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May 20, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

I’m just kind of floating along feeling quite content right now. Kind of like smoking a cigarette after…well you get my drift. The reason? JADED. I wrote the rough draft of this, Jase Vaughn and Jade Devereaux’s story, in January. It was loosely plotted, so loosely that I veered off the page more than once and ended up with a different killer.

When I went back a couple of weeks ago to clean it up, something amazing happened. I fell head over heels in love with my characters, and my heart wrenched for them. I’m not saying I have never felt this way about my other characters, I have, but not to this degree. And the writing part of the story? Best ever. I love the angst, the passion, the hurt, and the love in this story. I love my heroine. I am in love with my hero.

My friend Rocki calls this kind of a book a gimme. I love gimmes. I want every book to be a gimme. REDEMPTION was a gimme. Here’s the blurb. (I’d love to say I came up with it, but when I received what I considered a vanilla blurb for the story, I sent it to my trusted girls, Josie, Poppy and Tawny for help. Poppy nailed it.)

After a fatal car crash, bad boy cop Zach Garret’s descent into hell is interrupted by an archangel with a devilish deal. To earn a second chance at life, all Zach has to do is return to earth as a warrior for good, and father a child with ex- fiancée Danica Keller, the unknowing keeper of a power coveted by the forces of dark. But the only thing harder than keeping Danica alive long enough to father that child, is convincing her to give a second chance to the man whose betrayal once cost her job, her integrity, and almost her life.

Sounds good, huh? I’ve seen the first round of cover art for WHAT YOU CAN’T SEE, the antho this story is in, it looked good, really good, but there are some tweaks to be made. It was interesting when Allison, Rocki and I all had an opinion. Happy to say we were all on the same page. Those two ladies define professionalism. I’m very eager to see what Lauren has come up with after we all discussed our vision.

So, I have a question, one that has been asked many times by many people. But here we go anyway: when you are in a book store, and you pick up a book by an unknown author, do you impulse buy off a back cover blurb if it intrigues you? Or do you open to page one and read the first paragraph?


And to my birthday boy? Happy 21st! I love you, sweetheart!




  1. Paty Jager

    I will read the back cover blurb and then read the first page. I want to know what the book is about, then I want to see what the writing is like.

  2. Hubby

    How much does the cover influence buyers? The title?

  3. Cele

    Ooh, it sounds delicious. I am drawn by the title, the back blurb, the inside blurb, but not necessarily the cover. What cover will do is turn me off. But your Good Girl cover, that was hot and would draw me. God, I’m weird.

  4. B.E. Sanderson

    If the cover looks interesting to me, I’ll read the blurb on the back. I never read the first pages until after I’ve bought the book. Sometimes that can get me into trouble, but usually I end up with something good.

    Your blurb sounds like something I’d pick up and pay for, Karin. You’re right. She nailed it. =o)

  5. Debbie

    I read the blurb on the back. If that intrigues me, I do this quirky thing. (A throw back from middle school eons ago…) A teacher once said open the book about a third of the way in and read a few paragraphs, then read another page about two-thirds of the way through. If you have a hard time closing the book, read it. That’s what I do. It’s rarely steered me wrong. And the cover art? I try not to pay attention to it.

  6. LaDonna

    Wow, Karin, that blurb rocks! Duh, was it for JADED or REDEMPTION. The lines blurred for me there. Probably not enough coffee. I think it’s for R. I bought SKIN, and enjoying it immensely. The cover is stunning, and I love the blurb. When picking up a book, sure I see the cover and read the blurb. Wish I could say covers play a big part, but sometimes it’s out of author hands, so you can’t rely on that one. I’d say blurb for the newbies I find. The storyline has to interest me. I don’t fan pages very often, well maybe at the beginning to see what person it’s written in. I love Third! And maybe I’ll read the first line, get a feel of the writing.

  7. Amie Stuart

    I read the blurb and then I read a few pages. That way I can at least get an idea if the author’s voice works for me. I’m a huge fan of first so I’m extra-picky about reading third person.

  8. spyscribbler

    Congrats on the gimme! I read a few pages, too. I have so many books that I want to read, that it’s so hard to choose just one or two!

  9. Karin

    Ladies, you have just proved to me how important a blurb is.

    While covers are fab, and I have been blessed in that department, the cover blurb, and the first few lines is what hooks me.

  10. Edie Ramer

    The blurb sounds great, Karin. The cover tells me what kind of book it is–RS, sexy, humorous, etc.–and that’s one reason why it’s important. The blurb will sell it, along with the beginning of the book. I’ve got to like the voice before I buy it.

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