Title Tuesday

June 12, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 16 comments

May soon be a thing of the past. My editor really likes FORBIDDEN KNIGHT (I came up with that one). She also likes DARK HONOR, which Raine came up with. We’re still mulling. She liked but did not love MORE THAN HONOR.

So back to the drawing board? Any suggestions?

And always, thank you in advance.


Oh, and ps, Natalie sent this to me. You gotta watch it.

ppss, sorry but you’ll have to cut and paste the link.


  1. Amanda

    Black Knight Rising

    I love Forbidden Knight too, that is really good.

  2. Amanda

    Karin, that was so worth the whole cut and paste thing. What an amazing little girl.

  3. raine

    (…very small, quiet squeeee!…) 🙂

  4. Edie

    Karin, thanks for giving the link. A great start to the morning.

    Forbiddon Knight is great. I like Amanda’s Black Knight Rising, but it makes me wonder which part of the Black Knight is rising. 🙂

  5. Amie Stuart

    LOL@Edie……sadly I can’t even come up with anything. And I’m usually pretty good at titles!

  6. Amanda

    Edie, I was thinking of the rock song, Bad Moon Rising. LOL Although I guess I can see the whole other POV too. 🙂

  7. Karin

    Amanda and Edie, wasn’t the little girl priceless? And Bad Knight Rising has a ring to it. Except, well as Edie pointed out…
    Raine, we might have to look into consolation prizes.

  8. Karin

    Amie,it’s okay you don’t have title-on-the-brain right now. I mean how can you with all of that writing you’re doing at this very moment?

  9. Michelle

    LOL, Karin, that’s it. I’m giving you lessons on linking in your blogs in Texas 🙂 . (You and Liz, both, LOLOL.)


    Sorry, don’t think there’s much in the above, but best I could come up with for the mo.

  10. Karin

    Michelle! I know how to do the link thingy, but this time for some reason it wouldn’t take. 🙁
    I am going to attempt a picture upload. And if I fail I will be hunting you down on google talk.

    and thank you for the title suggestions.
    Are you getting excited about next month?

  11. Michelle

    No prob about the google talk. Hunt away.

    Yes, I am excited. Actually I’m nervous and excited – nervous that my kids will miss me too much, and I’ll miss them.

  12. Michelle

    Sorry, I see Raine came up with Dark Honor already, LOLOL.

  13. Karin

    Okay, now she likes KISS of the KNIGHT. I like KINGHT KISS or KNIGHT’S KISS.

  14. Amie Stuart

    Karin Indeed! 😀

  15. Karin


  16. LaDonna

    Love all the titles you mentioned, Karin. Had to chuckle at the Knight Rising thing too. Why did my mind go there? LOL.

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