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September 10, 2007 | Karin's Blog | 14 comments

Where does the time go? I spent a blissfull weekend watching football. I also attended my San Francisco RWA chapter meeting this past Saturday. We had a smaller than usual crowd but it was one of the best meetings to date. So much energy and good vibes. Cathy Yardley was our guest speaker, on the state of women’s fiction. As usual she did a fabulous job, touching on trends, and the realities of being a working writer. It was all good.

I’ve had a fabulous time as President this year and after much consideration have decided to run again. My current board makes me look so good, and the job has been a breeze, so how could I say nay? We’ve made a lot of headway this year and as I look back I am not in the least bit surprised. I am surrounded by smart women who are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work.

National is going to rock for all of us. I really can not wait!!

I did want to let everyone know that while my historical is progressing, I am behind on it. So I have decided to move the First Line Contest to October. Monday October 1st to be exact. I will give periodic updates between now and then with a full rules disclosure the week before, as well as on the commencement date. It will once again be limited to the first 75 lines entered. St. Martin’s editor Hilary Teeman is my final judge.

So, ladies and gents, start honing those first lines!!

Okay, so my question for today is, for those of you who attend local RWA meetings, tell me what types of panels/workshops/speakers you like best, or if none of those apply what would be the ultimate chapter meeting for you? And for those of you who do not attend and have a chapter close enough, tell me why you don’t go.



  1. Amanda

    My favorite meetings are the ones in which the presenter gets the members involved; like talking about plotting then letting us plot a story using their method. It is fun, and you retain more when you actually participate in the process.

  2. Karin

    interactive meetings? Love it. now you have me thinking.

  3. spyscribbler

    I always seem to have to work. My favorite “meeting” is the weekend writing retreat we do once a year at a state park. Some people write all day and night … and others (not me, no) write in the morning, then hang out by the fire and talk all night. No drinking involved, of course. 😉

    Oh! And we eat! Speaking of which, there’s another one of my favorite meetings … the Christmas luncheon. I also like the July picnic.

    I guess I write so much on my own, that when I get with other writers, I just want to socialize, LOL.

  4. Edie

    It’s funny Amanda mentioned plotting. One of the favorite meetings of my chapter was one I led on plotting parties (which I learned from – ta da! – Karin). It was all interactive and members set up private plotting parties afterward.

  5. Karin

    spy, i’m hooking up next month with a couple of close writer friends we’re spending three glorious days in Carmel. No writing just visiting. Can’t wait!!

    Edie, sounds like a blast. 😉

  6. Lynn Raye Harris

    I love my chapter! I attend the Heart of Dixie meetings in Cullman, Alabama. We are fortunate enough to have Linda Howard, Beverly Barton, Linda Winstead Jones, Debra Webb, Kelley St. John, and Rhonda Nelson (to name a few). And one of my favorite parts of the meeting is a short “Ask a Published Author” segment. It’s really good for the motivation when one of these fabulous ladies takes the time to let you know that she struggles with her books just the same as everyone else. Just this past Saturday, we had an all day workshop featuring presentations (30 minutes each) by a variety of presenters. We had lunch, and door prizes, and it was a fabulous time. In October, we have a 2 day retreat to the mountains of Tennessee. 🙂

    In my old chapter, Aloha, one of the most fun things we did was the writing workshops. But we were very small, so it was almost like a critique group meeting for a couple of hours instead of a chapter meeting. 🙂

  7. Karin

    Lynne ask the author sounds like a lot of fun. My chapter has oodles of fabulous published authors with a huge amount of experience to share.

  8. tawny

    Its hard to pick a single favorite meeting focus. I love panels, because there are always a variety of views shared. For instance, the SF chapter had a bookseller panel a few months back that was fabulous. As was the crime panel they had with the DA, forensic anthropologist, homocide detective and coroner. A panel on promotion, publishing, plotting -any of them would be great.

    Becuase its a topic I’m really focused on right now, anything having to do with promotion is one I’d attend in a heartbeat, too.

  9. Carol Davis Luce

    Karin, Reno doesn’t have a local chapter but I did attend a Reno National RWA conference about five years ago. The most popular panels were the romantic suspense sessions, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The main subject, of course, was romance in suspense and mystery novels. The panelists (many suspense writers who had never written romantic elements in their books), were being pressured by editors to include it in their WIP or punch up any existing romance. I found that extremely interesting. That was five years ago. Has it still the same today?

  10. LaDonna

    I’ve never lived in a city that had an active chapter. But, since writing is such a solidary journey, and online so informative it’s not as difficult as it was years ago. I can choose online workshops, chat with friends, and basically turn it on when I have time and off when I need to work. The thing I love so much about National is that I’m able to join friends in person, and experience the comraderie and info sharing. It’s such a treat for me.

  11. Laurie Wood

    Having moved out west I don’t have a close Chapter either. I depend on KOD and their (and others) writing workshops and loops for interaction with other writers. When I did have a Chapter, I enjoyed any interactive workshop put on by a published author. Eg. we had an excellent one on the Hero’s Journey, and were given handouts that made it foolproof. That was an example of a published author really going the extra mile!

  12. Karin

    Tawny those were fabo panels! I think a promo panel is a great idea.

    LD, for me the human interaction trumps any speaker. i really love getting together with my friends and talking books.

    Carol RWA Reno was 3 years ago (five years ago i think was RT). Damn! I wish I had known you were there. I would have stalked you!
    It is true that any book with romantic suspense on it needs romance, and many editors are asking authors to beef up that aspect.

    Laurie, KOD offers a lot of great workshops and knowledge. thank god for the fitment!! How did we survive before it????

  13. Carol Davis Luce

    Karin, I would have loved to have been stalked by the Cosmo Girl, Karin Tabke! Ahhh, those missed opportunities. We’ll get another shot at it.

  14. Karin

    snort, be careful what you ask for Carol. I have admired your writing for years!! I remember going crazy looking for your books in the bookstores!! Hurry up and finish the one you’re writing, please.

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