First Line Contest Update

It’s coming. It’s just around the corner. I’ve contacted the editor who I hope will be my next final judge…stand by for information as I receive it…and start honing those first lines… K*… Read more »

It’s Countdown time.

Sigh, I do this to myself all of the time. I procrastinate. Although, I can honestly say while I have procrastinated, it wasn’t to read, shop, or lollygag in any way shape or form. No, I have procrastinated with a few deadline projects with other deadline projects. But I’m now down to the wire. I MUST finish up the contest entries for my chapter’s Heart to Heart contest. My coordinator, LaConnie has outdone herself this year. I do not think in all of my years of business I have ever met anyone as organized and as really good as LaConnie.… Read more »

Two exciting contests!

The 5th annual Brava Novella Contest will begin accepting entries at midnight central time on August 1, 2007 and will cease accepting entries at midnight central time on September 30, 2007. It’s free to enter. The top twenty finalists will be judged by Kensington Editorial Director Kate Duffy. The contest is open to unpublished authors and those published with houses other than Kensington. The contest theme this year is reunited lovers. For more info and to enter, visit… There is also The First Chapters Romance Writing Competition. Grand prize? A Simon and Schuster contract! Go to to learn… Read more »

Lot’s going on

First of all, I want to say, I am very tired. Very tired as I said of all of the back biting and sniping going on within RWA and on the blogs. It’s so high school. If I was done before, I am well done now. It’s gotten to the point where there are weekly author bashing sessions going on all over the internet. It’s ugly, and it’s sad. I am weary of all of the bitchyness in the name of industry information. You can have it. All of it. If I want any industry information there are other avenues.… Read more »
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