What have I missed?

I’ve been hunkered down writing, researching and plowing through copy edits, and not paying much attention to the world around me. So what’s been going on? I do know that Owen Wilson tried to kill himself. That made me very sad. He’s a fave of mine. Then I heard about the Idaho senator who was playing footsies in a Minneapolis airport bathroom stall (um geez, what the hell were you thinking? and don’t you know airport bathrooms are GROSS!!), and is it really true that Nicole Ritchie only spent 82 minutes in jail (seriously, only 82 minutes????)? Talk to me… Read more »

I’m not a Feng Shui expert by any stretch of the imagination, but…

Tonight at my youngest (#2) daughter’s house we celebrated the birthday of her great-aunt who amazingly is just turning a paltry 39 years old! As number one daughter and I challenged number one son and her significant other to a game of pool (it was quite comical actually, especially since mass quantities of wine were consumed) my daughter and I somehow got on the subject of objects and pictures in our respective houses. You see, daughter number two has pictures throughout her house. Lot’s and lot’s of pictures. Every single one of them make me smile. My oldest daughter mentioned… Read more »

Let’s go on a journey!

As many of you may know I’m part of The Write Attitude group. As a member I have been relentlessly whipped by Edie to get my journey to publication story written so that it could be posted on the site. I’d avoided it for several reasons. One: pure laziness. Two: I’m a procrastinator by nature and it just would not look good if, god forbid, I was remotely close to being on time with it. Three: my story is boring. But after much nudging and threats, I acquiesced yesterday and wrote my journey. So without further adieu here it is,… Read more »

Manuscript, Query Letter, and Synopsis Critique!

Looking to push for the fall and GET that book published in the New York market? I just finished my third book for Berkley, and so I have a bit of time during which I’m offering book critiques. A full critique will include a three-page analysis of plot, storyline, pacing, and characterization. It also includes a detailed analysis of all major characters. You can choose from one chapter, three chapters, or complete manuscript. A full critique includes a detailed evaluation of manuscript, focusing on major elements, but also addressing grammar and structure. Critique will be sent in email within four… Read more »
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