For Shits and Giggles

While I was cleaning out some file cabinets I haven’t looked in for ages I found two Daphne entries. May ’04 the postmark. A year before I sold my first book. As I skimmed through the comments for my favorite entry of the two, WM, a book that I am certain will be rewritten and published, I discovered I missed finaling by 2 points. I had two perfect 128 scores, one 126 score and the kiss of death score, a 76. Now, I am going to gloat a bit, and I probably shouldn’t but, well, I am. And here’s why.… Read more »

Smut, Porn, Erotica (and I love RWA)

Are those fighting words? Maybe. For some. Is there a difference between erotic romance and straight romance? Yes, there is. Do I know what it is? No. Not exactly. Do I write erotic suspense? I think so, it’s what my contract says I have to write for my contemps. But reviews say it’s just steamy suspense. So who knows? Frankly, I don’t care. It takes too much time, and too much energy to think about it. Am I a bad author because I don’t pick up the sword and defend my genre? Some may say, yes. I say, I don’t… Read more »

Donna Kowalczylk wins the First Line Contest, with a request!!!

LOVE HEALS ALL Here is what Hilary had to say: First place. I would like to see this one. I liked the direct style, the way the author stayed in the moment and drew me in without tipping off the plot. It’s clear from the beginning who the hero and heroine are, but not what’s going to happen next, which made me want to read more. Congrats Donna!!!! I’m very excited for you. Good luck with Hilary! (I’ll firm up the details with her on how she wants to proceed) LaDonna’s RUBY’S DAUGHTER came in second. Hilary would like to… Read more »

Contest update!

I have the rankings! But, I am not going to announce them, yet, because, Hilary has very graciously offered to do a critique on each entry! Ain’t she sweet? I should have them by the end of the week. So, stand by. K*… Read more »
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