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August 8, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 32 comments

No sooner is JADED off to NYC then I must pounce on KISS of the KNIGHT formerly known as ONE WICKED KNIGHT. When I contracted this book I also contracted for a book #2 historical. I decided early on that book #2 would be related to book #1. Last week whilest eating delicious chocolate cake (Thank you again Poppy) with my plotting goils (Tawny and Jos), I tossed out an idea I’ve been mulling over regarding my historical books # 1 and #2. I want them connected. I want a premise. I want a name for the series. Something hot, something sexy, something medieval. Something not paranormal. I have a para series that I feel really good about. But for my historicals I want something that will resonate with readers. A quest series? A revenge series? I’m not sure.

We came up with a few ideas, some really good ideas, but I don’t know if they are meaty enough to carry a series. When I think series I think 3-5 books. If I go with what we came up with there would be 7 books. That scares me. I need seven, actually 14 distinct characters, plots, and a solid thread to tie them all together. I’m not sure I have enough of an imagination for all of that.

I have a handle on my first three heroes and their lady loves. But what I don’t have is a way to tie them all together.

Now, since I’m having a wee bit of trouble coming up with concepts and a series name, I’d like some help. What I can tell you about the knights in my stories is this: They are all mercenaries (who eventually come to serve William), they are all either bastards, some recognized some not, or third or fourth sons, and they each have a moniker. In the first book, Reegan du Luc is known as la lame noir. The Black Sword. They are all warring men with deep allegiance to either the coin or their king. They have fought together as a unit at one time, and must come together for the greater good of Normandy. They may not like it, but they do, because the bottom line is they all crave legitimacy, revenge, and land, and with the invasion there is a chance for all three.

The prize to the person with the series title I like best will win a DVD of 300! I’ll pick the winner Friday.

So how ’bout it? Can you help me out?



  1. B.E. Sanderson

    How about “For Coin or King”?

    If you like it, don’t worry about entering me in the drawing. I just like doing title stuff. It’s fun when it isn’t my own work. ;o)

  2. Bernita

    The Sinister Company?

  3. LaDonna

    Karin, I came up with these…not sure how good they are.


    These are so fun, so I’ll be back! 🙂

  4. Edie

    The Magnificent Mercenaries
    All the Wicked Mercenaries
    All the King’s Mercenaries
    Mad and Bad Mercenaries
    The Seven Sinners
    Mad, Bad and Dangerous
    Mercenaries ‘R Us :twisted)

  5. LaDonna

    LOL, Edie! Too funny on the last one.

  6. Karin

    Hmm, how about All the King’s Men?

  7. Amanda

    The Cadre of Courage

  8. Lee

    During this time period, standing armies were expensive and hard to organize, so mercenaries were a choice made by most Kings running a war. If one shined above the other, they might be rewarded with a hand of a true lady of the blood, and gain a title and land in the marriage. But what clung to them threw out, even as they stood in court among the blue bloods was a name that never escaped them, Noble Savages. Entire families could carry this title, simply because of the way they gained their lands, and titles. It was bought with blood on the battle field, literally. Causing a lot of jealousy among those who were born into nobility, they were never considered true Knights, even if they carried the title.

    With that here are my two entries:

    Noble Savages Series.
    Bought with Blood Series

  9. Karin

    Oh, Lee, good stuff! My brain just kicked into overdrive. Thank you.

  10. J. Carson Black

    The Brethren
    The Quest of the Brethren
    Men of Honor
    The Circle of Knights
    The Circle of the Chalice
    The Seven
    Knights of the Shield
    Champions of the King
    A Pledge of Knights
    Brothers of the Shield
    Knights of the Banner
    Under One Banner
    Knights of the Tribute


    Knights Like Us
    Knights of the Battleaxe
    Seven Knights, Seven Mortgages
    It’s only Templar!
    Knight School
    Knights of Maiden Head
    Lord of the Prance
    Jousting Lessons
    Knight, Mace Thyself
    They Shoot Steeds, Don’t They?

  11. Edie

    I love Lee’s suggestions. 🙂

  12. Lee


  13. Karin

    Gawd, Jake, I am so glad I put my coffee cup down!
    Wait until hubby reads this!

    and thank you for all of the suggestions, writing them down.

  14. Hubby

    Seven Degrees of Chainmale
    A Few Good Knights
    How to Loose a Maiden in 10 Days
    Do The Knight Thing (A Moors Tale)
    Lord of the Moat
    A Fistful of Crowns
    For A Few Crowns More
    Sleepless in my Castle
    You’ve Got Chainmale
    Out of Sherwood
    E.T. – The Erotic Templar
    Knight Without A Pause

  15. J. Carson Black

    Hub, I bow to your magnificence!

    Yet, I submit but one more:

    Lord of the Codpiece

  16. Hubby

    How about:

    Seven Knights for Seven Maids
    A Hard Days Knight
    Saturday Knight Fever
    In The Heat of The Knight
    Codpiece Indenity
    Codpiece Supremacy
    Codpiece Ultimatum

  17. LaDonna

    Y’all are just too damn witty! I love it. We want more!!!!

  18. J. Carson Black

    TV shows:
    Dude, Where’s my Steed?
    Pimp my Palfrey
    Friday Night Tights
    The Castratis
    The Lute
    The Shield

    There’s Something About Marian

    Dungeons and Flagons

    Rated R:
    Turn the Page

    Mead, for Men

  19. Marcia

    War Whores
    Knight Tails
    Savage Bastards
    Chuggin’ the Chalice
    Brethens of Blood
    The Long Sword Goodnight
    Knights Rising
    Save the Last Knight
    Knight Light
    Savages of the Blood
    Blood Bath
    I Just Called to Say I Savage You
    Crown Me Baby One More Time
    Sword Wars
    Who’s Your Mercenary?
    Dungeons and Savages
    “To the Knight to the Knight. Everything You Own To the Kinght on the Right.”

    Okay, I’ll stop now. I get carried away when it comes to titles. 🙂

  20. J. Carson Black

    I really like War Whores. It has a lovely ring to it. 🙂

  21. Cele

    Before Hubster said Seven Knights for Seven Maids
    I had considered

    Seven Dames and Seven Knights

    But the codpieces made me choke my oreos, Jake and Hubster make my day.

  22. J. Carson Black

    Cele, you know full well, a codpiece a day keeps the doctor away.

  23. Karin

    I go out for the afternoon and you ladies are having too much fun!

    Marcia, my hat is off to you for venturing where only the truly demented (Jake, Cele and hubster) have gone before you.
    War Whores? It does have a nice ring to it.

    The codpiece titles are hilarious.

  24. Hubby

    Codpiece Rising
    Full Metal Codpiece
    Bend Her
    Gone With The Plague
    Castle Slickers
    Sametime Next Fortnight
    Da Chastity Belt Code
    The Knight Who Came In From The Cold
    One Flew Over The Moat
    Saving Squire Ryan
    Brokeback Castle

  25. Chandra

    Oh my.
    I just can’t resist a book with “codpiece” in the title, but “Full Metal Codpiece” and “Codpiece on a Hot Tin Roof” both made me do spit-takes. 🙂
    And Brokeback Castle, well, that’s just genius.

    I wish I had something helpful to add, but I’m laughing too hard!

  26. Karin

    ok, hubby, Brokeback Castle did it for me.

  27. J. Carson Black

    Hub, you da man! Full Metal Codpiece, Brokeback Castle, Gone with the Plague, and Saving Squire Ryan are my personal faves.

  28. Liz Kreger

    “Gone with the Plague” has my vote. There’s diet Coke all over my screen.

    Well done, everyone.

  29. Karin

    I love it when everyone has fun with Dick and Jane.
    I am sad to say the hubster will not be commenting much from now on. he is officially ‘in camp’ and will be gone a lot. 🙁

  30. Cele

    Saving Squire Ryan a classic

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