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April 19, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 40 comments

I’m very happy as well as excited to introduce a friend of mine, Roxanne St. Claire as my guest today. Rocki is busy busy busy, but she graciously (hah, you should have seen me twist her arm) said, “Of course!” when I asked her to stop by and chat.

Aside from being a great gal, Rocki is a national best selling author of sixteen novels of romance and suspense. She’s a three-time RITA nominee (two this year!) and is currently writing a series for Pocket Books called The Bullet Catchers, featuring a cadre of unspeakably hot bodyguards and security specialists (it’s true I’ve read them, currently reading TAKE ME TONIGHT, yowza). Her latest book, is TAKE ME TONIGHT, the third in the Bullet Catcher series (although they can be read in any order and stand alone) is available everywhere…. web site is

Rocki and I along with Allison Brennan are doing a paranormal together titled WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE, which releases in January 2008! It’s all very exciting.

I’d attach the cover of TAKE ME TONIGHT but as you all know, I have my limitations. If anyone would like to walk me through the process I’m game. So without further adieu, the incomparable, Roxanne St.Claire!

Also Rocki will be giving away a copy of TAKE ME TONIGHT to a lucky commenter!

What’s on my mind…is what’s on my mind.

Hello everyone! I’m absolutely thrilled to be here and want to extend a flurry of air kisses to Karin, my buddy and soon-to-be co-author when our antho is released next year, for the invitation to join you today. I love the energy and attitude of this blog – no surprise since a major Fun Girl is at the helm – and hope I can add a little of my own mojo to the party.

Karin asked me to blog about my journey to publication, not just “connecting the dots of what happened” but how I felt and what I thought about at that time. And that fits perfectly with what’s on my mind today.

I’m thinking about thinking. Can you tell I’m reading The Secret? Are any of you out there Secret readers? Have you seen the movie, read the book or soaked up the concept yet? For those of us who are craning our necks as we peer up at the slippery slopes of Mt. Publishing, hoping to get higher, The Secret – hell, any secret – has a definite appeal. But, be warned, this book might also make you want to ball your hands into fists and howl at the moon.

First of all, let me say that I am not a Self Help Book kind of girl. I’ve read about four in my life – including writer’s craft books. (Stephen King’s On Writing and Anne Lamott’s Bird By Bird are the only two “craft” books that I’ve read beginning to end.) I just don’t get turned on by advice books, except for a few when I was battling infertility and then, having won that war, when I was basking in the pregnant glow.

I did not see Rhonda Byrne, the author of The Secret, when she appeared on Oprah, but only hours after that show aired, I received three emails from friends who wanted to bring it to my attention. Once the book, and concept, hit my radar, I couldn’t seem to escape it. Everything I read or heard seemed to corroborate the way I live my life and, validation-seeker that I am, I bought the book.

If you haven’t read it, let me summarize. And while this may seem like a gross oversimplification, it is the truly the essence of the book: You are what you think. Or, if you have a slightly more jaded eye, try: You get what you think.

The author and her many experts put forth this theory in a variety of ways, offering quotable quotes, examples, testimonials, tips and “shortcuts” in a precious undersize hard cover that is as lush to the fingertips as it is to the eye. Subtle artwork, pleasing fonts, soothing design elements and creamy faux parchment paper all make the mere act of holding the book a sensual pleasure. (Go Simon & Schuster!) There is evidently a companion DVD, but I have not seen it yet.

The message is simple (ridiculously so, some say) and it is repeated (too often, others say) and it is not new (ancient, in fact, says the author).

The Secret is all about the laws of attraction, putting forth the precept that our thoughts (all 60,000 per day, including those that are spoken to no one, ever, ever) are physical entities that are – this gets into quantum physics, so hang with me, right-brainers – transmitted into the universe and reflected back into our lives as what we “have” in life. The book states (ad nauseum) that when we stop thinking about what we don’t want and start thinking about what we want, we will attract it.

Do you believe that?

The reviews are mixed, ranging from “this is new age BS that is nothing more than a recommendation that we think positive” to “this changed my life.” My own reaction to the book is somewhere along the continuum of spine-tingling confirmation to a great big eye roll, and, quite frankly, no small amount of disgust at the emphasis on financial and material gain over fundamental contentment with what you already have. And don’t even start me on how repetitive and simplistic the book is, purporting the basic tenet that all one has to do is think, as opposed to, say, work, produce, create, network, sweat, toil, rise before dawn and, in our case, write.

But I can tell you this: During my road to publication, and every step of the way since, I have felt the power of this concept and, yes, I’m stepping out on The Secret limb to announce that I believe that visualizing and expecting certain things from the world at large can and will influence and impact the ability to attain them. Nowhere in my life has that been truer than on my writing journey. (With the possible exception of those years of infertility I mentioned above. Different blog.)

Yes, yes, yes, you have to write a fantastic book in a fresh voice with an original premise that still meets market demands, deliver it to the right editor/agent’s desk and then garner all manner of luck, timing, serendipity and celestial alignment to get a contract. You know how hard that is, or you wouldn’t be here, seeking support and guidance and the will to go on. To be perfectly, brutally honest, not everyone who wants to write that book is capable of it, and no amount of visualization is going to write it for you. Sorry, Ms. Byrne, but there is doing involved in getting. But if you are capable, and if you have written such a novel, then sending the right message with it might help that fantastic, fresh, original, market-ready book see the light of day. Can’t hurt, huh?

Karin asked how I felt on that journey to selling my first book. I felt certain. Oh, yes, I felt stomped upon and flattened by the heel of each and every frequent rejection. I felt terrified that I’d embraced the Impossible Dream, and frustrated when it didn’t happen fast enough to suit impatient me. But I always felt certain.

Once I’d finished a manuscript, entered and finaled in contests and began to learn the ins and outs of this business, an utter belief that I would be a published romance novelist settled over me like that first sip of a good martini – numbing my fears, reducing my doubts, enhancing my confidence. Over and over people would tell me they just “knew” I would sell – they could feel it. What radiated off me, other than a whiff of White Linen, I hope, was my own belief in my fate and my direction. And after I sold, those thoughts didn’t stop. In fact, four years, sixteen books, numerous editors, and a helluva lot of hot heroes later, I’m still certain of what I’m doing and where I’m going. I’m not sure how I’m going to get there (this is very similar to the way I plot a book, by the way), but I’m certain, barring circumstances beyond my control, I will. And, I assure you, I do think about it every single day.

I can’t tell you how to write your book in your voice, how to tell your spectacular story. I can’t tell you who to submit it to, what to include in the query letter and when it will get read. I can’t tell you how to craft a plot, a character, a GMC or a dark moment. I can, however, remind you to send that message of certainty to the universe in every word, deed and thought. I don’t recommend a cocky attitude of entitlement – that won’t get you far in this business. But confidence, and a bone-deep conviction that you can succeed, will make a difference. And that could be the difference between a rejection and a contract.

Say what you will about The Secret – and, please do, it won’t offend me and will make for a lively discussion today – Rhonda Byrne has owned the top slot on the New York Times bestseller list since the book came out. Nothing in it is new, and the author readily admits that on almost every gorgeous page. But her style is fresh, the market is ripe and the publishing gods are clearly on her side. She must have been thinking something right.

So, tell me, ladies, friends, writers, dreamers and thinkers…do you believe in The Secret?


Thank you, Rocki, loved this post!


  1. Roxanne St.Claire

    Hi everybody! So happy to be here today! I told Karin I would give away an autographed copy of TAKE ME TONIGHT to one commenter…so be sure to post! Looking forward to hearing how many of you buy into “The Secret.”


  2. Karin

    Sheesh, I was cursing so loudly at my computer this am I forgot to mention that! I’ll go add it.

  3. Hubby

    As a coach, I tell my players to visualize what they are about to do to the other guy as they approach the line of scrimmage. See it in your mind. See your steps, your hand placement and feel yourself driving him. See yourself doing it and it will happen. I currently see myself much thinner.

  4. Kristen Painter

    I’ve always been a firm believer in the power of “the fashion secret” – you dress for where you want to be in life, not where you are, so I’ve kind of been applying a version of this in my life for years.

    I definitely believe in the power of positive thinking, so does that count?

    Of course, since my computer died yesterday (the one containing my not-backed-up & nearly complete work in progress) I’ve been doing tons of positive thinking on behalf of the computer guys working on it.

  5. Karin

    Kristen said, “Of course, since my computer died yesterday (the one containing my not-backed-up & nearly complete work in progress) I’ve been doing tons of positive thinking on behalf of the computer guys working on it.”

    OMG! I just broke out in hives! What are you going to do if they can’t lift the info? Tell me you emailed it to someone!

  6. Roxanne St.Claire

    Kristen – That’s my WORST nightmare. I won’t even turn into your mother and say, “WHAT were you thinking, not backing up?????” Instead, I will send positive thoughts into your universe. And then I’m going to slap you upside the head next time I see you.
    What WERE you thinking????

  7. Amanda

    Rocki, so great to ‘see’ you here. I’ve heard so much about you, it was great to ‘hear’ you talk. The Secret probably works because it is a simple concept. I haven’t read it yet, but I’ve heard lots about it. Recently I was in Karin’s contest here on the blog and I was so sure I would do well. (Not conceited, just thinking positive thoughts) and I made it to the final ten. Also recently we tried to sell a house, the hubby kept saying “something will happen, it will fall through” and it did. So yes, I truly believe we will things to happen, or not happen, as the case may be.

  8. Sandy Moffett

    The Secret or Power of Positive thinking will always be the way to focus your life thoughts. As for it being a recycled idea, look how well this fresh twist has done. That should be heartening for all writers who think “their” best idea has already been done. No kidding, there are no new ideas, just fresh ideas. Write them and see where you’ll land.


  9. Michelle

    Hi Roxanne, Karin has told me how wonderful you are a couple of times 🙂 . Great blog. I agree that hard work plays a very big role, but that a quiet confidence, a true belief in yourself and your abilities, is discernable to others and it does come back at you in a postive way.

  10. LaDonna

    Hey, Rocki! I’m the gal who bought the book, the DVD, and just ordered the CD to listen to during sleep. lol. Okay, my take… I love this stuff! I’ve been on this journey for awhile now. I’ll buy a book, which leads to another, then another, etc. I highly recommend this book too. I’m a firm believer that postive attracts positive, etc. Too many wonderful people and events have lined up in my life. I’m a believer! Have you checked out the Ester and Jerry Hicks books? We MUST talk. lol. It’s focused on the Laws of Attraction also. I’m one of those gals that stay away from negative people, situations, etc. It’s too draining. I’m just a happy camper focusing on the road ahead.

    Your blog today rocks! And, I can’t wait to read those cool BULLET CATCHER books. WOWZA!

  11. Roxanne St.Claire

    Oh, LaDonna, you are not alone. People LOVE this book. As I said, I rarely read self-help books, and this one sang a particularly “one note” melody for me. But I totally get the appeal of the concept, and, for the most part, I embrace it.

    Today, I wanted to send a package of fantastic “goodies” to a friend who is coordinating the baskets at her RWA reader’s luncheon. (Marilyn, if you are reading, please plug your event.) I needed a BIG box for all of the travel bags (matching, cute, pink) lotions, body butter (in honor of bodyguards), candles, CD and even a totally fabu watch (in case you lose track of time)and, of course, books that I’m sending. I stressed for a bit, wondering if it was worth it to buy one at the Post Office because all of the boxes I have are too small. I just visualizing the perfect sized box. Not intentionally, but it was on my mind.

    Ding dong. Fed Ex guy brings something I’d ordered in an oversized carton an hour later. Of course, I thought about The Secret!!

    Okay. Thinking hard about everyone who sees it buying a copy of TAKE ME TONIGHT.


  12. Dara Edmondson

    I haven’t read the book yet, but I plan to because I’ve heard so much about it on both sides of the fence. I’m totally on board with the positive vibrations thing. When I am blocked and stare at a flashing cursor and a blank page, negativity is usually to blame. I get myself out of it by assuring myself I CAN do this. I can write this scene, this line, this word.
    Knowing Rocki personally, I can say she is one of the most upbeat, positive people I know. She obviously knows and lives THE SECRET!

  13. Jami Alden

    I haven’t read the Secret yet – I confess to being a bit anti self help books as well. But Rocki, your take on it reminds me of what my friend/cp/fellow author Bella Andre says about Feng Shui (she’s a professional Feng Shui consultant). She says that even if you don’t really believe in the power of aligning your energy and all that stuff, if nothing else, you are creating an affirmation of what you want to happen. It sounds like this is similar – even if you don’t believe in all the pseudo-physics (my husband with his physics degree would be vomiting within seconds), I think if you visualize what you want to happen and act accordingly, you are that much closer to your goal.

    But I know so many writers who get caught in the black hole of self doubt, so much so that they never seem to finish that proposal, that manuscript, whatever, because they’re already convinced they’ll fail. bottom line – You have to send stuff out and face rejection head on if you want to sell. that’s the secret 🙂

  14. Rachel Hauck

    Great blog, Rocki, and I now humbly confess, I’m not a big “help” book reader either. I no longer feel guilty for rarely finishing a how-to-write book. You freed me. 😉

    As for The Secret. I don’t feel like it’s so much a secret as it is an age old concept being retold with a modern voice.

    I experience something like this when I first published with Thomas Nelson. I kept thinking, “I can’t write to their standards.”

    Then felt a little nudge, I’ll say from God, reminding me if I speak negative over myself, don’t be surprised if negative happens.

    I changed my thinkiing, quick.

    On the other hand, I envisioned amazing sales and amazing excitement over my first Thomas Nelson book, and well, humbly I confess that exactly hasn’t happened.

    I don’t think we can imagine being millionaires, then become one.

    But I do think we can change our negative thinking into positive and change the way we see things and they way others see us – which could cause our situations to change.

    Like people who feel rejected, feed that emotion, project rejection and thus people reject them. So, they start to believe there is something wrong with them.

    Okay, too philosophical. 🙂

    Whatever, think PINK. Er, no, positive. Yeah, think positive.


  15. Jolene Fehr

    HI Rocki, just got home from work and saw your email letter that you were blogging so i thought id poke in and say hi. I do think there is alot of truth in positive thinking. I was at a convention here a few weeks ago and one several of the motivational speakers were on the same type of subject. One was Throw out the garbage.. clean the garbage out of your life or you soon will be wallowing in it.. it really made sense..
    but they have a way of doing that when you are listening.. not to mention they want you to quickly run out back and buy 50 or 60 bucks worth of books and tapes before you but i do believe that you have the capabilities of creating your own moods and situations.. make the most of life and you get the most..
    still havent found your new book but im still hoping..hope to see you in chat soon.. Jolene (nascarandbeans)

  16. Karin

    Fab comments everyone. On the failure topic. I treat failure as a verb. It’s an action in my vocab not a noun. *I* am not a failure, but I have certainly failed at many things. And so we all must fail, so that we may learn.

    Heh, some of us (yours truly topping the list) must fail lots of times before learning and moving on.

  17. TraceyLyons

    Ah, “The Secret” haven’t read it yet. But, I too, believe in visualizing our success. I have pounded my head against the wall so many times during my career in frustration, but I never gave up. Let me repeat, I never gave up. Perseverance does pay off, well, and writing a great novel does help!!

  18. Roxanne St.Claire

    Working backwards here… Tracey – I have always said that perserverance, persistence and raw determination are every bit as critical as talent in this business. Dare I say it? Maybe more.

    Nascar! I didn’t know your first name was Jolene. I JUST used that in a book! HTG, as the kids say. Jolene Moffett (like Sandy, who posted earlier) is a character from the 30 year old backstory I’m putting in my trilogy. Funny, huh? Can’t find the book?? Grrrr. Your best bet, I think, is the supermarket. Evidently I’m selling well with food. Must be Johnny (the cooking hero). Also try any bookstore, anywhere. Target and Wal-Mart? I should hope so, but you never know.

    Rachel, my friend, be free of the need to read self-help, or to finish ANY book. I do not finish a book unless I LOOOOOOOVE it. As you know, I loved your last one right up to the final page. (LOST IN NASH VEGAS – a MUST read!)

    Hi Jami – no, we haven’t met, but I’m a Bella Andre fan! Absolutely hear you on the feng shui. Although, I am certain my bed faces the wrong way. I don’t know why, I just feel it. (My feet point north. Unless my dh has turned me upside down for some reason we won’t discuss. Ask Bella if feet pointing north is ok, but don’t tell me if it’s bad luck because I’ll have to move.)

    Dara! (Or, as I affectionately call her, DarLa) it’s great to see you here!

    Great party, Karin!

  19. Allison Brennan

    I won’t be getting the book, but I am a huge believer in optimism, power of positive thinking, visualization, whatever you want to call it. It comes from basic common sense and what I’ve seen during my limited time in the world.

    Miserable people stay miserable. Miserable people are only less miserable when they make other people miserable.

    Happy people stay happy. Happy people are happier when they help others.

    I choose to be happy. I choose to look at the cup over-flowing, of finding the silver lining in every cloud. I look at rejection as an invitation to do better next time.

    GREAT post, Rocki. And your attitude shows in YOU, because you are one of the most positive, fun, HAPPY people to hang with.

  20. Crystal B.

    I have never been into self help books. I believe that if you work hard and are diligent to reaching your goals you can be a success.

  21. Sierra Donovan

    Hi Rocki,

    This is one of those weird things — my dh just ran across The Secret DVD at Costco the other day and said, “What the heck is this?” Around the next corner, I found the book and sort of got the idea.

    Looking for a summary, though, I saw bright red spots in front of my eyes when I turned to a page near the back and spotted basic tenet #2. As I recall, it read, “The only thing you need to do is be happy right now.”

    I’m sure there are some qualifiers on that, but in this world of self-gratification, that’s the LAST thing we need! I’d be spending our house payment on baubles and lunches and running up credit card debt, which wouldn’t matter at all, because less-gently-inclined folk would be out there shooting each other for parking spaces and the world would probably end in about a week anyway.

    (catching my breath) All right. Rant over. As far as visualizing the things you want instead of the things you don’t want — okay, can’t hurt. Sounds like a good idea to me. But I got that just from reading your nice blog instead of that scary book.

    You’re right, though — the pages did feel yummy.


  22. Marilyn

    Yo Rocki!

    I’m here — finally. Had to run errands, blah, blah, blah.

    First to plug the event: Heart of Dixie RWA Romance Readers’ Luncheon on Saturday May 5 featuring Karen Robards along with all our fabulous Heart of Dixie authors and a whole lot more. Go to for more information. 🙂

    I have heard about The Secret and while I agree with the concept, I don’t like Rhonda Byrne’s approach. She’s too much into “stuff” and not enough into “doing.” I’ve read Norman Vincent Peale, Napoleon Hill, Og Mandino and others who write along the same lines. It’s all about attitude.

    As a small child my younger son wanted to run road races like his older brother. He was built like a linebacker rather than a runner but we never told him that running probably wasn’t for him. We let him run. Fast forward 14 years and he’s the state high school champion in the mile. Fast forward another 4 years and he’s the conference champion in the mile. At several points during his college career he was nationally ranked. His attitude was that he was a runner. I’d have him listen to the theme song from Rocky before his road races and when he lined up at the staring line, he had the “eye of the tiger” and no one dared to think he wouldn’t win. By the way, he lost that linebacker build and became a lean, mean running machine.

    Anyway, I try to maintain a positive attitude. I don’t always do the work (and the results show it) but I know if I do the work, I at least have a chance at success. On the flip side, 100% of the people who don’t try will fail.

    And a little feng shui story. I took Bella’s online class in March of last year. I did the things I could to improve the feng shui of my office, including red curtains on the window and some I Ching coins hanging in the corner of the hutch on my desk. About a month later I sold my first short story. A few months back I was re-decorating my office and went to select new curtains. My decorator told me to look for black-and-tan ones but I kept thinking I had to put red back up or risk messing up my mojo. I ignored the decorator, went with my gut (she told me later she really liked them) and about a month after that I made 3 sales in one week.

    Right now I’m thinking about the 10 pounds I’m going to lose on South Beach Diet and didn’t even flinch when I walked by the cookie aisle at the grocery store a little while ago.

  23. Edie Ramer

    Rocki, I’m a big fan of positive thinking. If you’re sure it will happen, you’ll do the things that make it happen. If you’re negative, you won’t bother. You’ll think what’s the use? May as well watch TV all night instead of writing.

    Now I’ll have to try the feng shui stuff. My shades are peach-colored. Does anyone know what that means?

  24. Ann M.

    “The book states (ad nauseum) that when we stop thinking about what we don’t want and start thinking about what we want, we will attract it.

    Do you believe that?”

    Okay.. maybe because I just woke up but I had to reread that more than once to have it make some sort of sense.

    After it made sense I got a chuckle. Do I believe that? No. I guess as much as I’m an optimist. I do believe that people need to ‘work’ towards their goals. While thinking positive has its place, getting to your goals takes positive steps, too. Guess I’m not a New Ager.

  25. Terry Odell

    HI, ROCKI!!!

    Made it to Miami Beach for SleuthFest. I’m going to think positive thoughts about my agent appointment tomorrow. No time to chat, but a great blog. But who’d expect anything less.


  26. Anna Louise Lucia

    Ah gah. Dangit, Roxanne, I like you and what you have to say, I WANT to agree with you… but I don’t.

    When I was thinking about wanting to sell, believing it was going to happen, being showered in, “you’re so going to sell!”, getting requests for revisions, being passed up to the Snr Editor…. I didn’t. When I’d stopped thinking about it, had forgotten about the submission in question, and had all but given up writing completely, I did.

    I can’t really comment on the results of “thinking about what you want rather than what you don’t want,” in connection with my own infertility years, because I’m still in ’em. I’ve been firmly entrenched in both approaches, at one time or another.

    I’m also conscious that there have been times I’ve been so determined to think positive, and visualise the good things, I haven’t ALLOWED myself to feel bad or sad or overwhelmed. And that’s pretty much the foullest thing I’ve ever done to myself.

    Right now, I’m telling myself, “I don’t really think the world is out to get me. But sometimes it’s okay to FEEL like it is…” 😉

    Ack, I’m tired, it’s late, and this has turned into a really morose sounding post! I didn’t mean to, honest!

    Yes, it’s better to think positively, and dwell on the good things of what you want out of life, than go through life tensed for the next blow.

    But a lot of the time you can ‘do everything right’ mentally, and still not get your hands on what you’re reaching for.

    All that said, great blog. 🙂 I did enjoy it.

  27. Cele

    I won’t buy the book but I’ve long believed in the concept. Years (and many pounds) ago I was a budding body builder who used self hypnosis as a tool to attain the attitude and body I wanted in my quest. It made me realize we are who we see ourselves as in our mind’s eye. I believe that whole heartedly…I also believe there is nothing in my life that a hearty laugh won’t help…. where I have been is who I am… and friends are the nectar of life.

    I have often thought that thoughts and concepts them self are some how cosmic. Think about the authors out there who write the same type book at the same time without a visable or consciencous link between them. Inventors so have the same idea with out knowledge of the others out there.

    Great Blog, thank you for the food for thought. I look forward to reading your work.

  28. Lorena Streeter

    Hey, Rocki — great post. Sorry, not commenting for a copy of Take Me Tonight– bought it earlier this week -big grin-. Will read it as soon as this week’s goals are met -bigger grin-.

    Yes, it works. We attract what we focus on. The tricky part is (for those of us who are naturally less than optimistic) letting go of what gets in the way. I firmly believe we are constantly manipulating the energy around us (call it prayer, call it magnetism, the Law of Attraction, whatever you want) with our thoughts. You can think positively, but if your underlying (Marc Allen calls them your “core”) beliefs are contradictory to your affirmations etc, you are likely to be frustrated, at least until the positive thought process begins to outweigh the negative.

    BTW, your presentation earlier this year on goal-setting? Would you believe I’ve been more successful this year at REACHING my goals than in the past? (I’m GREAT at making them, it’s the reaching them that’s been tough for me!) Thank you very much for the ideas, the encouragement, and the example!


  29. Roxanne St.Claire

    Anna Louise – I loved your story. To be honest, my infertility ended the day I said (and MEANT, not just lip service) “I can be a whole, happy, productive, great person with a wonderful life and not have a child. It won’t define me.” That was unbelievably liberating and about three weeks later, we got crazy, did it in the pool at midnight (I lived in Miami) JUST for the fun of doing it in the pool at midnight and I even thought ‘well, this one’s for pleasure because everyone knows you can’t get pregnant in the pool’ — and, well, Dante turned fourteen yesterday. And I have a nine year old who was conceived four weeks after I had an ovary removed and two weeks before I’d been given the go ahead to try by my doc, and four months after a miscarriage. I totally get the “mindset” of infertility. Blessings and luck on the project – it’s not “fun” like people think.

    So glad you’re reaching goals, Lorena! I do love me some lofty goals! And Edie, I think peach curtains sound glorious, regardless of the feng shui. Hi Marilyn! And Cele, and anyone whose ever lost weight or thought about it, check out this blog. She’s particularly wonderful today on the subject of dieting, or not: GREAT blogger.

    I’m off to the dance recital parents meeting. Last night it was high school open house. And all I want to do is have a glass of wine and watch my tivo of last night’s LOST. Waaaah. Any fans of LOST here? Last week was SOOOOO good. That look Sawyer gave Kate? Wow. THAT is why I write romance, right there. That look.


  30. Karin

    Edie said, “Now I’ll have to try the feng shui stuff. My shades are peach-colored. Does anyone know what that means?”

    It means you need some passion in that office! I have red crackle painted walls.

  31. Stacey Netzel

    Kristen–late to the party here–I have nightmares about what happened to you. (I hope it’s recovered???) I’ve taken to e-mailing my stuff to myself at work, and my cp Donna, just in case.

    As for what everyone else is saying–positive thinking is great, but there are times that in itself takes work. I’m much more positive than my husband (who swears if something can go wrong it will) and find that I’m less stressed than him. Doesn’t mean I don’t get down at times–more than I’d like. But for the most part, the more positive I try to be, and consciously work at it, the better I feel.

    I do have to allow myself those short down times, then get back up again, sometimes with help from a friend, and sometimes just by reading something I wrote that was *passed on* and still enjoying it anyway.

    Karin–I discovered your site with the contest and you’ve hooked me now. I read it regular and blame you and Donna K. for hooking me on AI. I’ve even got the girls at work reading your comments. Thanks for the smiles!

  32. Dale

    I’ve always believed in the power of thought and intention. I’d heard most of what was in the secret before, but I did like the way it was presented. I tend to have a lot of ups and downs and I find I need something like that book or DVD to help stay focused.

    I still haven’t achieved what I’d like to but I’m still trying. Quitting writing has always been a temptation, but I refuse to make it an option.


  33. B.E. Sanderson

    I haven’t read the book, and I probably won’t get around to it any time soon. I’m a great believer in the power of positive thinking, but I’m also a big believer in the power of action. You can think about things all day and not accomplish a darned thing. I thought about working on my book all day Monday, but it didn’t increase my word count. It did, however, point me in the right direction so when I did get back to work, I knew where I was headed. Think then act – shouldn’t have one without the other.

    Thanks, Rocki. Nice post. =oD

  34. Edie Ramer

    Karin, I have red chair seats. Does that count?

  35. Karin

    Yes, Edie!!!!

  36. KateMoore

    Karin and Rocki, fun discussion of the book and the daring to believe in your dream of being a writer. Obviously, neither of you high-energy women has stopped working for one moment.

  37. Sue

    Hi Roxanne
    Your blog was great and yes I’m like the book the Secret
    I also read you books they are great
    and Hi every one

  38. raine

    I’ve seen the DVD, and been interested in this idea for many years before The Secret came out as expressed by others.
    And I do believe in the laws of attraction and the power of belief–not necessarily THOUGHT, because our thoughts are not always what we think they are (lol!)–but pure, heartfelt conviction.

    And I had to stop by to say hello to my favorite heroine. 😀

    ~~Raine, alias “Dream”

  39. Cat

    I’m a huge fan of The Secret. My friend gave me the CD’s and I loaded them onto my iPod. I listen when I get frustrated with setbacks. I found one of the most powerful aspects of the “teachings” is remembering to be grateful for what you have. Practicing that has turned my mood from gray clouds to sunshine every time. I’ve even gotten my daughter in the habit. I ask her every morning what she’s grateful for. A lot of times she says me and I’m grateful for that!

  40. Roxanne St.Claire


    This morning, I asked my daughter to pick a number between 1 and 37 and she picked her age – 9. So the winner is post #9 – Michelle! Congratulations!! You’ve won an autographed copy of TAKE ME TONIGHT. Send me your mailing address, Michelle, to and I’ll send you the book.

    Thanks to everyone who stopped by and joined in the lively discussion about The Secret! And, bartender, please send a great big tangy cyber appletini to my friend, Karin. She’s the best! THANK YOU!


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