Is it hormones?

May 3, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 23 comments

Or was tonight’s Idol departures really sad?

I hate to admit this but I started to freakin cry when they showed Phil’s journey, and he sang so awesomely. Then Chris. I liked Chris more tonight then I have all season, and I think I may have misjudged him as a man. 🙁 what a close knit group. It really stinks, but someone has to go, and well, those two did deserve to go on the who has less talent scale but not the good guy scale. If that were the case both of them should still be there.

Jon Bon Jovi’s performance was so good. I cannot wait to get the CD. Well actually I can’t wait to load it on my iPod. And what about Ritchie Sambora? I always liked him until he shacked up with what’s-her-name. What is her name? Richards? Something Richards? And do you believe all of the stuff she said about Charlie? Makes me sick.

I’m not even going to discuss Ryan’s major faux pas this evening. Ok, maybe a little. I’m just going to assume he did not mean Simon’s gf who is a sweetie-pie. And boy did Simon stand up for her!
I mean if he meant the gf was not only a puppet, which is disrespectful, but to tell the world Paula was prettier (even though she is) that was in very bad taste. So because I like Ryan and he only has bad taste when it comes to Simon personally, I’ll believe he didn’t mean to say what it sounded like he said.
What do you think?





  1. Mary

    Have to agree with the tone of the show. Spending weeks/days and hours on end with each other has to be real tough to say goodbye. Didn’t catch Ryan’s performance. As for as Ritchie Sambora goes I love Heather Locklear and think he and Richard screwed her over royaly!

  2. LaDonna

    Karin, I must’ve taken a potty break. lol. I heard Ryan say Simon and his gf were very serious, and everyone laughed. What was said about Paula being prettier? Anyway I agree, very sad to see how close everyone is. I’m still happy Phil is finally gone. I did love that song he sang, though. I got blurry with Chris, though. He’s going to make it, just not as AI winner.

  3. J. Carson Black

    Phil really was on the improve. But now we’re starting to cut out people who are pretty darn good. I’m glad Sanjaya’s not here to screw everything up.

    Emotional night. I knew the minute it was Blake and Chris standing up there alone what the verdict would be.

  4. Edie Ramer

    I thought Phil was at his best last night too. And didn’t that song about going down in a blaze of glory suit his leaving? Like Jake said, we’re cutting the people who are pretty damn good. I just hope Melinda makes it to the end. If she gets kicked off, I’ll feel bad because I keep forgetting to vote.

    Ryan must’ve said that stuff in the first ten minutes, which I missed while trying to write. I finally gave in and watched AI.

  5. Karin

    Ok here was the incident as I saw it.

    Simon is messing with Paula, she laughs and slaps him and says, “I’m not your puppet!”
    Ryan says, “No, you’re prettier than his puppet.” Immediately I took that as Ryan meaning Terri (is that Simon’s gf’s name?) was Simon’s puppet and Ryan was saying to the world Paula was prettier.
    Simon sat up straight and said, “That was mean, and until you apologize to my girlfriend I will not speak to you.” And he meant it.
    Ryan stumbled his way through an explanation, and pulled his foot out of his mouth and then all was well in the world again.

  6. Amanda

    Maybe he meant a real puppet, like Simon plays with toys or something, which means Simon thinks of his gf as a puppet himself.

  7. Karin

    Amanda, that was the exact conotation.

  8. Karin

    I am now off to a day of stock signings then Bunko tonight. I’ll check back latah!

  9. Cele

    I’ve thought Ryan has been off several times in things that he has said over the weeks, but I didn’t take it that he meant Terri last night when he said Paula was prettier than Simon’s puppet. That he would refer to Terri was never in my mind until Simon defended Terri (you go boy.) I think Ryan was being the not always funny Ryan that he’s becoming.

    Wow, when I read you were in tears during Phil’s departure I felt totally justified. I’m not a Phil fan but in the past two or three week’s he began to shine. His professionalism, pulling his family and friends into his performance, and the rest of the audience and the judges – always giving his best performancce – shows what a professional he will become. I’m certain we will see him soon on Country’s Music Row.

    As for Chris R I loved the interaction between him and Blake, I still didn’t love his performance, but his reactions and interactions made me respect him in a new light.

    “Boogie” aka Disco (sucks) is the focus next week – I am praying Blake does Jive Talking (oh please, please, please.)

  10. Cele

    ….and the judges – always giving his best performancce – shows what…

    That was meant to say… all while giving his best performance.


  11. Cele

    Oh and!!! Ritchie Sambora and Denise Richards deserve each other.

  12. LaDonna

    Cele, “cough” I had some platform shoes and in my day I was the Disco Queen! Yep, I’d hit the dance floor, and those colored squares would light up. I’m so serious here. LOL. And now, you know way more than you wanted to know. We’re talking 70’s here. I can still hear the echo of BeeGees!

  13. Liz Kreger

    Didn’t watch AI, so I guess I was in the minority … but kudos to Simon for defending Terri. Would have loved to see Bon Jovi’s performance. They’re awesome. I didn’t know a new CD was coming out. I’ll have to start haunting the music stores.

  14. Hubby

    LaDonna, I know I still have my 24k gold Italian Horn somewhere…

  15. LaDonna

    LOL, Karin’s hubby! That would be KC and the Sunshine Band. Shake your Booty was a huge hit.

  16. Hubby

    LaDonna, didn’t I see you “At the Carwash” singinig “Love to Love You Baby”? I remember now, you were doing the Latin Hustle…

  17. Tracey

    LOL – I now have disco music playing in my head. “do do do do do do doodo do – do the hustle”

    I can’t commnet on AI as we won’t get it here in OZ until later in the year when it’s all over.

    BUT – I have an Ipod shuffle – an early mother’s day present. It’s one of those tiny clip on ones and is pink to match my cell phone. My hubby loaded it up with all my favourite stuff. Now I’m an Ipod junkie too. Going to drown the disco music with my Ipod.

  18. Karin

    I loved Saturday Night Fever!

  19. Karin

    and boys with Italian horns…:)

  20. LaDonna

    Tracey, I’m getting an Ipod too! And yep, that was me at the Carwash doing the Latin hustle right outta there! Go figure, they said I was too distracting. And thanks to this wonderful blog, I’ve been hearing disco in my noggin for the last 24 hrs. Whoot!

  21. Tracey

    Wooo hoooo just got my copy of Skin from my local bookstore in Australia. It’s going on my teetering TBR pile. I loved GGGB and can’t wait to read Skin.

  22. Tawny

    I admit it, I don’t watch AI 🙁 But I would have if I’d known Bon Jovi was on -I adoooore Jon Bon Jovi!!

    btw, Karin – you’ve been tagged *beg* Check my blog for deets.

  23. Karin

    T! I’m gonna kick your ass!

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