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June 27, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 42 comments

My youngest daughter got engaged Monday night! Of course we celebrated. My in laws broke out the champagne, my daughter cried and hubby gave future son-in-law a stern speech before he lifted his glass in a heartwarming toast. Then we all went to dinner and celebrated some more. We all went to dinner and celebrate some more last night. Lot’s of love, laughter and excitement.

It’s weird actually. I always knew when my daughters got engaged I would be happy for them (providing of course I approved of their intended) but I never expected the jump in my stomach, the happiness, the pure joy I feel for my daughter. I am so happy she is with a man the family loves. He is not perfect, but he is a good man with a good heart. He loves my daughter, and if you knew my daughter you would know she is at the very least a challenging young lady. She is beautiful, charming, headstrong. She has that certain je’ne c’est quoi. She cannot be controlled, she is her own free spirit. It would bring down a lesser man. Instead her fiancé has stepped up and embraced that part of her.

They are what I consider a power couple. They both have distinct personalities that are opposite, but they do attract and there is a commonality. They are charming, hard working, focused, intelligent and they will go as far as they dream to go with each other. No moss grows under their feet. They will be fabulous parents, and my oldest son cannot wait to become an uncle. He’ll be like my brother. The kiddie’s pal. Every kid needs one.

So, I am happy, happy, happy. I am also cringing at the cost of this wedding. While they want to be married in the church (thank you, lord) my daughter has expensive taste, and likes things just perfect. Families on both sides are large and hubby and I have many friends we want to share this joyous occasion with, not to mention the friends of the bride and groom. So we need room. Lot’s of room. The problem is, although we live in a rather affluent area there are no venues for the reception we are remotely interested in. The country clubs are meh, and the other venues while large are old, and icky.

The kid is talking Carmel. I’m talking closer to home, perhaps an evening vineyard reception. We’ll see. There is time.

So, excuse me while I grin ear to ear like an idiot.

I also wanted to remind y’all to vote for Josie! The link is live! Here it is. http://mediapredict.com/market/show/5481

Have a fab day everyone!



  1. Cele

    Congrats to you and Officer Friendly, your daughter and her affianced. Good luck on finding a location, you know we are expecting all sorts of pictures. Have they set a date?

  2. Karin

    Thank you, Cele. We (they) are working on a date. We have restraints. They can’t get married between June and November. Hubby is the traveling college coach, number two son will be playing college ball and number one son has been approached by a college in New Mexico to come play for them. So, it’s either a holiday wedding, which I would love! White velvet, white fur trim, and poinsettias or an early Spring wedding (not my choice because of the rain) or May.
    At the same time we don’t want to rush. There is much to be done, and we want the perfect date and venue.

  3. Poppy Southcott

    Congratulations, Karin and to your daughter! I had a Christmas wedding, on a much smaller scale and it was absolutely lovely. We were at a B&B up in Sonoma and we’re married in front of this giant stone fireplace with a Christmas tree on either side and the rafters draped in greenery and ribbons. Loved it.

  4. Amanda

    Karin, I’m so thrilled for your family. Take it from me, it is a blessing to know the man taking your daughter appreciates her. Everything else is icing on the cake. Patrick and I shower congratulations on all of you.

    ps. Patrick thought you might be announcing your own bundle of joy; that would be a surprise, wouldn’t it????????!!!!! LOL

  5. Juanita

    What great and lovely news! I am very happy for your entire family, most especially you and Gary as the proud parents of a wonderful young lady. May all the best of good things come to all of you. (Oh, and the vineyard at sunset sounds really mag!) :-), J.

  6. Karin

    Poppy, your wedding sounds lovely. I’d love a holiday wedding (i look damn good in rubies and pearls) hey speaking of which, my daughter is very interested in your custom crafted jewelry as bridal party gifts. Can you do that? A complete custom line for a bride and her bridesmaids? …and her mom…:)
    and um when are you launching your Poppy Laurel site??????

  7. Karin

    Amanda, tell Patrick he’d best have his bullet proof vest on when I get over there. he’s going to need it!

  8. LaDonna

    Congrats, Karin! We survived our two daughter’s weddings, and loved every moment of it. Both were lovely, and perfect choices for both. I smiled most when you mentioned your daughter’s spirit. That’s the jewel I love and protect in my girls. It takes a special man to appreciate, and nurture that specialness. Strong women rock!

  9. Karin

    Juanita thank you. Since we are surrounded by so many lovely winery venues I think celebrating amongst the grapes would be a perfect start!

    LaDonna, did you have any money left after the weddings?

  10. B.E. Sanderson

    Congratulations, Karin. That is happy news. =o)

    I wish your daughter and her fiance a long and successful marriage.

  11. LaDonna

    LOL, Karin! We didn’t have any money prior to the wedding. Okay, we weren’t living on the street, but we did use the combo cash/plastic. I swore they would have beautiful weddings even if I had to pay for the bulk later. They both had church weddings, big receptions after, lovely dresses, etc. And we were in Illinois at the time, it wasn’t an outrageously expensive area. One of them was in a downtown hotel/ballroom, the other wedding on a military post at the officer’s club/ballroom. It all worked out well.

  12. Poppy Southcott

    Of course, Karin! I would be happy to design whatever your daughter would love. Have her call me once she picks her colors and dresses.

    Poppy Laurel (www.poppylaurel.com) will beta-launch this weekend. Over the next month, I’ll add more pieces to my collections, more payment options, better photography, etc. However, untill my Grand Opening, everything is on sale.

    Poppy Laurel Designs (www.poppylaureldesigns.com) will be the home for all my custom, limited edition, and one-of-a-kind pieces. That will launch in September.

  13. Edie

    Congratulations again, Karin! Your daughter’s fiance is marrying into a great family. 🙂

  14. Tawny

    Congratulations, Karin! I’m thrilled for your entire family – and the wedding plans (tentative tho they might be) sound incredible. A vineyard wedding… sigh. Or the holidays – both are just overwhelmingly romantic.

  15. Tiffany

    Congratulations!!!!! How exciting, this is wonderful news. You are going to have so much fun planing everything. If you do a vineyard theme you could have wine bottles for favors with a custom label with the wedding date and their names on it. Or Wine Glasses for each guest etched with the wedding bride and groom and the date names for favors. So many options. If it’s during the holidays, ornaments would be nice as well. Weddings are so much fun. Enjoy every moment of the process and experience.

  16. spyscribbler

    Wow! Big congratulations! That’s totally awesome. A vineyard theme sounds SO heavenly. It sounds like a dream wedding to me!

    Here’s to a lifetime of love, laughter, and happiness for them!

  17. Hubby

    Okay ladies, we don’t need any more help finding ways to make the event any more expensive.

  18. Karin

    ah, okay, Poppy, let us know the instant you are live, live. For those of you who haven’t seen Poppy’s creations you are in for a treat. The woman actually smelts gold! she can make jewelry, not just string beads (she does that as well), but she creates actual precious metal pieces. She has the burn marks from her fire-torch-welding thingy to prove it.
    Oh, and Poppy I want a banner to put up here for easy access.

  19. Karin

    B.E., Edie, Tawny, and Spy thank you.
    Tiffany? Are you a wedding planner on the side?

  20. Donna Kowalczyk

    Just wanted to add my congratulations, Karin. I’m sure your daughter’s wedding day will be absolutely perfect. 🙂

  21. Michelle

    I know I said it already, but congratulations once again. I know you’ll work out the perfect venue and time.

  22. raine

    Congratulations, Karin, and best to the bride-to-be. 🙂

  23. Karin

    Thanks, goils.
    Michelle I know you’re going to Dallas, Raine, Donna?

  24. May

    Oh big congrats to you and your family, Karin, but especially to your daughter and the lucky man! 🙂

  25. Tracey

    Karin – a wedding, I had a feeling. The way you speak about your kids I figured that sometime soon someone was going to want one of them to be their special someone. And this is the New York fire truck stopping daughter, right?

  26. Mary

    Most definately a holiday wedding is about the most absolutely beautifulest (i don’t think this is a word but what the hell) I am so happy for my baby niece – love you guys to pieces.


  27. Debbie

    Congrats, Karin to you and hubby and your daughter. How wonderful that the new family member is such a great guy. Ohhh, planning a wedding, it will be fun. Remind your daughter, no matter how crazy the planning stage gets–elopement is not an option!

    And I echo everyone else… vineyards or holiday, how can you go wrong with either one?

  28. Marie Whelan

    OK, putting aside the fact that I just had a heart attack realizing my 7-year old daughter will one day tell me she’s getting married – let me extend my sincere congrats to all in your family. It will be a wonderful event and I’m so happy for you chicka! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a cronic eye twitch that I’m developing and I have to search amazon.com for books on surviving your child’s teen years. See ya soon!

  29. Amie Stuart

    Aw honey how proud and happy you must be!!!!! And my very VERY best to those two wonderful children for a long and happy life together *sigh*

    I guess I am an old softie after all

    Raine…honey do you think we could get you to Nashville in a few years? Pretty Pretty Please with sugar and hot studs on top?

    Ok off to check out Josie’s link!

  30. J. Carson Black

    Wonderful, Karin! It sounds as if they’ll get a good start in their life together – knowing that the in-laws are over the moon about the news. Re. the wedding, we’ll want pictures, of course!

  31. raine

    No Dallas for me, unfortunately. 🙁

    So I’ll have to soak up photos and reports from everybody else. 🙂

    Congrats again!

  32. Elisabeth Naughton

    Aw, big congrats to the happy couple and the extended family! That is so very wonderful.

    I get such a kick out of the “big” weddings. I had one too, but looking back, if I had it to do over again I’d take our families, our closest friends and get married on some tropical island where everyone could stay and party for a whole week to celebrate. My wedding is such a blur in my mind, I don’t even remember who all was there.

    (How’s that for ideas to up the cost, hubby?)

  33. Donna Kowalczyk

    No Dallas for me, either, Karin. My CP (Stacey Netzel) and I plan to go every other year, so we’ll be in San Francisco. 🙂 Since I’ve never been to the west coast, I’m really looking forward to it.

  34. Karin

    Hey, thanks everyone!
    we’ve been gone all day, down in Monterey. Football camp for the kid. It was gorgeous. I love it down there. I tell hubby every time we go. “Whaaa, I wanna buy a house here.” I get *the look*. Sigh.
    Marie, you crack me up! That eye twitch you’re starting? Um hate to tell ya, but it gets worse.
    Eli, please do not mention tropical anything in relation to this wedding. I nixed the, “We want to get married on the beach at Hanalei Bay, in Kauai.”

    Raine sorry I’ll miss meeting you face to face in Dallas. Sigh, I guess Amie and I will just have to drink your drinks for you. I know, I know, it’s a hardship, but, chica, you are so worth it. 😉

    Tomorrow I’m going to announce a vera interesting guest who will be blogging Monday.
    Ciao for now, I have 189 emails to read.

  35. Karin

    Donna, you and Stacey will love it out here!

  36. Amie Stuart

    Elisabeth if I EVER get married again, that’s what I want….

    Karin man I dunno…I hear Raine drinks a lot.

  37. raine

    Amie, that sentence should read,
    “I hear Raine CAN drink a lot.” 🙂

    Soak it up for me, ladies, and have a ball!

  38. Kristi

    Aw, congrats Karin (and daughter and fam)..it’ll be great and time will fly until the big day!

  39. Christa

    Oh man, I’m totally late to this but CONGRATULATIONS! To your daughter and her new fiance, to you and Officer Friendly, to your whole family. May their union be blessed!!

  40. Karin

    Amie, a beach wedding sounds terribly romantic. And I hope one day your prince will come. 🙂 Hopefully with little to no baggage!

    Raine, we’re still gonna drink for you.

    Hey, Kristi and Christa, thanks. Are you going two national?

  41. Tiffany

    not a wedding planner on the side even though sometimes it seemed like it. Worked in a craft store in my teen years, sold all the cool wedding stuff. Also with Two wedings for me, two for my sister, 4 or 5 cousins and well when you are the only one that knows how to operate a glue gun you creative juices just start going. Thankfully we are all married with children and we should have a lul for another 10 to 15 years.

    Enjoy the fun.

  42. Josie Brown, author, IMPOSSIBLY TONGUE-TIED

    Bliss! Bliss!

    This is THE BEST news ever! Well of course she chose a great guy (just like dear ol’ dad) whom mom would be proud to welcome into the family! You’ve raised her right, taught her to choose well. Now the fun part begins! My love and joy to you…

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