Special guest Monday!

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone for the congrats and well wishes regarding my daughter’s engagement. I really appreciate it. You ladies are too good to me. Now, on to my guest. I wanted to let you all know a good friend of mine, Virna DePaul, a criminal prosecutor, will be my guest blogger here at The Write Life Monday. Not only is Virna an all around sweetie, she is smart, and writes some really hardcore romantic suspense. Here’s a little bit about Virna. (If you’d like her to answer first thing Monday go ahead… Read more »

Okay, so drum roll please…

My youngest daughter got engaged Monday night! Of course we celebrated. My in laws broke out the champagne, my daughter cried and hubby gave future son-in-law a stern speech before he lifted his glass in a heartwarming toast. Then we all went to dinner and celebrated some more. We all went to dinner and celebrate some more last night. Lot’s of love, laughter and excitement. It’s weird actually. I always knew when my daughters got engaged I would be happy for them (providing of course I approved of their intended) but I never expected the jump in my stomach, the… Read more »


I have really fabo news to share, but I can’t, not until all of the necessary family members are notified. But I just had to write something! Okay, back to your regular programming. And don’t forget to help Josie out. The site is going live tomorrow, I’ll be sure to post it here. And maybe by then I can share my news. :))) K*… Read more »

Exciting news for my dear friend!

Great news for my writer pal, Josie Brown (IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED, TRUE HOLLYWOOD LIES): THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN’S HANDBOOK–one of her book proposals which got great editor response but so far hasn’t received a publishing contract–now has second chance at getting one. It is one of the select few chosen to participate in PROJECT PUBLISH, an online contest put on by Simon & Schuster in conjunction with MediaPredict.com. But in order to win the contest, viewers like you and I buy fake stock in the book they think should be published. Like me, I’m sure you’ll agree that THE HOUSEWIFE ASSASSIN’S HANDBOOK… Read more »
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