Write on Round Three!

You know the drill ladies. If your lines are posted below, you have until midnight pacific time this Friday to post your next lines. Also, my judge for this last round did a fabulous job critiquing the lines she culled (made my comments look like a first grader’s). I plan to post the lines and her comments Wednesday. If your line was culled and you do not want it posted with the comments please email me at Karin@KarinTabke.com and let me know by tomorrow night. 1. The mahogany coffin rested eerily over the wounded earth, the deep fissure as hollow… Read more »

*Let’s be fair. One entry per person

The above line was posted as part of the rules of this contest. It has come to my attention that there are two entries posted by the same person but using two different names. You know who you are. Email me at Karin@KarinTabke.com and let me know which entry you want to keep in the competition. The only reason I am not disqualifying you altogether is because there were not 75 entries posted within the posting time frame, and therefore you did not technically keep an entry from the contest. Now, if there are others of you posting under more… Read more »

Karin crits a few first lines

Okay, I hope this helps. And, as a side note, if I misinterpreted any of these lines, sorry. But in that confusion therein may lie the problem. One of the things my judge mentioned when she sent me her culled lines was that she was confused by several of the lines. Hence they were culled. I also realized after my notes here I need to practice what I preach! 1. “Which of you two biyaches is my Aunt Freddie?” This sounds eerily familiar to me. And I will leave it at that. 😉 2. Hundreds of miles away from Rhesus-Hecks,… Read more »

Rockin’ Round Two!

Ok here we go, round two! For those of you who don’t know the drill, here it is: If your line is posted in this round congrats! You made the first cut. You have until midnight, Pacific time, this Friday to post your original first line (no changes allowed) and your next line. Same rules apply. The second line must be one line. I’ll hand off the entries to my judge (and fyi, this round judge is a tough nut to crack). She’ll be culling 10 lines, so put your best second line forward! I’ll post the round three entries… Read more »

Quick update

So, sometime around noonish Monday I’ll post the 65 lines going on to the next round. If your line is not posted that means it’s been culled. 🙁 sorry about that. Tuesday, I plan on posting the culled lines with a constructive crit and suggestions to make it stronger. If you do not want your culled line posted, please email me at Karin@KarinTabke.com by 9 a.m (Pacific time) Tuesday morning, and let me know. I’ll delete it. I plan on doing the same thing with the next round of culled lines. But after that, y’all are on your own. Ciao,… Read more »
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