It’s Time

July 8, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 9 comments

My bags are nearly packed. My house in quasai order. My husband and son bereft, and my mother-in-law not knowing what to do for a week with me gone. 🙂 Lucky for her she has a busy social week ahead.

My sources tell me there is sunshine expected in Dallas tomorrow, so my flight should be uneventful. Yesterday at a meeting we ladies had a rather extensive conversation on the pros and cons of Valium vs Xanex. Xanex rules!!! But, alas, I have none in my arsenal of drug reinforcements. I am literally flying straight, into thunderstorm-land,. I shudder to think of it.

My good friend from South Africa, Michelle, along with Edie, Liz and LaDonna will be picking me up at the airport, then whisking me away for two days of girl stuff at a B&B we’re taking over. Then we’ll head to the Hyatt.

From the moment I check in my time is spoken for. Except Saturday day. Hey, I might catch a workshop. Ya never know, stranger things have happened.

I suspect at every turn I will see a familiar face or hear a familiar name. There are so many ladies I have met on line who I can’t wait to meet in person. Then there are my old good friends who I haven’t seen for a while, and of course, lots of my Cali girls. The divas (Fog City) are all meeting for a drink and photo ops. You have no idea what a feat getting 10 very busy ladies together for a drink and pictures in Dallas was. But when all of the schedules settled, all 10 of us had the same exact time in our crazy conference time available. It was meant to be.

So, I will bid you adieu until sometime tomorrow night. I’m assuming the B&B has wireless. I mean, I can go without a teli, but my laptop? Hell no! I hope I’m not too wiped out to blog semi regularly. And I will have pictures when I get home. Lot’s of pictures.

Ciao, and please continue to pray those thunderstorms stay far away from my plane tomorrow!



  1. Hubby

    Again I ask, are you going somewhere?

  2. Lynne

    I hope for all your sakes that the B&B has wireless! If not, maybe there’ll be a Starbucks nearby, at least.

    Have a great trip! 🙂

  3. Poppy Southcott

    Have a great trip Karin! I’ll keep my fingers crossed for storm-free flights. I’ll miss you guys!

  4. Elisabeth Naughton

    I just want to know. Did the hot cop cook Sunday dinner for you after all?

  5. Hubby

    He took her out for dinner.

  6. cele

    Have fun Karin.

  7. Amanda

    Have fun, Karin. See ya there.

  8. Karin

    Okay, ladies, signing off for real. lol, I have to rewrite a scene and send it off before I leave in 4 hours!

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