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May 2, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments

First of all, I wasn’t surprised John and Etyda went tonight, but c’mon, as much as Billy Ray is warming everyone’s cockles, he stinks on the dance floor! At least, unlike Heather Mills (oh, and fyi, I chatted with two British authors at RT and the English don’t care for her a’tall), we like the guy and it’s ok if he keeps squeaking through. Oh, and I wanted to say, the judges were far too harsh on my boy Apolo and his sweetheart of a partner Julianne. Give the kid a break. He’s the best out there and they expect him to dance like a pro? I’d love to see Len get out on the ice after only a month and half of training and win a gold or two. Sheesh. But kudos must go to those who deserve it, and Laila Ali is smokin’ the hardwood. Is Maks gay? I think he’s pretty sexy.
So next week, unless the front runners screw up, Billy Ray will hit the skids.

Now on to AI. Is Jon Bon Jovi a living doll or what? I have always loved his music and him, and I love the fact he is still fiercely loyal to his wife and children after all these years. Rock on Jon-Boy! And he was one of the better mentors. In fact after Lulu and Peter Noone, he was the best mentor.

Now on to the performances.

Phil: Blaze of Glory. Love the song and wow, I closed my eyes and listened to Phil belt it out. He has come a long way. I never would have believed he could control his voice so well. How about that last note and the way he held it? Excellent. But here’s the thing. As good as he was, he doesn’t have a distinct voice. Does that make sense?

: Living on a Prayer. She looked great, and day-um! She is an Amazon! I really enjoyed the band—but I felt like she rushed the song and there were some inconsistencies in her voice. I disagree with Simon on how she looked. All in all it was not Jordin’s best night.

Lakisha: This Ain’t a Love Song. All I can say is the woman when she sings the right song (and even some that aren’t so right) she can belt out lyrics. She has such a rich voice with such a range. And, after Simon kissed her, who can resist him?

Blake: Was the title to the song Shot Through the Heart or You Give Love a Bad Name? Actually it doesn’t matter. I loved his performance. In fact, I think out of all the performances so far this season that was my favorite. I LOVED IT!!!

Chris: Wanted Dead or Alive. Band was awesome. For me personally, out of all of Chris’ performances I liked this one the best. And while he may not have the control over his voice like say Phil did, Chris’ voice is distinct.

Melinda: Have a Nice Day. I wasn’t over the moon with this performance (sorry I could only hear Jon-Boy sing it). Melinda seemed to shriek a bit here and there. And while she is very strong, I just wanted it to end.

My fave tonight was Blake.
Isn’t it amazing to see these wonderful kids go back and forth, play to their strengths and get knocked down one week only to bounce back stronger than ever the next week? While I will admit for a while there this season seemed a bit lack luster, I am really enjoying seeing the serious progress with so many of the Idols. Speaking of an Idol’s progress, has anyone heard Bucky Covington’s new release, A Different World? It’s really good. And he’s cleaned himself up some. New teeth, decent coif and wardrobe (and he is getting divorced 🙁 ). What a difference a year and a dream team make.

So? Thoughts? Who do you think is gong this week on AI? Oh! Wait a minute. Since they didn’t boot anyone off last week, they’re booting off two tomorrow night! Yikes!
🙁 No! Not two!
Ok, I predict, Phil and…who else?




  1. Cele

    I am still angered over what they did to Jordin last week. So, in fear, I had to vote about 80 times (not lying) for Jordin. I worry for her American Idol life. And while she had a bad week, she is such a class act. I hope she survives.

    I’m with you Karin, I think Phil and possibly Chris could go, because you know I voted like 80 times for Jordin – I think I burned my phone up. She really should have sang Midnight In Chelsea.

    I was mixed about Blake. I loved the open of his You Give Love A Bad Name I love that he made it his, but when he was all beat box I didn’t like it. When he sang, wow, he was great. For creativity I give him five stars.

    Now you’ve totally got me and Ducky hooked on Dancing Apollo and Julieanne are unbelievable. But I do like Layla and Joey both for their effort, personalities, and their ability. Ducky will be sad when he learns Edyeta (or how ever you spell her name) were voted out, Billy Ray should have been gone. I loved the Dance Center segements tonight. And the young kids dancing, incredible. Thank you for getting me hooked.

  2. Karin

    Cele, you and Ducky are quite welcome for joining me Monday nights! And I loved Dance Center! It was hilarious.

  3. Carol Burnside

    I’m so over the Jordin thing. I can’t believe the contestants didn’t know they were getting a reprieve that night. There was even some alluding to it in various quotes from the six.

    Anywho, regarding tonight and your comments:

    PHIL: Agreed – With him it’s kinda like reading a book that’s technically got it going on, but there’s just no spark between the H & h.

    JORDIN: Agreed – throught the hair was crazy-cute, she looked great. (My 25 y.o. son thinks she’s smokin’ hot!) But the performance was meh.

    LAKISHA: Agreed – good solid performance and she looked terrific. I thought she felt the song and was pulling out all the stops to redeem herself after last week.

    BLAKE: Agreed – Loved it, loved it, loved it!!!

    CHRIS: Gotta disagree here. Maybe it was cuz Daughtry did such a phenomenal performance with this song last year, but I thought it was on the weak side. For one thing, I didn’t feel the plantive note that Jon BonJovi told him would grab the audience. As Randy says frequently, “It was just aw’right for me.”

    MELINDA: Agree – but with a caveat. I didn’t think it was her best effort, but with Melinda it’s like to find the best truffle out of your favorite box of truffles.

    All in all, I thought it was a great night of performances, but my predictions are Phil and Chris.

  4. Amie Stuart

    Karen re: Phil it goes back to what Simon said—it was a great performance but not unique 😀

    Blake ROCKED OMG what a risk he took and it totally paid off (die hard Bon Jovi fan here also).

    Chris…sad as I am to say this cause I heart him, he didn’t do it for me and i think it showed on his face that he thought he didn’t nail it. I agree w/carol. there wasn’t a lot of heart to it. *waves to carol*

    I think as far as whose going home, it’s anybody’s game tomorrow night. Er tonight.

  5. J. Carson Black

    I think Phil and Chris will be the ones to go – but then I’m not much of a handicapper, so I’m probably wrong.

    I thought Blake sold that song for all it was worth, and LaKisha finally chose the right song. Her voice is the best of all of them. Melinda, to me, is the perfect star, and she’s smart, too, because this is the second time she did a Tina Turner look and sound, after Simon complimented her on it. She’s irresistable to me.

    She is, hands down, the pro, and the one most likely to have a big career.

    Chris – I hated his performance.

    I still think the end game will be among Jordin, Blake and Melinda, although as I said before, LaKisha has the most gorgeous voice. She needs a vocal coach, and she’ll get one. She really sold that song last night, and when she puts it together she will be unbelievable.

    Jordin picked the wrong song this time (rather than LaKisha, who does that a lot). She was intelligent enough to know it, so she just did her best.

    Chris has to go. I hate the Justin Timberlake thing anyway (yuck!), but he was the weakest. And who on earth can do justice to “I’m a Cowboy”?

  6. LaDonna

    Hey, Karin! Missed the show last night, my grandson had a ballgame. And MIMI here doesn’t have the program thing everyone has these days. I really must update. lol. But, I’m so looking forward to tonight. Glad to hear my bud, Blake, did well. Fingers crossed Phil hits the road. He’s good, but missing that important IT factor imo. The second person to leave tonight, I have no clue. It’s a wait-see.

  7. Karin

    I wonder, had there been no Sanjaya, who would still be around and doing a bang up job? I mean we all saw the potential in Stephanie and Sundance, and even Gina. Unlike Sanjaya they have the talent to step it up. I would have enjoyed to witness that evolution.

    Now, did anyone see Deadliest Catch last night? Is Blake an arrogant little snot or what? He is really getting on my nerves. There is no place for arrogance on the Bering Sea and certainly not when your crew’s livelihood depends on you. I know he’s 26 and has a lot of seasoning ahead of him…but still…

  8. HollyD

    I am so with you on Deadliest Catch. Blake needs a wake up call fast. There are 3 or 4 families that are already mourning their loved ones this fishing season. These guys go out there risking their lives to support their families. It is time for him to grow up FAST.

  9. Amy

    I missed it both nights this week! But as a general rule, I too heart Blake. I’m SO glad he made it to the top 4.

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