Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!

April 19, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 14 comments

It took 38 million votes but Sanjaya is gone gone gone!!
Whoo hoo.

Okay, back to revisons, and don’t forget Rocki will be here tomorrow!

who is very tired but very happy!




  1. Cele

    Oh Happy Day, blogger wouldn’t let me put a happy dance on my blog.

  2. Karin

    Calista, get wordpress, it’s cheap and reliable. I’d chat more about the momentous occasion of Sanjaya hitting the road, but I’ve let my husband run screaming through the neighborhood a tad too long. My phone will start ringing any minute if I don’t snag him.
    Poor, guy he is beside himself with joy.

  3. Donna Kowalczyk

    LOL….He’s not alone. I would have been heartbroken if Lakisha had gone before Sanjaya.

  4. Mary

    All is right with the universe!!!

  5. Amie Stuart

    LOL what Mary said! 😀

  6. Amanda

    Yeah!!! Now I can watch again. I’ve missed seeing Jordin and Melinda because I wasn’t watching while America was stupid and left Sanjaya on.

    Thank you America!!

  7. Poppy

    I’m totally bummed. Not that he wasn’t horrid most of the time, but everone left is just dull, dull, dull.

  8. Edie Ramer

    LOLOL. I wanted to email you last night, Karin, but we get the show two hours before you and I couldn’t spoil it for you.

    Sanjaya was so awful this last time, no one could deny it. My husband said he should’ve sang “A boy named Sue”. 😆

    Amanda, it’s too bad you missed Jordin and Melinda. They were awesome–especially Melinda. The judges were surprised about Blake being in the last three. I’m not. He was boring this time. America got the top four right this time, IMO.

  9. Karin

    I was surprised Blake was in the bottom three over Chris. And I was actually glad Phil nailed the country genre.
    If Chris goes I won’t be upset, but I was really sweating for Kiki last night. It would not have shocked me if she got the boot over Sanjaya. Of course, not that she would have deserved it.

    As Mar said, all is right with the universe now.
    Sigh, and that’s a good thing, because I was really getting perturbed.

  10. LaDonna

    Yep, made my night! Bye, Bye, little Sanjaya! Thanks for the memories! NOT. Okay, I really must get over this cringe thing I have with Phil. Does anyone else suffer from this? Can’t figure it out. He annoys me by just smiling for cripe’s sake. He’s the only one, I feel, who doesn’t have the IT factor. He can sing, but I can’t look at him doing it. LOL

  11. Marilyn

    Oh happy day! I literally screamed when they announced his departure. It echoed around my 12-foot ceilings and I’m surprised the neighbors didn’t call the police.

    LaKisha seems to be getting a bit of attitude and arrogance. And Blake and Chris sound alike every week regardless of genre. I don’t think Phil is long for the competition despite nailing country week. My guess is that the final two will be Jordin and Melinda, both amazing singers.

    But happy, happy, joy, joy — Sanjaya’s gone!

  12. Amie Stuart

    My husband said he should’ve sang “A boy named Sue”


  13. Karin

    LaDonna, I hear you on Phil lacking the IT factor. Most of them lack it this year.

    Marilyn I thought I was the only who thought Kiki was gettin’ ‘tude. No bueno. And Chris? Um, don’t argue with Simon, especially when he’s right.

    Amie, I won’t tell you what my husband suggested.

  14. Karin

    Edie, glad to have you back in the AI fold, and Poppy? Dare I admit you’re right?

    Argh, but on principle alone he had to go. Weeks ago!
    Look at how Jordin has come along? There is no telling how Stephanie, Chris S or Sundance could have grown. I mean we have Phil and the whiny other Chris for crying out loud. Sheesh.

    I must say though, that Fergie is something else. She held hubby (who is still pouting over Legs getting the boot) entranced.

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