AI, Dancing and the Heart to Heart contest

May 9, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 5 comments

Okay first things first. Do you see that lovely little heart logo to the left of this post? The one with the gold heart? Click on it. It’s the info for my RWA chapter The San Francisco Area RWA’s annual Heart to Heart contest. We’re all electronic with fabulous final judges and at least two published judges per entry. Please make me look good and enter. And how about taking it one or two steps further?
Tell friends on your blog or loops. Please.

I’ll be reminding you until the deadline at the end of this month. You just have to click and send your entry. Well, and pay too, but c’mon, help a chapter out.

Dancing: If I haven’t mentioned it before I think Apolo and Julianne are adorable together. I think they have incredible chemistry and they both are very good a what they do. I enjoyed both of their performances last night. Especially the Paso Doble. Loved it! I love the way Laila is so in touch with her wild passionate side and the way she just lets it all hang out, whereas conversely Ian doesn’t. I think Ian is a doll but he is too uptight there on the floor. I didn’t think Joey deserved to be in the bottom two tonight, but it was way past time for Billy Ray, who I have a brand new respect for, to go. I was very disappointed when Bruno said his performance last night was crap. Although it was, it was wrong to say, and so vehemently. Billy Ray is a very brave man and because he showed such class and bravery I’ll buy his next CD. Would someone remind when it comes out?

Now on to AI.

First I want to say Barry Gibb is fab. And while many people scoff at the Bee Gees they are a genius’. And Barry? Ever listen to the lyrics of his songs? And sung with such passion. He’s fab. I thought he did a good job with the idols tonight.

I wasn’t bowled over with any of the performances except Jordin’s first song, Love Somebody. And I think, myself along with America, will show tomorrow night we’re tired of Blake’s beat boxing. Listen, he does the beat thing really well, but he needs to use it like salt, sparingly and too taste not all of the time in every dish. Melinda as usual was solid. LaKisha? She may go tomorrow night, but I think Jordin if she continues to sing as well as she has she will be the next idol. Why not Melinda? She doesn’t fit the image. Jordin does.

Because I had to watch who got booted on Dancing I have to wait until 1 a.m. to catch the final show of Deadliest Catch. I’m hoping my fave, Capitan Sig Hansen, brings it home.

So thoughts on who hits the idol road?
Any questions about the most excellent Heart to Heart contest hostessed by the even more excellent SFA-RWA? (Pssst…I hear their prez is awesome. 😉





  1. Cele

    I love Apollo and Julianne, that Paso Dobles last night was incredible. It was tought to see Joey in the bottom. To me the competition is between Apollo, Laila, and Joey.

    I’m with you, I may not be a disco fan, but I do like a lot of Bee Gee’s stuff. Unlike the judges I have heard, and like, This Is Where I Came In. Blake murdered it.

    Kiki is this week’s poster child for Vote For The Worse. If not for that I’d have said that Blake would give her a run for her money. Now the question remains are their more VFTW or voting tweeny bopper with a beat box crush?

    I agree I think Jordin could be the next Idol, it will definately come down to her and Melinda. Well barring any voting debacles.

  2. Edie Ramer

    Either Lakisha or Blake will go. I’m thinking Lakisha. She has a great voice, but she needs training. I’m partial to Melinda, but if Jordin wins, I’ll be fine with it. Either way, these two will have great careers.

  3. Amanda

    I think Blake or LaKisha are saying bye-bye tonight. LaKisha just seems tired. Like she has nothing left to give. Melinda is okay when she opens her eyes, but the squinty thing is getting to me. I’m voting for Jordin all the way.

  4. Amie Stuart

    I still hate disco….and the BeeGee’s sorry!

    Blake’s probalby the one going home. But it could be Lakiki…eitherway I was bored witless last night.

  5. Karin

    Cele, I’m with you all the way on Dancing.

    Looks like we were all on the money. Kiki hits the road.

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