Were you really shocked?

May 17, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments

I had a feeling tonight was going to be Melinda’s last night. And it wasn’t her singing that got her booted. There is no question she has talent, in my opinion more talent then Blake and Jordin combined, but she doesn’t have that certain je ne sais quoi?

I think it’s a no-brainer Jordin will walk the new American Idol. If Blake gets it? Shrug. He’ll do as well as any of them have, with the exception of maybe Carrie Underwood. Was she too cute with Tony Romo at the ACM’s?

Now how about Elliott Yamin tonight? I totally dug his new do and I was glad to see he got a new grill. He is a sweet guy.

So, let’s throw down our picks for next week.
On DWTS, I think Laila will go home. I also think Jordin will be our next Idol.
Whatcha think?





  1. Cele

    Total shock when Melinda was sent home tonight. I had that trio as my top three the entire time, but I really had thought it would be Blake who’d be beat boxing his way back to Bothell.

    Go Jordin!!! although she’s beginning to look a little too comfortable on stage. I don’t know if that makes sense to y’all.

    DWTS – going home will be Laila, I am rooting for Apolo and Julianna (those two are hot together) but I really like Joey and Kim too. That guy is personality plus.

  2. LaDonna

    I agree everyone, shocked Melinda went home, but had the trio as my pics. Karin’s right, it’s not Melinda’s talent, it’s that “thing”. Also, my guess is Jordin. I loved the peach baby doll she wore last week. I want one!

  3. Edie Ramer

    I was surprised and a little depressed that Medlinda went home. She was my fav. It should have been Blake. I actually voted for Melinda too, lol.

    Jordin will win. And I’m sure Melinda will have a fabulous career. As for Elliot, I liked his do, but wasn’t crazy about the song. Kind of boring. My mind wandered while he sang.

  4. Karin

    Cele! I said to the tele last night when Jordin gave a look, “Don’t go getting cocky, girl.” That was Chris Daughtry’s undoing.

    LaDaonna there are some really cute clothes I’ve seen that I want!

    Edie, I told hubby half way through Elliot’s song, “Okay, that’s enough, too long.”

  5. Poppy

    Actually, although I was, it shouldn’t be so shocking. After all, which sounds more appealing? “cute and cool,” “bubbly and omigod-you’re-only-17,” or “consistent and dependable?”

  6. Karin

    Poppy, I have a post-it next to my computer. It reads: Safe is Boring.

  7. Mommie

    Good Morning, my Cutie.

    First, What’s this I hear? a “Tattoo”.

    Second, I was doumbfounded when Melinda was sent home. I vote for Jordan, but your father of all things says that Blake will win it, because he is what is hot in the market for his style now. What the hell does he know?, and where the hell have I been?? I can’t deal with the spitting and all that jazz, and his outfits?? As my mommie used to say “GOOD LORD”.

    (Oops, I got some extra space here, don’t know how to get the lines up to fill in the gap, oh well), enough said about this goof up.

    Aside from comments on AI or DWTS, I am thrilled with the email that I received from Betty Ann this morning. I was going to just forward to you, but it made me sooo proud (as I always am), I just could not help myself. I have to share it w/you on your blog for the whole world to see, So here goes.

    “Got my hands on your daughter’s latest book, Iyone FANTASTIC!!

    Much more in depth, character development. Loved it.

    I don’t consider Oregon to be in the bible belt, but it sure is difficult getting any erotica (like SKIN) out here. I have to rely on the internet, eBay.

    (side note..Betty Ann is way up on a mountain top in Oregon with her great big dogs and of course Michael).

    Betty Ann says…

    The majority of authors seem to rehash a paragraph over & over & yep, over again throughout the book so that you wind up skimming it (at least I do). I know for some writers, they drag you through what the room looks like or
    the mansion or the …. fill in the blank. Then I get tired of “stupid” things that no one but a character in a book might do. Seems like authors either get paid by the word or simply aren’t that creative of a writer to give much room to other than the plot. I know the stage has been set, but Karin’s book doesn’t do any of the things I dislike.

    Karin’s is action packed, fast moving with no redundancy.

    Soo, my Cutie, what’ch think???. Betty Ann is, I am sure you rembember was in San Jose and you gave her a hug for me.

    Thank’s it for now..I’m out of here.

    Love yah,

    Your Mommie

  8. Karin

    Thanks for sharing, Mom. 🙂 Fab review.

    and as for Dad’s pick? There are lots of teeny-bopper girls out there who agree.

    ps. i’m too chicken to get a tat…

  9. Mary


    I am very disappointed you a chicken? Come on GF get a tat with me the next time your out this way!!! (go away gary)

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