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April 11, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 25 comments

A rather benign night. Let’s see, Jennifer Lopez is cute but not much help. She did look fab, and so did Paula btw. I much prefer her hair long. Yes, I know she was wearing extensions, most of the girls were, and if they didn’t break the hell out of your hair I just may consider them myself. But wait, I sit up in my office all day is sweats and fuzzy slippers fighting the cat over my chair and write. I guess it would be for naught.

: She looked the best she has looked all season, and while her performance was a bit forced (she was right, she does not do sexy) I enjoyed it. Some gals are comfy in sexy. Melinda ain’t one of them. But that’s ok, she has the voice.

LaKisha: Holy Moly! She was jiggling all over that stage! Whew, I was sitting way back in my seat. Um, I did not care for the performance. It was—I can’t quite explain it—would someone like to take a stab at it? —-Hold the phone! Simon just did.

Chris: He started out very nervous. For me it didn’t get much better. I didn’t like the rendition. He still comes across to me as someone trying to imitate someone else. When he finds his true voice he will soar.

Haley: We should just call her gams. Wow, talk about playing to your strengths. Hubby couldn’t wait to start voting for her. Men. My biggest complaint with her performance was I couldn’t hear her. She really needs to belt it out, to project, she doesn’t do that. Oh, and I did not like her makeup, too loud for her face. She had fun with the song and hubby just grinned, then when he could, voted for her 9 times. (I know Cele, Cali was supposed to vote for Melinda and we did…but those hot legs deserved some recognition).

Phil: bored me.

Jordin: We got us a dark horse here. She looked the classic Latina part and sounded great. That said I know what Simon meant. Midway through her performance I found myself picking up the book I started earlier (it is very very good btw, TAKE ME TONIGHT by Rocki St.Claire).

Blake: Sounded good-solid-I think up to him we were coasting, he raised the bar. I really enjoyed him. He just might surprise us and finish in the top two. Marc Antony eat your heart out.

Sanjaya: I’m cringing and he hasn’t stepped on stage yet. Ewwwww. Besame mucho? How about besame butt!

ARGH!!!!! It happened!!! O. M. G!! I. CAN. NOT. BELIEVE. I. AM. GOING. TO. WRITE. THIS!!!!! SOMEONE. PLEASE. SMACK. ME! The little turd actually looked good and he sang halfway decently! Holy cow! And he gets my vote to stay on the island! There, I said it. I can’t believe it. Never say never, huh? Okay now before anyone says I told you so, he was still in the bottom three of performances tonight, but barely. Good job.

Phil gets my boot tomorrow night. Whatcha think?

Oh, and on Dancing? Drew Lachey was fab. Leeza had her day and it was time to go. I think she is a doll but I could not watch her dance. Billy Ray has surprised me by his personality alone. He’s just a country boy looking for some respect and working his fanny off. Gotta like that in a person. Still don’t care for Heather, and the judges are right, she is lucky to have Jonathan as a partner. Okay, I’ll admit it she has done great, but that doesn’t mean I have to like her.

Thoughts and/or predictions regarding Idol? I think it’s a foregone conclusion Phil is toast.

And once again, congrats to my five finalist in the First Line Contest. The entries are tops and so are the gals who wrote them. When I find a way to get all of the contestants under and editor’s nose y’all will be the first to know.




  1. Mary

    That’s what I meant by you have to check out A.I. tonight I thought Sanjya sounded wonderful (and I was shocked.

  2. Mary

    I want him off the island as much as anyone I think alot of good talent got away by the people responsible for voting the worst on, but he was quite a suprise for me last night. I also think that either Phil or Haley will get the boot.

    And as for Billy Ray, he sure has approved his appearance (weight) since the beginning, looking good Billy Ray.

  3. LaDonna

    Karin, had to run over here while I have my morning brew. You crack me up, girl! Well, I missed the first two, Melinda and LaKisha. What was Simon’s comment about Lakisha? I loved, loved Chris and Blake! Those guys have the IT factor.

    Phil is so…well, hell he looks funny to me up there. It doesn’t seem natural. Haley is a cutie. I really laughed at Simon’s comment about showing her strengths as in wearing less. Her voice just isn’t strong enough, though. But, the gams are on my Christmas list. I need about six inches more here.

    And I was laughing before Sanjaya came out, and about choked. He did look good, and he did at least a half-ass rendition of the Besemeo Nachos (okay, have no clue what the name was.) I did enjoy Simon’s comment about not understanding a word he said. Pretty darn funny. And the shorter hair is much better.

    And Jordin, well, it doesn’t matter. At 17 sounding the way she does, she’s way ahead of the game. Not a compelling performance, but ya just know she’ll snag a contract sometime before she’s outta high school. And that’s pretty darn good.

    Sorry, I don’t watch Dancing!

  4. Elisabeth

    AI craziness aside…I thought you already had long hair! It was beautiful in Atlanta last year. I remember being insanely jealous when we met. We hair-challenged people notice things like that. 😉 Mine grows to my shoulders and then breaks off. (My hairdresser actually called it turtle fuzz the other day! What the hell is turtle fuzz???)

  5. Amie

    I have to say Sanjy suprrised me too–overall I agree with your assessment. No one really stood out until Blake but Jordin at least looked like she was having a good time 😀

  6. LaDonna

    Turtle Fuzz, Eli? Find a new hairdresser. LOL. Since Turtles have no “hair”, she picked that one outta outer space. hehe. Too funny.

  7. Poppy

    I thought Sanjay actually had the best performance of the night. I am *not* a fan, but he did a great job. Finally. Melinda was technically great, but dull, dull, dull, as ever. And her snotty little expression when critized by Simon, proves, I think, that her “You really like me” attitude is just an act. Lakisha is normally just Melinda-lite, but really shone tonight. I thought Chris was worse than Sanjay at his worst. I don’t understand how he’s not bottom three. I normally love Haley, but tonight wasn’t impressive and her hair and makeup were distractingly bad. Phil, I agree with the boring. Jordin, I think is the next American idol. Blake, not his best work, but fun all the same. My (probably wrong) predictions:

    1. Jordin
    2. Blake
    3. Sanjaya
    4. Melinda
    5. Lakisha
    6. Chris
    7. Phil
    8: Haley

  8. Cele

    I dreaded Latino Night. Latin is a vital music… it is vital to feel the music and emotion. Whoa, they all failed at that. But I will give Melinda kudos for trying, you can’t do sexy if you don’t believe you are sexy.

    ♫ Jordin the best of the night
    ♫ Blake second
    ♪ Melinda ranked as my honorable mention for the night – if you watch AI every week you know why she said what she said to Simon, and I believe he understood. I’ve also been know to fly with the bluebirds too 🙂

    The worst
    1) Haley out of breathe, bad hair (honey put your bangs back down) bad make up, great legs (nice quads and hamstrings.)
    2) Chris, if you aren’t Rob Thomas don’t sing Rob Thomas you’ll come up short everytime.
    3) Sanjaya, while a technically good performance (except for screaming when he was trying to power through) he smiled through the entire song, bad. It is a solemn, mournful plea – you don’t smile. And wow, I didn’t know he had started shaving yet, it looked good.

    As for Turtle Hair, as a former stylist I totally understand this comment. I feel for you Elisabeth.

    La Donna, I totally love your first line entry and can’t wait to read the whole thing in a heavy hard cover first edition some day.

  9. Hubby

    Wait a minute, Haley has hair?

  10. Mary


    You and my hubby are both dogs!!!

  11. Donna Kowalczyk

    OMG, I just coughed out my coffee…LOL ‘Hubby’, you are hilarious.

    While watching Sanjaya, I kept thinking how I’d love to see him in about 15 years, when he’s filled out a bit and grown into his voice. With those big brown eyes, and that killer smile, I bet he’ll be something. 🙂 Looks like I’m the only one who thought Phil had a good vocal…just hard to keep my eyes on the screen when he’s on… As for DWTS, I really want Maksim…er, I mean Laila to win….LOL

  12. Karin

    Turtle hair? Eli? You have beautiful blonde hair.

    Donna, you should have see him glued to the tele last night when she came out in those hot legs shorts.

    Cele, right on about Latin music being about emotion. That’s why I listen to so much of it!

  13. Karin

    Mar, dogs of a feather flock together. 😉

  14. Karin

    LaDonna, Simon made a comment about LaKisha shouldn’t dance because she couldn’t.
    I swear I thought she was going to come out of that dress with her gyrations.

  15. Amie Stuart

    I agree with Donna about Sanjy–I can’t beleive I’m saying that, but I think he’s got potential–he’s just so outclassed.

    Please God, send Haily home–my apologies to the Hubster 😀

  16. Karin

    Amie, will send condolences to the hubster when Legs gets the boot.

  17. LaDonna

    Karin, I can just imagine LaKisha’s bouncing body parts. lol. And Donna, I agree, Karin’s hubby is a hoot!

    And Cele thanks!!! Wow, I’ll give you one of those hard copies one day. lol. You made my day!

  18. Hubby

    Now wait just a minute. Someone saw Haley in boots? Go-go or the thigh high type? I gotta pay more attention…

  19. Mommie

    Hey there my cutie, sooo your thinking that Sanjaya is ??, what about a few weeks ago, I got a “MOTHER”.

    Back home and having fun..

    Your Mommie

  20. Karin

    Allow me to clarify, Madre. Last night and *last night only*, I grudgingly admitted hula hoop boy didn’t do his usual -2 performance, and didn’t resemble a freak. I in no way implied I am a fan or even considering such an act of treason.

    I’m glad you are home safe and sound from your gallivanting. Next time I’m going with you and dad.

  21. Karin

    Husband, those would be the boots she borrowed from me. You know the ones? —-with big spiky heels. The ones that puncture the flesh when trampling poor unsuspecting men’s backs…

  22. Cele

    I swear only a man could get knee high boots, out of I hope she gets the boot, when she gets the boot, or she deserves the boot (but in that case he is thinking, “Wow, I deserve to see her in those boots..” 🙂

  23. Karin

    Cele, said, “I swear only a man could get knee high boots, out of I hope she gets the boot”

  24. Edie Ramer

    I heard Haley got the boot tonight, despite her great legs. Poor hubby will have to watch a different show.

    I’m chiming in late but except for Blake, I thought last night’s performances were boring. Melinda’s comment about Simon showed she has a sense of humor. So does he–when the camera swung to him, he was laughing. Not a full belly laugh, but a shorter Simon laugh.

  25. Hubby

    With Haley gone, Sanjaya just became the best looking girl on the show.

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