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I have been tagged not once, not twice, but three times this past week (Tawny, Bonnie and Melanie you know who you are!!!)! So, before I get tagged again I’m going to respond to all three tags as one, which is, name 8 facts no one knows about me.

Now for those of you who really give two shits about random facts about me, here you go:

1. I detest tattoos on my children. Except my sons’ tribal band that matches their dad’s.

2. I’m thinking about getting a tattoo.

3. I’m really very shy. (ha ha ha just kidding)

4. I love riding the Harley with hubby, but forbid him to ride it these days (he doesn’t listen btw), and secretly want my own hog.

5. I eat dark chocolate when no one is looking.

6. I talk to my cat. A lot. Too much.

7. While I have been called hard-hearted (long story, but bottom line is once you piss me off, and I close my door on you, it takes an act of congress to open it up, therefore, I am called hard-hearted and unforgiving), I do have a soft spot for animals and insects. They don’t piss me off, people do.

8. I kill flies and roaches on sight.

Now, because I love you all soooo much, I am not going to tag anyone, however. I’d love to hear 8 unknown facts about you. So, please, share.

heh, and ps, feel free to tag someone at the end of your 8 facts, just not me!





  1. Tracey

    Very iinteresting post Karen. I had to think long and hard on this one.

    Eight facts about me.

    1. At school I was the ultimate geek with glasses, braces and frizzy hair ““ thank god I grew out of it ““ at least I hope I did.
    2. I’m not that fond of chocolate, I eat it occasionally but I don’t every really WANT it.
    3. After a lifetime of conservatism, my father has just become a biker at the age of 65 and has just gained his colors to a 1% biker gang. He’s gone the whole hog (pun intended) with a Harley, tattoos, leathers and growing his hairs and beard long.
    4. I am impatient, always have been.
    5. I’m a Business Analyst and it’s my job to ask lots of questions. I tend to do this elsewhere which can bug people.
    6. My best friend is my hubby
    7. I have 3 tattoos ““ all mythical creatures ““ 2 dragons and a Pegasus.
    8. I love Dragons

  2. Karin

    Tracey, I want to see a pic of your dad all leathered out on his hog!
    and your tattoos. send send send

  3. Hubby

    Ahh, no. No tattoo, honey.

  4. Karin

    c’mon, not even a big heart one with your name emblazoned on it?

  5. Jami Alden

    You already know my random facts. Funny that people think you’re hard hearted – I’ve certainly never experienced that side of you. but I can definitely see the black and white/you’re in or you’re out side of your personality. Hey, at least we all know where we stand!

    And I almost got a tattoo once, but I got a belly ring instead. much less permanent.

  6. Karin

    heh, how does that belly button ring look right about now, Jami? lolololololol….

  7. Jami Alden

    I lost the belly button ring well before the first kid – it rubbed on my wetsuit when I was training oofr a triathlon. 🙂 I can only imagine how lovely it would look now…

  8. May

    I do have a soft spot for animals and insects. They don’t piss me off, people do.

    8. I kill flies and roaches on sight.

    Is it just me or is there a contradiction here?

  9. Karin

    heh, yes, May, there is. just like the tattoo one. hate ’em on my kids but am toying with the idea of one. I like bugs, except flies and roaches. Public enemy one and two in my book, and they must die at my most earliest killing convenience.

    Jami, I am so glad you don’t have that belly button ring on now. hehe. you’d be pokin’ everything in site.

  10. LaDonna

    Karin, fun post! And thanks for not doing the tag rumba. lol. Okay, I came up with these.

    1. I’m very loyal.

    2. I’m crazy about babies. If there’s one in a room, I’m there!

    3. I love positive people.

    4. I have a sweet tooth.

    5. I had a precognitive dream once, scared the beejesus outta me. Haven’t had one since.

    6. I’d love to live by the Ocean one day.

    7. I believe in intuition.

    8. I saw my husband of 33 years for the first time when I was hanging upside down in a tree at ten.

  11. Karin

    LaDonna, I love #8!

  12. May

    I kill bugs. All bugs. Flies. Beetles. Anything. There was the time I was chasing a stupid fly around my room and then it flew into the light and got incinerated.

    I actually want a tattoo too, in the small of my back. Just haven’t seen anything I liked enough.

    LaDonna, #8 makes me go Awwwwwww….

  13. Tracey

    LaDonna – that sounds like there’s a book in number 8 🙂

  14. Mary


    You got to go for the tat. Got two as you know. My butterfly with tribal design on my ankle and hubby’s name above a flower on the small of my back (that one stung a little).

    Your sil

  15. B.E. Sanderson

    #7 sounds like me, except I don’t have a soft spot for bugs – except for the occasional butterfly or ladybug. I do, however, have a huge soft spot for mammals and birds.

    I wouldn’t do a tat. I like the human body unadorned. But that’s just me.

  16. LaDonna

    Thanks, Karin, May, and Tracey on the #8! lol. We didn’t date until after high school, so it was like a glimpse of destiny or something. Our paths crossed again, years later, in front of the local bank. He was putting money in, I was taking money out to go shopping. LOL. My braces of 4 1/2 years were finally off. I smiled this huge smile. He must’ve been “blinded.” hehe. And I think one day I will put the tree episode in one of my books.

  17. Hubby

    Hey Mars, mind your own business dear.

  18. Mary

    Love ya to Gar!!!

  19. Karin

    May said, “There was the time I was chasing a stupid fly around my room and then it flew into the light and got incinerated.”

    A girl after my own heart.

  20. Edie Ramer

    Karin, you could get a tattoo of a bug. 😎

    I used to hate to kill bugs, but with global warming, we’re getting more of them, and I kill them without flinching.

    So how do you feel about mosquitos, Karin? I hate mosquitos.

  21. spyscribbler

    Okay, but do you talk to your cat in catspeak, or humanspeak? And do you talk to your husband in catspeak sometimes? In fact, have you ever had your husband hear you talk, and think its the cat?

    *sigh* I’m way too good at picking up languages.

  22. Karin

    Spy, I am happy to report I talk to my in humanspeak, admittedly in a higher pitch then normal.

  23. Karin

    oh, and um, Spy? methinks you need more human interaction.

  24. Cele

    I am running late. Loved the list of eight Karin, get the tat, I did and 16 years later and thinking about a second. You only live this life once.

    Tracy I love dragons too, but I am partial to comical or humorous dragons.

    LaDonna, I agree with everyone number has a story I would love to hear. I don’t know where you live, but I have to tell you living near the ocean is awesome.

    Hmmm, my eight.

    1) I am shy

    2) My first job was as a stablehand at a race track. AKA I mucked stalls – great job.

    3) I rode my first mini bike at age 3, my first
    horse around the same time

    4) I don’t hold grudges, but I don’t forget either

    5) I’m up for a challenge, as long as snakes aren’t involved

    6) I am having a hard time aging. I dont’ mind growing old, it’s a part of life, but my body is changing and I can’t fight it (that is the hard part.)

    7) I’m not afraid of death, just the actual dying

    8) I’m suppose to have some pshyic ability. Beyond knowing whose on the phone and when it’s double Jeopardy before the music plays, I have no clue what “they” mean.

    9) oops, I am extremely loyal.


  25. Amanda

    Karin, Tawny tagged me as well, and you will be happy to note I did not tag my very busy writer friend too. LOL

    My 8 things were on my blog last week so I won’t add them here.

  26. Mary

    where is your AI report? Had to go to a Pampered Chef party last night and missed the whole thing was counting on you guys to fill me in.

  27. Karin

    Cele, I’m afraid of the actual dying part of death as well. I just want to go in my sleep.

    Ok, I’m thinking of a number between 1 and 30. Pick it and you win a grand prize (yet to be determined) 😉 I’m serious. I just wrote it down.

  28. Karin

    Amada, thank you for feeling my pain!!!!

    Mar, it’s up now. Long writing night and even longer hump day.

  29. Cele

    I picked 7 but really I meant it when I said suppose to be. I would go to a psychic fair (and this has happened to me several times) and the person who would give the reading always began by asking me

    1) when we are finished would you please read me


    2) You should be reading me, no me reading you

    I’ve never read a person, I’ve no clue how to read a person. My aunt is, ackhemmmmpsychic, sorry, hairball. Senile, when she wasn’t she always told me I had a gift. And I do usually wrapped up for giving :opps:

  30. Anne

    Hey Karin! Neat way to be tagged.

    1. As long as spiders aren’t bigger than my thumbnail, or covered in hair, I’ll catch them in the house and release outside.

    2. I’m also not afraid of death, but not too keen on that dying part.

    3. I can remember dying, taking that last breath of air and crossing to the other side.

    4. I talk to my cats, dogs and horse. Often.

    5. My horse and I have been together before this life. Many many times before.

    6. When I was in grade 6, my two best friends and I wrote an episode for Battlestar Galactica and mailed it to Glen A Larson.

    7. I’ve driven a transport.

    8. I love squirrels. They are not rats with bushy tails.

    Thanks Karin, it’s neat reading about other people’s ‘secrets’ and discovering there are others out there who think the same as you do. I also have two tattoos, want more, a Pegasus and Goddess.

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