come close to any of the other idols in talent–however we have seen that really doesn’t matter. He’ll be around next week. I predict we’ll lose Phil but won’t be surprised if we see Gina or Chris hit the road.

Thoughts? Predictions and wasn’t that trailer hot?



  1. Donna Kowalczyk

    Your trailer was awesome, Karin! And my thoughts are pretty close to yours. I wasn’t as impressed with Chris as the judges were either. Don’t know what to say about Sanjaya anymore…LOL And honestly, I’m not as sold on Blake as everyone else is. I want to see his range, see him go into his upper register. Love Melinda, Jordin, and LaKisha. I think the three of them are in a league of their own. 🙂

  2. Edie Ramer

    The trailer is hot, hot, hot. Like your books. 😀

    Although Melinda and Jordin were the best, I thought they were all good last night. Even Sanjaya, and I’m not a fan of his. Like Paula said (I think it was Paula), he’s an entertainer.

  3. Linda

    Don’t watch AI (I think I’m one of maybe eight people in America who don’t, LOL), but your trailer is AWESOME!

  4. Meretta

    The trailer is awesome, Karin. Great sound, excellent visuals and I like the speed. I find a lot of trailers too slow (looking for that suspenseful feeling, I think) and I get impatient. Yours was a good pace.


  5. Laurie Wood

    Your trailer – wow! It gets across the sense of the book, the visuals are sexy/hot, and loved the sound, too. Stonecreek Media is obviously the place to go for these fabulous trailers we’re starting to see on author’s sites! All I can say is – wow! – again.

    I don’t follow AI as there’s so many shows on right now that’re finishing up their seasons. Hope they pick someone better than Taylor Hicks this year though!

  6. Cele

    Justin Rocks! I always like his trailers and this one is most excellent.

    About Idol. So sad, so boring, so blah. I love Tony Bennett and as a guest mentor he did okay, I mean when you have Diana Ross as a benchmark you can only go up.

    ♫ Melinda is a total show stopper. You commented on her surprise act. I wonder if it is an act? I think this girl knows she can sing, but when you’ve been a back up singer all your life maybe you always think like a back up singer.

    ♫ Jordin is fresh, young, upbeat I love her and her performance last night. I totally disagreed with Simon on this one and that is rare.

    ♪ Honorable mention this week to Chris R. He lost his boy band sound, and showed some of his ability and character.

    ♪ Gina stepped out of her comfort zone. While Adult Standards is apples and oranges away from her genre she did a good job on a sad dark song. She didn’t come off campy or caberet like Haley.

    I agree Sanjaya will stay, how sad.

  7. Julie

    That is BY FAR the best book trailer of any I have seen so far (and we’ve all seen a gazillion). Very professional — and a great hook to entice a reader to pick up your book!


  8. Lee


    Love the trailer, and I agree, Leesa was borrowing, but I have to say the Barbie and Ken image of the couple booted, was a bit annoying. But they do a better job, then the week before. On the to next round…

  9. Amanda

    Karin, the trailer is HOT! Just like your writing.

    AI: I love Jordin, Melinda, LaKisha. I like Blake, Gina, Phil. Don’t even get me started on Sanjaya. Loved Simon’s comment, “Let’s try a new approach…I liked it.” Or some words to that affect. LOL

  10. Sandra Barkevich

    Fantastic trailer, Karin. Tell your web guy he really is awesome.

    I haven’t kept up with AI other than through your blog and what my husband has been telling me. I guess I just don’t have the energy to put into it this year. I get home, put the kids to bed, and practically pass out myself. There are just not enough hours in my day. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to take vacation time just so I can get some good writing time in. LOL.

    Sandy 🙂
    Sandra Barkevich – Romance Author
    *April 28, 2007 at Sandra’s Goings On – Guest Blogger, Leslie Dicken ~ Secret Intentions

  11. LaDonna


    Boo-hoo, can’t view your trailer yet. Something is seriously wrong with my player, and I’ve yet to discover the problemo. I’ll definitely catch it when that’s accomplished. I told you this book cover, rocks! And I kow Justin’s rep, so it’s gotta be great. Also, glimpsed A1 last night. We had a bad storm blow through, and lost reception. Sounds like a bad 24 hrs, but honest it wasn’t. lol.

  12. Karin

    Thnaks for the feedback on my trailer. I’m really happy with it.

  13. Karin

    Cele, I honestly don’t think Melinda’s humbleness is an act. I just think she needs to take some ownership of her talent and come out of her shell.
    She owns that show!

  14. Cele

    Karin Exactly, she does need to own it, I agree

  15. B.E. Sanderson

    I don’t usually watch AI, but I caught parts of it last night (when NCIS was on commercial). That Melinda chick was awesome, but I agree with you – she needs to learn to accept praise and revel in it, not act like she doesn’t deserve it.

  16. J. Carson Black

    Love your trailer, Karin! Hot and scary at the same time – kind of like Global Warming. 😉

  17. Elisabeth

    Wow. Fabulous trailer, Karin! I don’t usually like book trailers, but that one is seriously awesome!!

  18. Cele

    You will love this one Karin. There is now a site called Vote Against Vote for the Worst

    The plan breaks voting next Tuesday down by state with each state assigned to vote for a specific American Idol contestant…well except no states are assigned to vote for Sanjaya. So I would vote for Jordin, Karin would vote for Melinda Dollitle, Jake would vote for Lakisha Jones (hmmm interesting how this is working out) anyway you get the drift.

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