The boys are back in town! So, please indulge me while I grin and boast.

July 3, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 11 comments

Yeah! Hubby, sons, fil and uncle are done with Linemeninc for the year! They did two 3 day camps this year. One in Long Beach and the other in Stockton. Number two son did a third camp in Monterey. I am happy to report they are all home and in one piece. A bit sun burned, a lot tired but supremely satisfied.

At both camps there were the usual player injuries associated with hitting hard. Linemen hit Warren Sapp and Tony Siragusa hard.

You see ladies this is football. No pussies allowed. And the pussies that showed up? They went home to mama as fast as she could turn around and pick them up. I swear some of these boys come to camp with their mother’s tit still stuck in their mouth. Geez-us! Cut those damn apron strings!

So last night all my men came home. I am proud to say, not one of them called mama to come rescue them.

As we all sat around the kitchen table over mass quantities of beef and potatoes last night, (along with my mil, daughter, and her fiancé [I love saying that!]) recanting the camp, it was like sitting in the locker room after winning the Super Bowl. Spirits were high, appetites were voracious, the guys were beat to hell but elated, and they could not stop smiling.

They had been in guy heaven! And even after the grueling pace in the valley heat they could not let it go. A detailed recap was necessary.

Now, mind you, there were only two female staff members at the So Cal camp. My niece who hubby brings on to sign for the kids from the California School for the Deaf football team and the trainer. At the Nor Cal camp the trainer was the lone female.

I’ve been around these guys. Retired NFL players, college coaches, high school coaches and high school linemen from freshmen to seniors, and let me tell you, the testosterone is rampant, and it flies high. It does not land. Most females would run the other way covering their ears. So, I have to hand it to my niece. She’s a tough cookie, and a smart chicky to boot, and of course her cousins were there to make sure none of the players got, um, too frisky. Oh and her 6′ 8″ father, the camp photographer, isn’t one to mess with either. Of course Coach Tabke sets the respectable behavior bar very high from the get go. So there have never been any problems. And linemen as a whole are a polite group of men.

So we ate, drank and made merry until almost midnight. As I sat at the end of the table and watched my father-in-law and his older brother high-five my oldest boy, and my youngest son get a hug from his dad, and absorbed the simple heartfelt camaraderie of all of these Tabke men, I realized they shared something very special. Linemeninc is a family affair, and while my hubby is cofounder and camp director, he couldn’t do it without his father and sons. My fil’s older brother loves camp. The other family members involved are two cousins who are photographers, my niece as I said, who signs, and maybe next year my soon-to-be son-in-law has expressed interest in going and helping out.

Karin, why aren’t you involved, you may ask? Simple. While it is a family affair, it’s a Tabke male family affair. I know me. I’d be too busy being mom and wife. I’d want to hang out with the coaches. And well, out of respect for hubby they would inwardly groan but welcome me. And how much fun would that be for them?

Bottom line: It’s not about me. I don’t want to intrude and mess with something that is very special to my men.

But I’ll tell you what. After listening to the stories my guys told last night and more stories yet to be told? Boy do I have guy fodder for many many books to come.

Which brings me to a question. What real life experiences do you draw from for your characterization?



  1. Edie

    I swear some of these boys come to camp with their mother’s tit still stuck in their mouth. Geez-us! Cut those damn apron strings!

    Thank God I wasn’t drinking anything. I would have spewed it! Karin, I can practically smell testosterone just reading your blog. You’ve got a great family.

    My experience isn’t so fun, but I was at a funeral service yesterday morning for my sil’s mother, and at least half dozen people went up and read something about her. She was very much loved. That might creep into a book some day.

  2. LaDonna

    Karin, I LOVED reading your blog. We had girls in my household, and I have two great Son-in-laws. I enjoy watching them with hubby during the holidays and vacations. We’re all close, and that’s cool. Oh, I have two grandsons as well. One day I’ll be surrounded by big guys!

    Real life seeps into my work constantly in all ways.

  3. Karin

    Edie, I’m glad you weren’t drinking anything either! But damn! It’s true. OMG!

    Funerals while very sad are an amazing place to people watch and soak up emotion. Eulogies, if well done are captivating.

    LaDonna, our families are a lot alike. EXCEPT! You have grandchildren. One day…

  4. B.E. Sanderson

    Thanks Karin. You brought back some wonderful memories of my father talking about football with my two brothers, who both played – one even made a semi-pro team. I absorbed a lot during those testosterone fests, and it’s probably why I’m such a rabid football fan now. (And why I’m jones’n for pre-season even as I type.)

    I use everything from my experiences that I can find a good fit for, but mostly I use my own childhood experiences to provide my characters’ backgrounds. (Tweaked to suit the story, of course.)

  5. Karin

    B.E. I’m jones’n too!

  6. Cele

    Oh I want to go to football camp. Bummer dude. It sounds like it would offer up great blogging material. And Tony Saragosa yum yum yum, of course Warran is no Sapp either.

  7. Karin

    Cele, next year!

  8. Hubby

    I’m just veggin’ and getting ready for the next one. It is a very special experience and yes, dear, it should remain as it is… male.

  9. Amie Stuart

    LOL Karin my youngest is TOUGH–he’s a mama’s boy but he can take his licks. My oldest….I SWEAR I’m still trying to wean that boy

    Now real life experiences, cooking, favorite recipes, favorite cities/places to visit, basketball, past relationships, people I hate, people I love, people I know (in the most general sense)…..

  10. Karin

    Amie my youngest is a mama’s boy too, but he chews on steel and spits out nails. bwhahahaha.

  11. Amie Stuart

    Karin exactly!!!!!!!! LOL

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