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May 10, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 25 comments

I would not have thought she would ever have gone before Blake, but, well, Blake has something, namely a huge following, and yes, talent. Whereas LaKisha has more talent but not the following. Doesn’t matter. She’ll get a contract and soar. My money is on Jordin coming out on top. Talent aside, as much as I adore Melinda, she’s an odd duck, and because of that I think Jordin will be the next idol.

We are a finicky bunch we Americans when it comes to this kind of stuff. While we can, and have done the sympathy vote, when it comes down to it, we want talent, looks and class. Ya gotta play the crowd. And Jordin so far is the cream that has risen to the top. I could also see Blake as the next idol. He has all of what Jordin has but with a penis.

It’s kind of like writing. While readers say they want something different, they always go back to what works. It’s kind of frustrating for me. I’m finishing up the revisions for JADED right now. This story is by far the best I have written to date. My characters make me cry. I have so much emotionally invested in them that I feel their pain, their love, their passion and their bittersweet battle for what they so desperately want. To love and be loved. Unconditionally. But there are some very edgy parts to this love story. It hurts sometimes. Am I going to get slapped for that by readers? I thought about it a couple of times as I wrote Jase and Jade’s story. I shrugged it off. It’s their story not mine. It belongs to them and I think they will develop a huge cheering section along the way. This is a book I will enter in the RITA. This is a book I am so proud of, I feel like a gushing parent of a gifted child.

I feel the same way about my historical. The characters just came to life, and all I had to do was write what they told me. Isabel and Reegan are very special to me. The stars in my first historical. I can’t wait to finish their story. And the really good thing is, I’m ahead of my writing schedule right now. I had better be, JADED revisions aside, I have four more books to write this year. One of which is about half complete.

Speaking of books, my youngest daughter came over today and helped me get down and dirty in my office. We plowed through boxes and piles of stuff. I ended up with several boxes of books I’ve read. Someone suggested I donate them to the library, but I think I’m going to locate a local women’s shelter and see if they are interested.

What do you do with bags and boxes ‘o books you’ve read? Do you store them? Get rid of them? Recycle them? Donate them?





  1. Mary

    Can’t believe Kiki went over Blake. Maybe I am just to old but yuk!!! He has a bad case of the uglies (something about his mouth). But he is what the kids seem to enjoy. Kind of takes you back to the boy band era. My old books go to the good will store which unless it’s your book that stays in my bookshelves or Stephen King (don’t give his away either).

    Your fav. sil

  2. Mary

    Shoot I forgot to add what a hotie Barry Gibb still is after all these years.

    Oh yeah and your bro. says that calling him a butthead is like calling the kettle black (lol).

  3. Amie Stuart

    Mary he has thin lips….

    Karin…books I dunno. I have dozens sitting around waiting for a new home. I might donate them to Mission Arlington (they do tons of charity work including a homeless shelter). I cleaned out my closet this week so I’ve got a ton of Cd’s too. I’ll wait until I have enough stuff to make it worth them sending a truck though.

  4. LaDonna

    Finally, I got to watch AI last night. I’m glad Blake is still among the chosen. Makes a diverse group. And my moola is on Jordin too! She’s the whole package IMO. Blake may come in second. Regardless, they’re all set-up beautifully for big careers.

    So glad you’re work is coming along so well, Karin. Can’t wait to read Jaded too. I’m on page 50 of SKIN, and wowza! I got a sunburn! hehe. You go! I’ll be finished in no time, if the pages don’t go up in flames that is. lol. You are one talented writer. Nice to know, duh, since I’ve been haunting your place for a couple of years here.

  5. Edie Ramer

    I think Jordin will win. She’s terrific. But Melinda is my fav.

    I give my books to Good Will, just because it’s easy for me. I drop off other stuff at the same time. I’ve donated clothes to my local women’s shelter in the past, but they have odd drop-off times. I assume they need it to protect their residents. Another place to take books is a nursing home.

  6. Edie Ramer

    I forgot to say that I’m eager to read JADED when it comes out in print!

  7. Cele

    I have been a Blake fan from the beginning but I am rooting for Jordin all the way. For Blake to make it he needs three more falsetto voices behind him, with a boy band label. I just don’t see him as a solo performer.

    Was it just me or did that Bee Gees medley hurt. Ouch I found it quite painful. And what in the world was Pink wearing? How unflattering.

    My books go into the office circulation and disappear somewhere. I’ve become very careful about which books I take to work and place in my bookshelve because I will go back and reread for the pure pleasure of the story and love of the characters. Some I give to the library, some to the high school.

  8. Karin

    Ok, Mary, I wasn’t digging BG’s thin lips, funking dental work or the sheer black shirt. But other than that, he’s holding up well.

  9. Karin

    hehe, Amie I was gonna donate them to my church, Catholic, but I might get ex-communicated.

    LaDonna, so you’re reading SKIN? Just keep a water bottle handy to douse the pages.

  10. Karin

    Edie, I like Melinda, a lot, too, but like I said, she’s an odd duck and frankly, I think it’ll keep her out of the top spot. But the woman has got a set of pipes.

  11. Karin

    Cele, during the medly I turned to hubby and said, “Okay, I’m bored.” No way to sugar coat it. It was bad.

  12. Liz Kreger

    Can’t comment on IA since I don’t watch it … so I’ll skip that part.

    Sounds like Jaded is gonna be your lucky book, Karin. Can’t wait to read it.

    As far as used books go, we have a rummage sale every year at my mom’s house and I get rid of a lot there. Otherwise I donate them to the library. They have a sale every year, so its a good cause. Like the idea of a women’s shelter. I’ll have to talk to hubby about that. His office has contact with what he calls the “Warm and Fuzzy People”. LOL.

  13. Debbie

    Didn’t catch AI this week, but I did hear that Tony Bennett (was he the one on last week — I’m so bad with names ) made a statement saying that AI expects too much from their contestants without giving them more formal training. An interesting view point…

    Books, that’s always a tough one. My MIL had the nearly complete set of Danielle Steel in paperback. She couldn’t bring herself to donate them to the library where they are picked up for free. She ended up donating them to the senior housing and they put them in their common room. And Karin, the local librarian told me the older ladies — 80+ — are begging for something HOT! (Her words not mine!) You might think about some place like that. The church rummage sale — not so much!

  14. LaDonna

    Debbie, you made me smile! Go, 80-year-old ladies with an attitude! The senior housing is a rockin’ place these days.

  15. Kristi

    My books get divided – between a local women’s shelter, a homeless shelter and a home for teenage moms/soon to be moms who have nowhere else to go.

    PS I’ve got 2 chapters to go on Skin…and I so don’t want it to end!!!

  16. wanaki

    BOOKMOOCH.COM is the way to go. I am Obsessed with it! You don’t get rid of all your books at one time (so if you need the space right away, it’s not for you) but it’s a great trading site. It’s definiteyl worth checking out.

  17. Karin

    Liz, on the AI front, you didn’t miss much this week.

    Debbie, is Tony Bennett still alive? Okay, kidding, I kid because out of all of the mentors with Diana Ross being the exception, he did a very poor job. So, I’m not seeing where he has a bunch of room to talk. Now, that aside, I hear what he’s saying but here’s the thing. They are all untrained the same (more or less, and if you are less then you loose), and the cream rises to the top. Name of the game? Sing it or get the boot, unless you have long hair, and are named Sanjaya.

  18. Karin

    Kristi, let me knw how you liked Reese and Frankie’s story. 🙂

    Hey, wanaki, that sounds like work to me. Would I like have to mail stuff?

  19. Amie Stuart

    LaDonna….Debbie… I remember a blog post by a writer friend (Daisy Dexter Dobbs) who was pleasantly shocked to discover the old women (like 80+!) in her Weight Watchers group had read her EC titles!

  20. LaDonna

    Too cute, Amie. What a way to lose weight!

  21. Carol Burnside

    Wow, I’m betting your book is a hit!

    I’m getting nervous for Melinda too. I hope she steps it up next week because she deserves to be in the top two. I think it finally hit me what it is about her that nags at me. She’s got the pipes, she’s got great control and pitch, she’s cute (not a great beauty) but there’s little or no sex appeal and she doesn’t MOVE with the music. Dance steps – sorta – but there’s something wooden about it. Kinda like she’s too inhibited or something.

    The girl needs to loosen up!

  22. Carol Burnside

    Oh, and I agree with Amie (Hi, Ames!)on Blake’s thin lips, plus he moves one side of this mouth more than the other.

  23. Amie Stuart

    Carol’s right (hi Carol!)….and soemthing else. While Melinda has experience I think Jordin has passion. I see this a lot in basketball and it’s why I think GS beat the Mavs–they had more passion, they wanted it more! 😀
    I’m not saying Jordin wants it more, but I do think she just brings more emotion to the game. It’s the difference betweena good book and a great book.

  24. Karin

    Go Warriors!

    Bonnie, see if I ever give you another cigarette! Tag, me will you…grumble grumble

    Amie, at my signing today I had some ladies who have great-grandchildren and couldn’t wait to get their hands on SKIN. I loved it.

    You nailed it, Carol. Melinda has no sex appeal. She is cute in a pluckish sort of way, but inhibited. She could take a lesson from Laila Ali about passion and letting it all hang out.

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