Dancing finale and last stop on the AI train…oh, and some First Line Contest news…

May 23, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 10 comments

Yay! Apolo and Julianne won!!!!! I just love, love, love their chemistry. They’re the perfect couple. As a writer it’s damn hard to find two characters who mesh so perfectly. Kudos to them both. They deserved the victory. I am going to seriously miss their dancing. Hmm, maybe, just maybe I’ll have to go see the Dancing thingy when it comes to town.

I have to hand it to Laila for being so honest in her disappointment. Instead of saying “Oh, well, that’s how it goes.” She said, “I’m pissed.” I was pissed for her. But I’m still happy Apolo won. (looks like my 20 something votes last night helped)

As for AI tonight, I really enjoyed Blake’s performances, but Jordin’s last song did it for me. I was getting emotional as she sang the last few lines. I think Jordin will win, but I can honestly say, I will not be upset if Blake wins. They’re both great kids and very deserving of their success.

Now that my mad compulsion for the year is over, much to hubby’s relief, although he can name most of the women dancers, and all of the dancing celebs, he told me tonight that he would happy when this ‘crap’ was finally over. I dutifully smacked him.

So, on to a bit more news. I chatted with Hilary today and she should hopefully have some much anticipated information for us this week. Maybe even tomorrow. Be sure I will announce the winner as soon as I get the information.

So, someone give me a topic to blab about Thursday.





  1. Cele

    I actually blogged before getting the Wednesday Links out. I was excited that Apolo and Julianne won, you nailed down flat Karin they are dynamic together. But I wouldn’t have been said if Joey and Kim had won either, he has so much personality.

    I am rooting for Jordin, her song choices were right on, her performances were young, hip, and awesome.

    But I have to say that the finalè song is not fair to Blake. It doesn’t suit him at all. I thought She Will Be Loved was a blah song choice for him. But he rocked You Give Love A Bad Name better than he’d originally done. The give and take with the drummer mid song, the beat boxing, and his voice were perfect in the first selection.

    Who ever wins, we will definately see the other very soon. Gracious Karin what will we have to blog about now? I’m actually going to have to start thinking.

  2. Edie Ramer

    I was watching Veronica Mars last night, the last two hours. Sniff. Although I didn’t see AI, I’m pretty sure Jordin will win. She was way above Blake. He’s good and will have a career, but she’s a much better singer, with more range. He’s more one note–although he does that one note verrry well.

    Karin, you can blog on networking. You do it so well. 🙂

  3. Mary

    Well I thought Laila should have won, but I’m not disappointed. As for AI I hope it goes to Jordan.

    Kars, I’m jealous! No more high school football for me I don’t know what to do with myself. Of course it will be worse once the games actually start. I will go to most of the home games but we won’t travel like we use too.

    As for blogging I’m sure you and your girls will find something to write about.

    your sil

  4. Karin

    Cele, loved your blog on last night! It made me reconsider if I really cared who won. I’m firmly in the Jordin camp. She is a doll.

  5. Karin

    Networking, Edie? Ok, will ponder. Thanx for the suggestion.

  6. Karin

    Mar, I loved how Laila handled her ‘third’ place finish. She made no bones about how disappointed she was. And she did it without being a bad sport.

    As for the Friday night football withdrawal, I’ll send film.

  7. Cele

    Karin thank you for the kind words about my blog, you really got me into blogging about AI.

    I agree about Laila, I laughed when she said she was pissed, she’s a very real person, I loved it. I was totally in Apolo’s camp, but I felt sad for Joey too.

    I’m with Edie, you should blog about networking, you are an excellent example of making networking and the internet work for you.

  8. Stacey Netzel

    Edie, I taped Veronica Mars–sounds like it was good.

    Laila was great. Gracious yet real. I laughed when she said she was pissed.

    And thanks to all of you here, and my cp Donna K, I ended up watching AI for the first time (not religiously–didn’t have to with your play-by-play’s Karin, LOL). I’m rooting for Jordin.

    Also, Karin, thanks for the First Line Contest update.

  9. LaDonna

    Karin, I missed AI last night. Hunter had a ballgame, and I don’t have TIVO, but will one day. lol My daughter does, and she taped it. Will be able to watch tonight, though. I don’t care who wins at this point. They’re both great.

    And good golly, contest news soon! How in the hell are we suppose to sleep??? hehe.

  10. Mommie

    Hey Sweetie, I guess I am a bit late on the DWTS and AI. My pick “Jordan”, and of couse Apollo (who had his 25th birthday on win nite) and 18 year old Julianne.

    Now for some good news!!. Check out “SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE” next Wednesday nite.. First round of the auditions on the boob tube, was this past Thursday. Look’s like it’s going to be another winner this year. Watched it last season ( I do not have a life) and it was really great…

    Also there is a new one comming out, I believe it’s is next Tursday and it is about amature impersonators (sp) trying to win of course “THE TITLE” of looking like and sounding like famous singers, actors and people of interest. Should be fun.

    Love yah,

    Your Mommie

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