What have I missed?

August 29, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 14 comments

I’ve been hunkered down writing, researching and plowing through copy edits, and not paying much attention to the world around me. So what’s been going on?

I do know that Owen Wilson tried to kill himself. That made me very sad. He’s a fave of mine. Then I heard about the Idaho senator who was playing footsies in a Minneapolis airport bathroom stall (um geez, what the hell were you thinking? and don’t you know airport bathrooms are GROSS!!), and is it really true that Nicole Ritchie only spent 82 minutes in jail (seriously, only 82 minutes????)?

Talk to me dalings. Inquiring minds want to know!!!



  1. Cat

    We here in Minneapolis are wondering how does one figure out which bathroom to go into at the airport for a little “fun”. Is there a website or something? Could any random tapping of feet and asking for toilet paper get you into trouble? Apparently there’s been enough activity to prompt some undercover cops to stake them out. What will they think of next?

  2. Karin

    lol, Cat. I *guess* there is a specific way in which one plays footsies in public bathrooms that is *understood* to mean come hither.
    Last night on Jay Leno they did a skit showing how it may have happened, and well, it was hysterical it’s ridiculousness.

  3. Cele

    Karin I don’t think it was footsies

  4. J. Carson Black

    Regarding public restrooms: sadly, if they’re playing Bad Company or When the Bullet Hits the Bone in an airport restroom, my foot would be tapping, too. Thank God I’m a girl!

    I do think it was cute that Larry was playing peekaboo with the vice detective. I’ve always felt that eye contact between a man outside a bathroom stall and the man inside the stall is difficult in the best of circumstances, and I’m glad to hear that Larry was able to overcome.

    Of course there are those unsympathetic people who think that Larry Craig was a naughty boy, a bad, naughty boy; a bad, nasty, naughty boy!

  5. Edie

    I’m thinking feet might not have been the part of anatomy involved either. Right now my cat is trying to rip apart a notebook, which sounds a lot more fun to me than hanging around an airport bathroom trying to get lucky.

  6. Karin

    were they crossing swords, Cele? Edie?

    I saw that! Jake.

  7. B.E. Sanderson

    I don’t think the guy would’ve been in half so much trouble if he hadn’t been so vehemently anti-gay in his politics. (At least that’s what I heard about the guy.) Sounds like his thrown stones boomeranged back into his own glass house.

    Crossing swords? ROFL

  8. Liz Kreger

    Yeah, there’s a big stink regarding the “Grass Roots Right Wings”. How they’re all disillusioned with their elected officials. Ya think?

    Personally, all of these politians (and religious figures) shouldn’t throw stones unless they’re damned sure they’re own houses aren’t made of glass.

  9. Karin

    B.E. he *has* been so adamant! But from what I’ve heard his sexuality has been in question for many years. Geez, come out of the damn closet for crying out loud.

    Hey, Liz, you know I am about as conservative as they come, but this is getting ridiculous.

  10. LaDonna

    This hit my funny bone too! I mean, I just heard the actual tape and Mr. toe-tapper told Mr. officer he always takes a wide-stance while going potty so his pants won’t fall down. Oh…kay, party boy. hehe. Nothing gets in my crawl worse than a holler-than-thou hiding behind righteous beliefs while doodling on the side. hehe. Phew, I feel better…thanks, Karin! 🙂

  11. Karin

    a holier than thou who got caught?

  12. LaDonna

    LOL, ah make that holier than thou. What’s a holler than thou for cripe’s sake?

  13. LaDonna

    You crack me up! Bet he hollered alrighty.

  14. Hubby

    Uh, I was out of town, Honey but now I’m back.

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